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Bug Reports Cleanup

Post by Ben » Thu Sep 03, 2020 1:04 pm

Hey everyone,

The bug reports section have had confirmed bugs sit on there for over 8+ years, some of which were resolved years ago, and some that are no longer an issue. In order for the development team to effectively get rid of bugs in the future revisions, we've moved all of the confirmed bugs to a hidden development section, so that only the developers can see these and cross-reference with newly submitted bug reports. This means if you encounter a bug, please feel free to post a new bug reports and follow the new guidelines here. This also means previously submitted bugs will no longer be looked into actively, and will need a new thread to be handled properly.

We know that this might be annoying for some of you, but the end result is that it helps speed up the process of eliminating bugs. So please, submit any bugs that you encounter, and we'll do our best in handling them one a one-by-one basis as quickly as possible!
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