Don't reuse passwords! (CHANGE IT NOW)

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Don't reuse passwords! (CHANGE IT NOW)

Post by Mmartin » Sun Apr 05, 2020 5:04 pm

Hey all,

Yesterday a fellow SA-MP community was either breached, or gone rogue. Their database was compromised one way or another and some players who reused their passwords on LS-RP and there got their accounts compromised as well. So if you use the same password on LS-RP as you do on other servers - don't!

You should never reuse your password between two services. It opens you as a vulnerability should something go wrong with either of them. You can keep track of your passwords using tools such as LastPass or KeePass. Take this as an opportunity to have a refresher and change your passwords everywhere, to stay safe. You can also take advantage of the two factor authentication system we have for the game, so even if your password gets into the wrong hands, you'll be fine.

If you didn't reuse your password, your account had no reason to be compromised. While the perpetrators managed to get ahold of a few admin accounts, our wonderful staff team put it to a stop while I was soundly sleeping.

An account with admin access on the SD forum was hit as well. I'm working on restoring that now. You might've gotten an email from the SD forum if you're registered there with a link to a different server - I wouldn't click it if I were you. The server's a scam.

Thankfully though, the people breaching accounts on our services must've been first-timers or amateurs as they didn't bother covering their tracks at all. We've their IP addresses and even personal information by now, and we'll be taking legal action once everything is settled on our side.

tl;dr: Don't reuse passwords!

Kind regards,

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Re: Don't reuse passwords! (CHANGE IT NOW)

Post by Ben » Tue Apr 07, 2020 12:12 pm

As an additional note:

Those who applied to become a Sheriff's Deputy might have lost their application in the process and wondering what to do. Please refer to this thread to find more information about that: ... &p=1170831
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