[ENTERTAINMENT] Avidity CEO Kensington is the new head of the Gaming and Nightlife committee

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[ENTERTAINMENT] Avidity CEO Kensington is the new head of the Gaming and Nightlife committee

Post by TeodoraMk » Tue Oct 13, 2020 1:28 am


BY Patricia Asaro | October 13, 2020

The San Andreas Network team conducted an interview with Avidity CEO Valerio Kensington, who also goes by the nickname DJ Korrupt. The written version of the interview can be seen below.

Reporter Patricia Asaro: Mister Kensington, some people say that Avidity is practically something that you have made out of your heart, not oriented in the business direction. What's the story behind Avidity?

Valerio Kensington: Avidity went for a second run earlier this year after falling apart with our last label/company, Terra Group. The deejays who didn't agree with the people running Terra ended up slipping aside, started our own thing. Fast forward past months of work and boring meetings, we're here. Household names, money we never asked for.

Reporter Patricia Asaro: Can you tell the public, who is Kensington, or DJ Korrupt privately? What do you like to do in your private time, when you are away from everyone's eyes and all the lights and the cameras?

Valerio Kensington: I'm more than just that one deejay. I'm in charge of a whole company, so most of my time is consumed by paperwork. Lots of paperwork and boring meetings. When I do finally have free time, it's mainly spending time with friends.

Reporter Patricia Asaro: Which side of your work you prefer? The time when you are in the office, the CEO Valerio Kensington, or when you are in one of the night clubs in Los Santos, enjoying the night as DJ Korrupt?

Valerio Kensington: Part of me enjoys laying connections through meetings and paperwork, some of which result in more bookings. The other part of me loves seeing people having a fun night out, being capable of providing that.

Reporter Patricia Asaro: What are the pros and cons of your job?

Valerio Kensington: One of the cons I'd say is the steady dedication that's needed to run a fully functioning company.

Reporter Patricia Asaro: In one of your previous interviews with reporters from the San Andreas Network, you have stated that there's many projects that Avidity will take a part of. You also stated that people in politics would specifically love it. Would you like to tell us, what are these projects about and why is it precisely for politicians? (Chuckles.)

Valerio Kensington: One of the side projects we've been working on is a podcast. We've released episode one with Frank Underhill. Another project I'm proud to be part of is even more government related. I recently have been selected to be the head of the Gaming and Nightlife committee. That's a government based committee that's all about having a good time going out. Let it be casinos, bars or nightclubs. And the last project I can bring up for the time being is another venue opening up under the Avidity umbrella. We've bought up a building right across the SAN building and finished renovating not too long ago. It's already been opened a few times, it's a bar. We ended up naming it Evadonna.

Reporter Patricia Asaro: Since Avidity has grown quite a lot and it is as of now the most successful label in San Andreas, would you consider expanding in other fields when it comes to music? For example, if talented individuals want to record a song, would you cover the expenses of it? Do you consider yourself easily approachable for something like that?

Valerio Kensington: In my eyes we've always been open and easy to approach for upcoming artists trying to get their name pushed out. We own three music studios with functioning recording booths, released several tracks over time aswell. It's a matter of reaching out to us. We're ready to work as long as you're ready put some heart into it.

Reporter Patricia Asaro: Is there a nightclub that you prefer over other nightclubs?

Valerio Kensington: I run a nightclub of my own, so my personal preference lays there. I had my own hand in its design and so on. Besides that? I actually dont have a favorite club I enjoy performing at. To me its just a booking where I give all I got.

Reporter Patricia Asaro: Thank you for being with us in the SAN studio tonight, Mister Kensington. Is there something that you'd like to say to the people who followed this interview?

Valerio Kensington: Short and simple - book us. And to those that stay on the hating train, get your money up. Hating is expensive.


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Re: [ENTERTAINMENT] Avidity CEO Kensington is the new head of the Gaming and Nightlife committee

Post by crzy » Sat Oct 17, 2020 9:27 pm

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