[DETECTIVE] Carly_Roze [A]

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[DETECTIVE] Carly_Roze [A]

Post by Adrian » Thu Jan 10, 2019 4:05 am

Carly_Roze wrote:
Mon Jan 07, 2019 11:58 pm

  • Character name: Carly Roze
    Character age: 28
    Character level: 27
    Character's name over level 8: Carly_Roze

    Character's current faction: ROZE Entertainment & Events
    How will your character's faction affect your role-playing style for the job?:

    This job will be used entirely around my faction/company. The whole idea and plans that I have in terms of use of this job are faction involved.

    I'd appreciate if you'd have a look at my IC website, it'll give you a bit of an insight to what we do at the moment, you can find the website via this topic - https://forum.ls-rp.io/viewtopic.php?f=374&t=695599

    As you will see on the website/topic, we offer many services within the company, one of those being a film crew with producers and editors etc. This has turned out to be one of our biggest parts of the company, and we've already partnered with another film company too and are working on an IC movie!

    I want to take the film industry side of the company further and create a "Series" which would include multiple videos in it. It'll act much like a Youtube series and the idea comes from Bounty Hunter D's channel, if you have ever heard of him.

    The Youtube channel, Bounty Hunter D, offers a whole load of detective based services, which is where I take inspiration from and wish to recreate in my own terms IC. The services include things such as;
    • Spying on people's boyfriends/girlfriends/spouse.
    • Going on fake dates with people's boyfriends/girlfriends/spouse, then having the client walk in and find it out in person.
    • Conducting lie-detector tests.
    • Other general detective work relating around partners.
    • Investigating employees who may be breaking company rules or creating falls claims to court (Hire to investigate other companies, not our own)
    How does this relate to my company/faction, being based on Entertainment?

    Well, like previously mentioned, this would be conducted as a series, where people could watch the videos for free, money would be made from actually doing the investigations. - Outside of the series, I would still conduct the work privately for customers.

    The entire scenarios would be roleplayed entirely, including the recording or setting up of hidden cameras, myself and the team I work with in the company/faction are all very strict roleplayers, and I also ensure that everything is done to a high standard when they are roleplaying around us.

    Aside from the series and doing detective work, I also feel that the commands available will benefit me greatly in other ways with my company/faction, they won't be abused and let me explain exactly what I'd use and why.

    The only part of the detective job that I'd use outside of doing actual investigative work would be use of the drones. The reason for this is, we host IC events, based on the idea that a majority of the server turns up and takes part. I would use the drones to roleplay recording the event. I'd also use the drones as part of the photography segment we do.

    However despite the fact that drones will help elsewhere - I really want to emphasis that we'd be using this for the investigative work.

    Why do you want the detective job?:

    I think I covered most things in the previous question, however let me move forward on other points.

    I feel that I, as a (Official) company and (Unofficial) faction owner, I can create some really interesting roleplay around the job. The job is used for investigative purposes, yes, however bringing entertainment into the mix is truly something unique that I haven't seen done before.

    Absolutely everything will be roleplayed strictly and realistically, I can't stress that enough.

    How do you intend on using the detective job?:

    I believe I covered this already too, however to re-cap & summarize;

    I wish to use the detective job to create new services for my company/faction, it'll be a main focus of the company and will be roleplayed around a lot, it will also involve other members of the team even if they don't have the job.

    All commands available will be used to a high standard and I'm excited to get started.

    The detective job will become a primary part of the company, and I have no plans to stop this any time soon, even without the job we're going to try this anyway, however access to the job and it's commands will be extremely helpful and I will be greatful.

    Thank you for your time to read over this and I hope you consider me fairly for the job.
    I hope my experience as a player since 2015 and the legal roleplay side that I take part in fully can act as some reassurance for you.

    Do you have any previous experience role-playing as a detective?:

    Not yet, however I'm excited to start.

Wannabe Don
Wannabe Don
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Re: [DETECTIVE] Carly_Roze [A]

Post by Adrian » Thu Jan 10, 2019 4:05 am

Accepted January 9th, 2019.


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