(( Real Estate Advertisements - Rules ))

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Forum rules
Once the advertisement is no longer required (for example, withdrawn ads or vehicle that have been bought/sold) then please lock your own thread. This will tell the moderation team that it can be moved to the archive. Any threads that have not been replied to in 7 days will also be locked and archived.
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(( Real Estate Advertisements - Rules ))

Post by Brad » Sat Nov 26, 2016 1:15 am

Real Estate Advertising
  • All advertisements for goods and services must be in their appropriate sub-section. If what you are selling does not fit into any of these sub-sections you cannot advertise it in this section.
    Punishments: Forum warning.
    Each sub-section has it’s own guidelines on what can and cannot be posted. Please see the stickied topic in each section for the rules and guidelines on what can and cannot be posted in each section.

    If you are selling more than one type of property, you must split the advert into multiple adverts for each property.


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