Regarding the unrealistic drugsystem.

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Regarding the unrealistic drugsystem.

Post by Andreas. » Sat Sep 08, 2012 11:44 am


I'm surprised this hasn't been brought up countless of times before, anyhow, the drugsystem is working quite well, if you'd ask me. I'm mostly on about how the addiction system works and the usage of the drugs, like unrealistic effects etcetera.

- Removes the addiction kick-in effects for the time being. Demerol is a quick-release drug which belongs to the opioid family, and is one of the stronger opioids legally used today and is very addictive, both physically and psychially.
- Raises hunger level by 6. Opioids doesn't increase your hunger/appetite at all, generally I'd say the opposite.
- Shakey screen. Good thing that this was added, in my opinion.

- Decrease addiction level by 17. Try the opposite. There's lots of people who's taking drugs for the fun of it, many of these who have tried Morphine doesn't take it more than once just because of the reason they liked it way too much, to avoid getting heavily addicted to the drug.

- Raises hunger level by 15. From a realistically view this should be the complete opposite and I can't see the reason why this was added, if it wasn't added just to stabilize the drugs negative and positive (side-)effects?

Haloperidol is a classic anti-psychotic medicine, which would not make you dizzy (shakey screen) or similar.
The drug obviously doesn't reduce or help against any eventual drug addictions neither, no matter which drug you're addicted to.
Becoming less hungry by medicating on Haloperidol as a side-effect is possible but it's rather unusual, you wouldn't neccessarily become less hungry because of taking Haloperidol.

Honestly I've never heard of anyone getting hungry by eating a Aspirin, neither any serious side effects if not extremely overdosed.

I'm not even sure myself how to modify the steroids properly, but come on, steroids aren't physically addictive at all, which is proven.
Weather effect? It's not a hallucinogen, we're talking about steroids, the chemical way to increase your testosterone production in order to (usually) gain muscles faster as a shortcut.
When the screen is getting shakey in-game when I've taken a drug I suppose it's meant to be my character would get dizzy due to the drug, but physically you don't get any effects at all when you're on a steroid cycle.
The only physical possible effects you could get is obviously the side effects most people get more or less no matter which doses or what kind of steroid you've chosen to go on.

Alright, I'm not only here to complain, one of the drugs you've scripted quite well at least is heroin.
- Appetite decreased. Realistic effect.
- If strong enough the person will go into slow-mo mode. This surprised me, never got it in-game before, but quite of a realistic and well done effect.
- If addiction to another drug is around 14 or lower they will be hooked on to Heroin instead if strong enough. I can't find no words, why did you even add this?

- The way it's created in-game is obviously unrealistic, but not neccessarily bad. Simplistic and creative.
- Slow-Mo Mode if the drug quality if high enough. Well done, but when it comes to LSD it's not really a matter of quality, rather the dose. Once the drug has been dosaged it's already active and a higher dose would not give you anything more than a longer trip.
- Shakey camera. I can't complain, since it's nearly impossible to script the drug LSD into a roleplaying game, at least SA-MP, since all the effects you get are individual and only psychological.
- If it's the person's first time taking the drug their addiction level will rise by 3 towards the drug. Hippies or whatever people who like hallucinogen drugs these days usually "can't" trip more than 1-3 times a month since a hallucinogen trip is something exhausting for your psychological health and your brain. You cannot get pshyically addicted to LSD, the drug doesn't even give you any pshyical effect during the trip.

As I already wrote, everyone responds individually on LSD, therefore it's more or less impossible to script the drug, since you're the controller of your character, therefore you also control your characters psychological health etcetera.
I do also (obviously) understand it's difficult to make both the side effects and effects more realistic, and all the side effects are also psychological, not physical.

- Lowers hunger level by (MAX_HEALTH_BONUS/10). MDMA is a centralstimulant, therefore it's nearly impossible to eat during the rush. Good thing this is scripted.
- Flashy weather. As I said I understand it's difficult to script realistic and awesome drug effects on SA-MP. Anyhow, this was still a good thing adding this.

And about the negative effects you've scripted for MDMA/Ecstasy is actually not realistic anywhere and not even possible. You can't get pshyically addicted to MDMA, and you will neither get effect if you'd take the drug often, like daily or even less, like 2-3 times a week could be enough to give you a very mild effect, or no effect at all, because what MDMA does to your brain is very simple, all your serotonin you've stored in your brain which is stored to release a reasonable amount of serotonin to your body when you deserve it, like when you get gifts, when you get a new well-paid job or whatsoever, basically anything that usually makes you feel happy, more or less.
Anyhow, so when you take a enough dose of MDMA all the serotonin which has been stored in your brain during a while gets released during the hours you've the effect of the MDMA, which is actually your own serotonin, but the MDMA is helping you to release it. :roll:

I don't really have any complainments here except the part about weather effects, your visual view doesn't get affected at all when you're on cocaine.

- I like the way how it's created in-game except that if you plant it you harvest marijuana, why not hash as well? Not very important to add although, but for realistic purposes it could be funnier for people who's roleplaying with drugs etc.
- XM radio FX effect. Epic, creative idea.
- It now comes with the cigar obj+smoking animation when on foot. No complainments by me here. o/
- Increases your appetite/hunger. Simple, realistic and good thing that you got this scripted in.

- Weather Effects. Why? Crack is a stimulant, not a hallucinogen.
Rest is decent, according to me.

- Realistic and well-scripted way how you create the drug in-game.
- Weather effects. Why keep adding this to stimulants?
- Also, of course, good thing that the appetite/hungerlevel decreases was added.

I can't really come up with any complaints here, except from the addiction part as always, but as I said, somehow you've got to script the drugs unhealthy in-game, which is realistic, of course and what else should you modify if not the HP?

A few more quick suggestions and personal opinions:
- First of all I'd want to start with LSD. If you'd take a pill containing 100% LSD, it'd be a extreme overdose and the trip would last forever basically. LSD comes in blotters since you need such a small dosage for a good trip.
People who's tripping for the first time usually starts with a dose of 25-50µg, when you're buying blotters from the "street" they usually contains about 75-100µg which is a ridiciously small amount.

- About methamphetamine, I'd enjoy more ways to administrate the drug. Methamphetamine is usually administrated by snorting or smoking it, but there's endless of other ways you can administrate the drug with. Many people do also inject methamphetamine or just orally, I don't think that'd be hard to script.

- Just for the fun of it, if it wouldn't be too hard to put resources on, would be if you could take cannabis orally as well. I don't see this very neccessary though, but as said, if it's easy to add and possible, why not?

And regarding all the other drugsI haven't mentioned, I'd just like to see more different ways to administrate the drugs.


I noticed the other topic now, but what's done is done, however, I'm aware of the fact that drugs are meant to be roleplayed, but if you've implanted scriptwise effects you could make them more realistic at the same time, if possible.

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Re: Regarding the unrealistic drugsystem.

Post by OhSoFly » Mon Sep 24, 2012 7:05 pm

I've done relatively few drugs in LSRP, in my knowledge: Crack, Coke and Weed. I've been disapointed by all three. I really don't think the effects, or no effects of weed, are realistic at all. I understand that it needs to be roleplayed and it can't all be done for you, but I tried to roleplay a crack addict, and gave up because having a flashing red lines all over my screen made it impossible and not fun to roleplay. I put some of my own views a few weeks ago in a similar topic in what drug effects I'd like to see, if you'd be interested.


In summary, I think there should be forced /ame's because some effects you just can't hide, unless ofcourse you're wearing sunglasses or some thing.

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Re: Regarding the unrealistic drugsystem.

Post by Fontaine » Fri Nov 30, 2012 12:00 pm


Much like the topic above, I'll forward your thoughts on the system and the drugs. I'll merge them and hopefully put forward a discussion regarding the current system in general.

Thanks for your input and feedback.

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Re: Regarding the unrealistic drugsystem.

Post by Mmartin » Fri Mar 03, 2017 1:26 am

The drug system is currently undergoing a rewrite, more drugs and different side-effects are put in place.

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Re: Regarding the unrealistic drugsystem.

Post by Davis » Sat May 27, 2017 2:18 am

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Additions: - Drugs 1.0 — the first iteration of the 2017 Drug Update. [otter]
Drugs have been addressed in the most recent update by otter – if you have any specific suggestions about improvements to that system, please use the appropriate topic. Moving to implemented for now.
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