[Detective Job] Michael Grimes

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[Detective Job] Michael Grimes

Post by Toko_Chivadze » Thu Mar 21, 2019 12:01 am


  • Character name: Michael Grimes
    Character age: 32
    Character level: 36
    List all current and past character names, on every account, and their levels: Zakhar Makashvili - 13
    Diego Medellin - 21
    Michael Grimes - 36
    Giorgi Vladovski - 1
    Rafael Alcaron - 15
    Past: Sebastian Diaz, Javier Santacruz, Roberto Alcazar
    Character's current faction: N/A

    How do you plan to develop your character as a detective?:
    My character is developed to be a former United States military intelligence operative who has received the honorable discharge as a veteran and can't re-enlist in the Armed Forces or reserves, Michael Grimes is actually a personal bodyguard of a businessman in Los Santos who mostly takes care of his employer's side-jobs, my character is currently forging connections with the Middle east-Asian organized crime group which operates in Los Santos to explore the narco-terrorist activity around Los Santos, the veteran of the United States military forces is volunteering war on drugs and terrorism in Los Santos and also plans to build a spy-agency which includes black-investigations, interrogations and such which would assist the Los Santos Police Department and the government, Michael Grimes will be taking a huge part in huge investigations which are already on-going and being worked on, for the more information, I can provide the screenshots of Michael Grimes's development who is known as "soldier" in Los Santos already.

    Why do you want the detective job?:
    Detective job will help me to the investigations I have on-going right now and will assist me to explore more than what I can with spying around areas to drop an ear on conversations, it'll assist me to keep an eye on the targets for the so called "black operations" which are not legal at all and is classified ICly, detective job gives me opportunity to create more interesting and will be so supportive for my roleplay.

    How do you intend on using the detective job?:
    I have a plan to use the detective job as much as I used it before, nowday we have a lot of sources we can use through amazon or ebay, a lot of different types of listening bugs and devices, GPS trackers, SiM card trackers and a lot of others, including the spy-glasses, drones and what not, I've been doing this kind of roleplay for a long time and I always used it the right way, this time I'll be using mostly the amazon source as much as Michael Grimes's development isn't educated and connected enough to have an access to the various items like military or the law enforcement equipment developed by the special companies, I'll be using online websites to purshache the goods through the internet and the dark-web too, I'll be using the detective job to place moles, in order to listen to the persons that I've got investigation going on, I'll be also make sure that there are no conspiracy theories against my employeer who finances all the operations I've got in my hands for his future plans, I'll also use the GPS trackers to attach on the target vehicles and control the movement and I'll be using all the given opportunities the right way.

    Do you have any previous experience role-playing as a detective?:
Yes, I used to be detective on 3 characters, Javier Santacruz, Sebastian Diaz and Roberto Alcazar, all these characters were detectives and I never broke a single rule nor there were people against me, I used the detective job the best way all the times and it always helped me a lot to explore the theories planned by the opponent factions during the wars or so, reason to lose detective job was always my PM to the admins after the CK and till I found out the command to leave the job myself haha, I never broke any rules of detective job and always kept it the realistic way.
I can show you the development of my previous characters and the successful applications too. I can also make you guys sure that I never ever broke any kind of rule regarding this job and nobody ever felt discomfort when I used the job.

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Re: [Detective Job] Michael Grimes

Post by acrobat » Mon Mar 25, 2019 2:54 am

Applications are closed.

We're going to re-open it with a new system in April. Stay tuned.
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