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Los Santos Roleplay
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Questions & Technical Support — Local Rules / Frequently Asked Questions

Post by LS-RP » Fri Jan 24, 2020 11:54 am


1. General Forum Rules
The general forum rules of course apply in this section, as would be expected.
No harassment, bullying or trolling, this includes but is not limited to: racism, discrimination, sectarianism and homophobia. No posting of copyrighted material such as games and movies. No doxing. No inappropriate videos or images on the forum, this applies to your posts, signatures and avatars. Use the search function before posting questions. English posts only — for foreign languages, use the appropriate section. No spamming. No hijacking or derailing of threads. Do not advertise other servers or the sale of real life goods.
Punishments: Anything from a verbal warning to a ban depending on severity.

2. Spamming / Repeating / Paraphrasing What's Been Said Already
This section falls victim to this quite a lot. You are not allowed to do this at all as it creates un-needed cluster and confusion. We appreciate genuine efforts from those who help others on the forums but repeating what has already been said in order to get your post count up does not fly here. We do not tolerate excuses of trying to justify your spamming with the usual "I'm just trying to help out" excuses. If you feel that additional information can be given to the player in need, then do so without replicating what has been said by others.

This also includes twisting your words to make it look like your input is different to another player's input when it really just explains the exact same things as someone else has said before. If you feel that your input is borderline the same as what's already been posted then don't risk yourself getting punished.

Player 1 wrote:You can see all the factions by going to the Factions Forum Section (link).
Player 2 wrote: Hi there,

You can see what factions (and the rules) are currently around the server by going to the faction forums, it will show you everything there.
Yeah, pretty much like John Doe said, you need to make a FoCo Support ticket. They will help you out and assist you with your issue.
Punishments: Anything from a verbal warning to a ban depending on severity.

3. Backseat Moderating
There is an extra emphasis on this rule. Backseat Moderating is not permitted in any part of the forum, however this section is the most renowned for people doing it. We understand that you are here to help others out just like we are, but we appreciated that you leave the forum moderation to LS:RP Staff. If there is something that needs to be locked or handled in this section, please report the post (the exclamation mark with the yellow background) and state the issue.

Hey, you can lock your thread by using the lock option at the bottom right of your screen.
Punishments: Forum warning. Temporary ban for repeated offending.

4. Thread Inactivity
For the sake of keeping the section tidy and to make sure your topic is active, you need to update your topic if you still need assistance with your issue. If your topic has been inactive for Three (3) days then your topic will be locked and archived. When your topic has no replies after 24 hours you can feel free to reasonably bump your topic if you still need assistance with your issue.
Excessively bumping your topic (e.g every few hours) can result in a verbal or forum warning.

5. Lock Your Thread
Make sure to lock your own thread when you are satisfied and your question is concluded. This helps LS:RP Staff tidy up the section more efficiently.
The lock button is located on your topic at the bottom right of your screen.

6. Warez
Copies of any original files from Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and other product are not to be posted here. In the end, as good as your intentions might have been you are NOT allowed to post such kind of links in a public forum like this. If you are doing so you are in fact breaking a law, because such files were simply not permitted by Rockstar to be uploaded for the public. They are meant to be kept in the gta3.img and nowhere else, that just concerns the original files you might want to extract from your gta3.img to help someone.
Punishments: Anything from a verbal warning to a ban depending on severity and malice of post.

Los Santos Roleplay
Los Santos Roleplay
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Re: Questions & Technical Support — Local Rules / Information

Post by LS-RP » Fri Jan 24, 2020 11:55 am


Questions & Technical Support

Q: What is the Questions & Technical Support section?

  • A: As you may be aware this is the area to ask your questions in regards to anything that is related to computer and tech stuff. I am sure almost everyone has used this at least once during their stay on LSRP to ask for support in a way. Whether it be software technical support or hardware technical one. This section covers both aspects and shall be used to clear up any problems or misunderstandings you might have with them. Misunderstandings might not be the right term to use for this, but I assume misconception does not sound appropriated either.

    This section of the forum can be used for questions in regards to anything, software, hardware and whatnot. You may not seek for help when you go into the gray zones of the law, questions like: "Hi, I've downloaded crack XYZ and it does not work!?" Will simply be ignored and locked, since we are supporting the makers of the software and cracking it does not help them nor you. Plus it is illegal and not allowed anyway (See the forum rules).
Q: How can I post a topic?

  • A: First of all, there is no set format to post a question here. Write it freely from your heart, but this is another breakpoint in regards to being informative or not. You can always say you have a problem but without proper description and elaboration on it, we will not be able to help you appropriately.

    When posting a question, be as informative as possible. Give us any detail, you might think it is not needed or useless but believe me, everything can be used to help you! As more information we can gather from you, the faster and better the response will be. A description is important, really. Saying you've got a problem with SAMP means nothing but that you have a problem. Saying that SAMP crashes upon start up or when you've just entered the game is certainly more informative and can be used to evaluate your problem better and the responses will be much better and the guesses will be left out, at least most of the time. A problem has, in 99% of the cases, a solution. It is either written somewhere or people have just developed a way around or fixed it. Simple put, your helper needs as much information as possible, always keep that in mind!
Q: I can't find my topic, where has it gone?

  • A: It was probably just moved to the archive due to several reasons, one of them is inactivity. Just search in the archive for your thread, or use your own post history and see what it was locked for. If nothing was posted there, it was because of the inactivity. PM any support team member to get your thread unlocked and moved back if it was not cleared up prior.
Q: How can I keep my thread active?

  • A: Just keep us up-to-date. Say whether an answered helped you or even solved the matter of why the thread was created in the first place, or what went wrong. Update with eventually additional information you've gathered whilst experimenting around or whatever! Just say what's up right now, after you tried what someone suggested you to do. Double posts and general posting rules are still in places though! Use the edit button if necessary, it is there for a reason.
Q: Can I post questions in regards to the application (Process/Answers)?

  • A: No and please DO NOT create a topic asking when your application is going to be accepted or why testers haven't checked your own application, etc. This will only result in your topic being locked and archived.

    Do not ask for answers either, it'll just get you in trouble, instead check the Rules & Rules Updates section.
Q: How can I lock my thread?

  • A: This saves us Player Support Moderators so much time when you can lock your own thread when you have solved your issue. It also keeps the whole forum clean and it's easier for us moderators to clean up the section. We'd heavily appreciate it if you would lock your own threads when you can.

    You can do it by going to the bottom of the page where you will notice a hammer. Click the hammer and then on Lock topic
Game Related Issues

Q: I get a blue "You are banned from this server" message on my screen. Am I banned?

Q: I haven't played for a long time and when I try to log in, in-game Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) appears, I'm unable to verify myself.

  • A: You can either:
    1. Enable Mobile 2FA here, this will bypass in-game 2FA and will let you log in normally.
    2. Submit a Support Ticket here.
    Q: All weapons are invisible. What to do?

    • A: This is a collision issue between SAMPAddon and SilentPatch (i.e: removing one will fix this). Assuming you're using a recent enough version of SAMPAddon, create a "disablewindow.txt" file (just put a 1 inside) within the game directory. This will disable adjustments made to weapons and windows (which are not allowed on LS-RP regardless).
    Q: The server is not letting me connect. What to do?

    1. Restart your SA-MP client and then try to see if you can ping or connect.
    2. Try to whitelist yourself on this page.
    3. If you are using a direct IP address of the server, or "", we'd advise that you instead use "", which is the actual address and should work better.
    4. If you are able to use an alternate network, such as mobile data, then you might have a chance of bypassing the issue. Note that this isn't guaranteed, and that proxies are still disallowed.
    Q: My game is crashing constantly. What to do?

    • A: Usually, game crashing comes from a faulty mod. Is your game modded? If so, try to remove your mods one by one and see what mod causes your game to crash.
      If not modded, try to get a clean copy of the game and see if the problem still persists.
      Does it still crash? If yes, please post a Player Support thread here explaining your issue.
    Q: I get "Connection Rejected: Incorrect Version" error when I try to log in, what do I do?

    Q: I have issues with downloading Server Cache files.

    • A: Get all required server cache from here.
      A2: If the website is not working, download from here.
    Q: I have not played LS-RP since a long time and when I try to log in the error (Your account is not fully set up yet) is displayed.

    • A1: Have you made sure that you are logging in using your UCP name and not your character name? You cannot log in using your character name anymore, use your UCP name.
      A2: If you are logging in using your UCP name and It still doesn't let you in, make sure that your UCP doesn't contain any spaces or any kind of special characters (!,#,@, etc..).
      If it has spaces or special characters, log into your UCP account on and head to this page.
      A3: If the issue still persists, Submit a Support Ticket.
    Q: I have installed mods in my game, and when I try to launch it the error "SA-MP frame node is too long, SA-MP must exit" is displayed.

    • A: You will have to remove your mods one by one to see which mod is the cause. If you want to keep your mods, install Codsworth Multiplayer
    Q: I have installed GTA SA and SA-MP on MacOS, but I get an error saying that they aren't supported, what do I do?

    • A : Apple has disabled 32-bit application support on macOS Catalina and above. You will have to install Windows on your Mac by downloading CrossOver. Another solution for this is to get Winebottler.
    Q: When I try to connect to a server, SA-MP launches GTA Single Player instead.

    • A: Make sure your game version is 1.00 US. SA-MP does not work on Steam/RGL (Rockstar Game Launcher) versions of the game.
      In order to downgrade your game version to the correct one, download this downgrader and follow these instructions:
    1. Extract the files to GTA directory
    2. Run install.bat and wait until window disappears
    3. It's recommended to install SilentPatch to get rid of compatibility issues like mouse not working.
    4. Launch via GTA-sa.exe and not RGSC launcher, or via Steam
    Q: I just created a new character and when I get to the tutorial, I keep dying, why?

    • A: This issue is caused by SA-MP Addon. Uninstall SA-MP Addon then try again.
    UCP Related Issues

    Q: My character application was denied but ...

    • A: Your first point of contact should be the staff member that denied you. They will provide you with a more in depth analysis of your character application on request. Should you disagree with their decision, a staff report is the way to go.
    Q: I wrote my character application and clicked on "Submit", the page refreshes and my application is gone!

    • A: Unfortunately, you will have to write your character application all over again from scratch. The reason is that you took a long time to write your application and the page session timed out.
      Pro Tip: Next time, make sure you write your application in a text document (Notepad), and when you finish, DRAG the text into the application page.
    Q: I appealed my ban and was told that I was unbanned. I'm still banned from the UCP. What can I do?

    • A: Private message the staff member that unbanned you if you have issues logging in-game following a ban appeal.
    Q:I have enabled Two Factor Authentication, but I don't receive any code when I try to log in.
    Forum Related Issues

    Q: I would like to change my forum account name, what do I do?

    • A: You will need 1 name-change (NC) to do so, if you already have one, head to and create a Support Ticket in order to get your forum name changed.
    Q: I have donated for Bronze/Silver/Gold Membership, how do I claim my forum rank?


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