[HELP/SUPPORT] In-game Support System Guide

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[HELP/SUPPORT] In-game Support System Guide

Post by Decker » Fri Dec 18, 2009 8:30 am

Tester support/game help.

The support system enables testers to provide technical or game-support to players who request it. Below is a short guide of the commands and how to use them.

/support: This command brings up the command list, it will show /helpme and /testers.

/helpme: This command is similar to /re, it is a direct way to contact testers on duty regarding any technical or game-related question. Use this command once and wait for available on duty testers to respond to the question.

/testers: This command is similar to the /admins command, it'll bring up a list of on duty and off duty Testers.

Admin support/reporting rule breakers.

/report: Command explains itself, use it along with a player ID to report a rule breaker.

/re: Command to request immediate emergency help from an admin. ie: Frozen, bugged, being DMed by multiple people.

Remember not to PM administrators or testers for help, use the commands provided for assistance.

No admins ingame? IRC for emergencies (hackers, etc) or create a report player thread with evidence of rule breaking.
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