[GUIDE] Value of Life.

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[GUIDE] Value of Life.

Post by dollar. » Sat Mar 17, 2018 4:23 pm

       - Guide explanation:

I've made and published the follow guide to raise awareness how some people may un-properly value their life on roleplay servers. I will base this guide on my opinion and give you tips to make your roleplay experience more realistic in the future years of roleplaying! I will write what you should do and don't and also I'll include tips and reasons for why you should taking someones life be more realistic. Enjoy!

                      - Taking someones character's life:

Firstly, I'll be talking about taking someone elses life in the virtual world of San Andreas. I'd say about 30 ish percent (my statistics) of the community likes roleplaying having a gun, being a gun dealer or being involved in criminal factions or organisations. If you are apart of a criminal faction, it's understandable somebody can f*** up and you will be called from a higher rank to do a hit, or in gangs to do a driveby. Although this is fully understandable and realistic IRL, you should roleplay this properly and show your characters emotions.

                                - Reasons:

~ Commanded to kill somebody by people higher than you in the ranking system of the faction.
~ Being threatened at gun point, robbed or scammed.
~ If the person in question would tell the cops about your criminal plans.
~ If the person would cause major distruption (not provoking or attitude) in a situation of many examples.

                                - Emotions:

What a lot of people fail to roleplay is emotions of your character. I've seen about 80 percent of people roleplaying a gangster - just shoot somebody and walk away, fearless although they are risking their life. Ask yourself these questions: Did somebody witness the murder? Do you want to go to jail? Will there be people after me for shooting the person in question?

In my opinion, people act fearless because jail is just a few hours of in-game time that sometimes might be as quick as going out to dinner with your family and keeping your game on.

I think people should be more smart. I don't think there should be a script, I don't think people should be punished - but I do think everybody should start thinking. Every one of your actions have consequences. You got away smooth? Who knows, maybe somebody (including the cops) may be planning something to bust you after they've witnessed you shoot someone. Also, if you commited bloody murder (hopefully not out in public because that is unrealistic), then especially the first time - your character will be scared, he/she would be asked himself/herself questions that I've named above. They would be contemplating why they did it, possibly saying a few prayers to their religious leader, perhaps even crying or being depressed. I think people neglect emotions just because people can easily slip a gun out, shoot somebody, drive home, store the gun and then be on with their day.

                                - Tips:

~ Try and think in the mind of your character, and no I don't mean -be your character-, I mean think as your character, if you commited murder, what would you do?
~ Take responsible decisions.
~ Plan your murder, don't do it ''as it goes''.
~ Make sure you have a valid reason to kill the person. (Don't deathmatch)
~ Don't use OOC advantages to your advantage of finding or killing trh

                                             - Losing your character's life:

As the second section of my guide, I will be talking about how people don't value their life while roleplaying. I will be covering tips and reasons how and why you should value your life. I've seen most people shoot at cops - while being aimed at by 4-10 officers, just to die and not go to virtual jail. I think this is wrong and I'll explain why, below.

                                                       - Reasons:

~ Being killed by a faction after disobeying IC rules.
~ Informing police about a person's criminal plans.
~ Being involved in a shooting against somebody.
~ Giving somebody a justified reason such as aiming a gun at them.
~ Giving somebody death threats. (Ask for admin's opinion first)
~ Robbing or scammning the person in question.

                                                       - Emotions:

Firstly, I'd like to say that I've seen a lot of people just shoot at people to make character kills faster, or avoid jail. In my opinion this is stupidity and I have no idea how this was allowed on soo many servers. I think you should really contemplate if you want to die on that day. Do you have IC reasons to do so? Ask yourself some questions: Does my character have un-escapeable problems? Does my character have family that will care about him if he dies? Am I doing this just to avoid a annoying situation? - I bet you a lot of us (including me) were in a situation where you were being arrested and you just shot at the cops to avoid the jail. I've learnt my mistake and realised I should value my character's life more. Suicide and/or starting a shootout just to avoid a roleplay scene that isn't in your favour is honestly stupid at least in my opinion. It's not unique and it should be poorly looked upon because it's just a poor portrayal of a character that you know or is in question. I've seen people smack me in the middle of being CK'd just so they can go for dinner, they didn't seem bothered, they didn't value life, they portrayed their character POORLY. I think this should be frowned upon in this community and I hope you understand what I mean.

                                                       - Tips:

~ Surrender to cops when you've exhausted all your actions.
~ Think about it realistically.
~ Contemplate both choices. E.g. jail or life? (Life should be the most important asset you hold even in real life)
~ Think - are you doing this to get out of a situation you hate?
~ Realise that some situations are bad, and some are good - you can't pick and chose.

                                                       - Conclusion

Hey, you! Thank you for reading my guide and you hope you've enjoyed reading my long paragraphs of annoying complaining about how people can't value their life! I might write more as I get encouraged. *wave*

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Re: [GUIDE] Value of Life.

Post by .Angelo. » Wed Aug 15, 2018 2:09 pm

You some some excellent points.

I think the main reason is that people don't ask those questions you mentioned, they think of it as just another video game where it doesn't matter if their character dies because they will respawn on the spot and resume playing. Most people think that their gameplay is paused when they got to jail or prison but they forget that we are simulating real life. If you commit a crime you will go to jail/prison. Also, prison gives you a lot of roleplay opportunities so your gameplay experience is never paused.

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Re: [GUIDE] Value of Life.

Post by owzzus » Wed Aug 15, 2018 2:20 pm


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