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[Guide] How to roleplay a Hu$tla!

Post by Hu$tla » Thu May 07, 2015 5:32 pm

A hustla is someone skilled at turning a profit no matter what the enterprise. Commonly used by rappers to describe a drug dealer, but it's also a street term used for pimps or anyone who makes money illegally on the streets, it can also just mean that you are getting a lot of money by doing what you do best.
If you want to be a real hustla the key is all in the developement. Don't start it off by selling kilos of drugs or tons of guns or whatnot. Start it from the bottom. Dedicate yourself to it. Start it from selling rather small amounts of drugs on corners, around LS, clubs, etc. Make connections, make profit. Once you make profit and develop your character a bit buy bigger supplies, start selling in bigger amounts. And so on.

Content of the guide:
  • Jewelry and watches
  • Drugs
  • Guns
  • Hoes
  • How to approach a plug
  • Legal side
  • Personality and behaviour
  • And other
Jewelry and watches[aligntable=right,-200,0,0,0,]Image[/aligntable]
You would maybe want to start of your career as a hustla in early teen years by selling stollen jewelry and watches to the people around your hood, around LS. It's good and unique roleplay and you can even earn good money if your RP is good and if people like your roleplay. You need to sweet talk to people, persude them, make them like you and be interested in hearing what you got to say and offer. Don't just approach people and offer them jewelry and watches. Make at least a brief RP before that, make it interesting for both parties.

You: "Yo playa, w'sup?! How are you my nigga?"
/me looks at Person A, sizes him up in friendly way and checks if he has any jewelry on him for a brief moment.
/do Does Person A have any jewelry on him or watches?

Person A: "All's good my nigga, sup with you?"
/do Yes, a gold chain.
You: "Nice chain you got dere playa. I like yo style doe. You must be doin' good right?"
/ame cracks a light smile as he peers at the Person A.
Person A: "Yeah, yeah nigga, I be doin' good... So, what ya want?"
You: "Lissen, I got some real playa shit 'ere. Real gold and silver jewelry dog, just like in your style man. This shit gonna suit ya fo' real! And it's half priced fo' ya playa!"
/me smirks for a moment as he lightly nudges Person A into his left shoulder in a playful manner.

And so on. It creates some RP between both parties, don't make it too simple like "Hey man, wanna buy some chains?". That's bad and boring.
Sooner or later as you develop your character you will get in contact with drugs. Hopefully after you make some profit with your jewelry and watches hustle. Than you would have enough money to buy off a small amount of drugs that you would be able to resell later for a small profit. Small profit by small profit = bigger profit.
So you start off with small amounts of drugs until you make enough profit and buy bigger amounts. With bigger amounts it's bigger profit. Once you want to buy big amounts you need to have conenctions with good and reliable suppliers. When you have that, you're on your hustle as a real G.

What kind of drugs to sell?
Well, this is up to you and your character. As a real hustla you will need to decide by yourself with what type of drugs you can make bigger profit. That has to be your decision. You can stick to one type or sell various types of drugs.

Where to stash your drugs?
Until you get BIG enough stash of drugs you don't need to have two different stashes.
As soon as you get big enough stash and if you don't want to risk it you need to have two stashes for drugs.
One, where the most of your drugs will be.
Second, where the drugs for the daily use will be. Here you will hold small stash of drugs that you sell daily. And when it's empty you go to your first stash to take drugs and refill it.
So, two stashes, two vehicles (let's say two towtrucks). One for big stash, one for the small one. Make sure that the both are well hidden when you spawn them so people can't see you easily when you go to get the drugs.

Second thing that I'm personaly doing and I would recommend it to you is to unregister both of your towtrucks (go to black market and /v unreg them).
Why? Because it can happen when you get known and someone snitches that the cops will search you and can raid your propetries and cars. The catch is that if the vehicle is /v unregistreted they can't hook you up with it because they can't find it on your list and you don't need to spawn it unless the snitch saw you where you stash was. This happened to me few times and because my stash vehicles were uregistered they couldn't hook me up with anything, I was clean.

Where to sell drugs?
The best thing is to start selling them on corner around your hood. If you don't have your hood, go to pizza stack or nearby where it's not populated much by gangs so if you don't want to get in trouble.

Good drug dealing RP can be found in clubs. When going to clubs the best combination is to have some cocaine and ecstasy(MDMA) with you since it's the drug that is mostly used in clubs.

Also, you can sell the cocaine, weed, ecstasy around house parties and public parties.

Where to stash your drugs when selling it in parties, clubs?
The best choices are to RPly stash them into your shoes or inside your hat. You surely wont stash them in your ass since you need to sell them right away.
/me places the baggies of cocaine and ecstasy inside of his shoes(hat), putting them(it) on after.
But make sure that you ALWAYS take a SS of this /me as an OOC proof when cop searches you.
Cops mostly search your pockets and waistline. Wait them to finish the search. If they didn't search your hat or took your shoes off they did NOT find it and if they arrest you for it you can /report them for PG.
But you can NOT stash 50 pops of cocaine or whatnot in your shoes/hat. Make it a bit more realistic. Make it 5 baggies in each shoe or less.

How to approach people?
Don't approach people with "Hey man, wanna buy some drugs?", don't be too direct, that's plain and boring.
Approach a potential customer with some random talk, like:
"Hey playa w'sup?"
/me looks at Person A for a moment and sizes him up.
/do Would Person A appear to look like a drug addict or someone that consumes drugs?

After that you can ask him " 'Chu been lookin' fo' summin'? Maybe I can help ya out dog?"
/ame cracks a light smile at Person A.
"I got da best shit in LS doe. Premium qualiy shit."
And animations, don't forget to use animations. When saying "I got the BEST shit in LS!" you can use /gsign1 for example. That looks good and helps out in the RP. It makes it better.

Later on when you get enough money and buy really BIG supplies of drugs you can become the Plug.
Gun dealing is very similar with drug dealing, but it involves bigger amounts of money and bigger profit.
The only had part of gun dealing is finding a supplier if you're not in an offical faction that has access to guns.
Drug dealing is mostly related and envolves around RP, while with the gun dealing you can make much bigger and easier profit. Don't get me wrong, there is good RP around the gun dealing too, but drug dealing RP is better imo.

How to sell guns?
Finding customers for guns is rather easy and it requires less time and patience than selling drugs.
All you gotta do is to approach a group of gangbangers and offer them your services. Almost everyone on the server needs guns and they will be happy that you came. But don't trust anyone and be caution because you can easily get robbed.
Don't be one of those people who takes the money from the customer, quickly drives to his stash, takes the gun, drives back and hands it. No. Be unique. Be different.

First, the approach.
When you come up to the potential customers you need to chat with them a bit like:
You: "Sup playas? What's popin'?"
/ame sends a respectful nod in Person A's way.
Person A: "Nuttin' dog, fuck ya need?"
You: "I kno' how hard is to live in a hood like dis, an' I can help ya niggas out, feel me?"
Person A: "Maybe, what you talkin' 'bout?"
You: "Lissen, I can git you some protection dog, you kno'?"
/me discretly motions a gun sign with his hand at Person A.
You: "Heat, nam'sayin'?
Person A: "Fo' sho dog? How much?"
You: "Fo' ya it's $$$$$$, dat good? Ya kno' ya need it dog. Everyody need it in da ghetto."
/ame cracks a light smile and winks once at Person A.
Person A: "Yeah, yeah..."
You: "A'ite, pass me da dough den and we finna do da deal."
If he doesn't want to pay you first, try convincing him, if he still refuses, fuck him, you will find someone else, don't get in shady deals.
If he pays you than:
You: "A'ite, lissen, meet me at the parkin' lot at east beach. (or any other secluded location) I'ma git you yo shit there."
Person A: "Best not fuck wid me dog!"
You: "Don't sweat nigga, I'm legit."
/me honks two times before driving away.

Second, the deal.
When you meet up, don't just run into his car place the gun with cmd and leave. Make some RP.
/me looks around the area before parking his car next to the Person A as he motions him to get inside.
You: "No one was tailin' you?"
/ame looks around in a bit paranoid manner as he sucks on his teeth.
Person A: "No dog, you got my gun?"
You: "Fo' sho my nigga."
/me takes out a glock from the back of his waisline and places it into Person A's lap.
Person A: "Thanks dog."
You: "Don't sweat, holla if ya need mo'e."
/me cracks a light smile as he awaits for Person A to leave the car, driving away after.
Now, being a PIMP is really interesting RP. There are a lot of people who are hungry for e-sex and that would pay a lot of IG money for the services of your hoes. The only hard part about it is to find loyal and active hoes because most of the people that RP hoes quit that character when they gain enough money or are factions hoppers and go from another pimp to another one if you're not online when they are. I had few loyal hoes but they were like 1 of 100. Very rare.
Anyway, let's get back on the RP.

First thing that you would want to have is a brothel or just an apartment where your hoes can bring customers. It would be very good if it could be /furnished in a unique way, not only with basic interior because it will add a lot and improve the atmosphere of the whole RP.

Second, are the hoes. They will be hard to get but if you know how it wont be a problem. The problem will be their activity and loyalty.

How to approach a hoe to make her work for you?
Well, first you need to make sure that the person is really RPing a hoe. Ask her for her services. The players mostly use prostitute skins and are easy to spot and are mostly low levels.
You: "Aye sexy, girl w'sup? You workin'?"
/ame looks at Person A and sizes her up with a smile on his face.
Person A: "Yes honey, I can do everything for you if you got money."
You: "Hop in den, let's go."
/me smiles lightly at Person A as he motions her to get inside the car.
If she refuses to get in your car, you need to persuade her to get in, pay her 5,000$ if needed. You need to get her inside so you could have privacy. After she's in drive somewhere a bit secluded where you can talk with her and persuade her to work for you. You need to promise her a lot of money, a lot of work, protection, elite prostitution, hell promise her everything even tho if you can't do it.
You: "Lissen girl, fo' who ya work, you work alone?"
Person A: "Yeah, I work alone." / "No, I got a pimp."
/me looks at Person A with a serious look on his face as he locks the car with central lock showing her his gun.
You: "Don't do anything stupid, now we finna talk bidness."
Person A remains silent.
/me touches his gun and aims it discretly at Person A as he talks to her.
You: "I can offer you protection girl, I can get you customers, I can get you a place where you can take them, I can get you A LOT of money." / "Fuck yo pimp, where is he now? He ain't takin' care of ya! Come work for me."
You: "Feel me?"
You: "If you work for me you can get EVERYTHING!"
Person A: "But what would you get from it?"
You: "I would take, let's say 50% of all of your earnigs for myself in exchange for the things I'ma do fo' ya."
If she refuses 50% percent negoatiate with her, make some arrangement. Than show her the brothel/apartment and let her /rentroom there. If she rents room than it's all good, you just have to be online when she is to create RP.

You can also recruit hoes from the /ad's that they make. Call her, tell her that you own an escort agency, make a meeting with her, question her and eventualy ask her if she will work for you as prostitute.

How to get customers?
Customers are easy to get. You can drive around with your hoe in your car and ask people around or make your hoe post on a corner while you watch over her from a distance. When someone comes to your brothel make sure that you frisk him to check if he is armed or not. If he is armed RPly take his gun (you will give it to him back once he is done).
Before the customer gets it with hoe, you need to make sure that he pays first for the service, not after it.
How to approach a plug[aligntable=right,-200,0,0,0,]Image[/aligntable]
So, as we all know, every plug has a plug, so you're going to need one too. Unless you're a leader of an illegal faction and got your own product, which you are probably not, you will need a plug.
During your role play and business you will meet a lot of people and will make connections, depending on your character's personality and behaviour. You will also meet some powerful people that can be of a good use to you. As a drug dealer you don't have unlimited amount of drugs that come out of nowhere, you need a plug.
By meeting the right people, you can make good business.

Making a business with a plug.
When you finally meet someone who can become your plug the most important thing is the approach and your capabilities to negotiate.
You should be careful and watch for the words that you are using in that conversation, but don't be too soft.
You need him, but he needs you too. He's not doing that to help you, he's doing that because he sees profit and benefit.
Don't let him use you as a puppet.
And before meeting the plug make sure that you go there unarmed so you can gain his trust.

/me looks at Person A with a blank look on his face as he sends a firm nod in his way.
You: "Sup playa?"
Person A: "All good."
You: "A'ite, so I came 'ere to talk bidness, real bidness, real talk. I heard that you got something that I'm lookin' for an' I'm willin' to take it off ya back as long as the price is good, feel me?"
/me sniffs once while rubbing his chin as he glances at Person A.
Person A: "Maybe I do, what is it that you need exactly?"
You: "I'm lookin' fo' some white powder, real shit, premium quality, can you help me out with that?"
Person A: "Indeed I can, depending how much are you willing to pay."

And after that, it's all up to your ability to negotiate and to conclude a deal. At the first time if you're out of product and he doesn't want to lower his price, if he is a hard nugget, you should try to get the price to at least cover your investment or to make a little profit, because when you meet next him time you can negotiate more and he may lower the price as you made good business relationship and trust from him.
Establishing trust and long term business should be your first goal with the plug.

After the deal is made make sure that you offer him a handshake as a sign of respect and good business.
/me nods once offering a business handshake to Person A with a light smile on his face.
You: "Nice doin' bidness with you, we finna be in touch. Keep it real."

Same thing goes for a gun plug and a drug plug.
Legal side[aligntable=right,-200,0,0,0,]Image[/aligntable]
After earning a lol of money by hustle you can decide to invest it into some legal businesses such as music studios, nightclubs, stripclubs, bars, used cars dealership, etc. It can create a lot of new and different roleplay.
No one expects for you to make $60,000,000 by hustlin so you could buy a business, no. You can lease out a business from the Business Leasing section via forums ( http://forum.ls-rp.com/viewforum.php?f=789 ).
The legal side business you can use to RPly launder the dirty money that you've made and are making from hustling, enhancing your roleplay at the same time.
Personality and behaviour[aligntable=right,-200,0,0,0,]Image[/aligntable]
Your character's personality and behaviour depends mostly on you and your choice.
Your character should be reliable, resoruceful and intelligent, not some brainless - triggahappy - troublemaking gangbanger. He needs to be smart and to act smart. That does not mean that he has to be a pussy, no, he only needs to use his brain so he could make smart decisions. Your character should be able to do everything for the right price and profit.
He needs to be tough, but shouldn't front anyone with bad or weak reasons. Don't be too hasty, think about your actions, but don't let anyone to badmouth you, show them who the boss is, unless you're heavily outnumbered. Be realistic.
Real hustla would involve himself in anything that would bring him a good profit no matter what the enterprise is.

What should your character drive?[aligntable=right,-200,0,0,0,]Image[/aligntable]
On the start of your hustle, if you start it from the teen years, than you should have no car, you can have a bicycle if you have the BMX rights. If you don't have BMX rights than it doesn't matter.
As you hustle more and earn money, grow older, you should get yourself some lame ass car. Best choice would be a clover or a glendale/greenwood for start. Later on as you progress and sell bigger quantities of drugs/guns, you should get yourself a better quality car like a tahoma or a savanna, for example. After you start making big deals you should consider of getting a huntley, rancher or similar high standard ride. Later on you can customize them with some shiny rims.
High standard car choices depends on your character's style. It can be something classy like a feltzer, something gangsta like a huntley, or a sportcar like an alpha.

Where should your character live?[aligntable=right,-200,0,0,0,]Image[/aligntable]
Well, for the teen years you should roleplay living with your parents (or at least with one of them/or with aunt/or similar), as a poor family. After your character grows up you should move to some apartment in poor, gang controlled neighbourhood so he can start living on his own.
Or you can roleplay that you're parents died and that you've inherited their poor house/apartment. Don't start your hustle roleplay by living in some rich/fancy place. Start it from the bottom if you want to feel the real struggle and hustle.
Later on as you progress and make some real money, you can buy and decorate an apartment/house to suit your character's life and his developement.

What should your character wear?[aligntable=right,-200,0,0,0,]Image[/aligntable]
At the beggining of your hustle, as a young and poor teen, you should wear some worn out clothing with no jewelry what so ever. After you gain some money and get a bit older you should roleplay wearing better looking clothes, nothing fancy and some fake jewelry, like fake silver chain and/or fake silver rolex.
/ame looks down at his fake silver rolex and checks the time.
After you start selling big amounts of your products you should start wearing some quality clothing, depending on your character's style and real silver jewelry.
Once you get on the top of your hustle you should start wearing expensive and flashy gold jewelry (chains, watches, earings...), but only if your character likes to show off in that way.

Now, the skins that you should use to portray your character.
Well, I will list four basic skins for black hustla character that suit this developement the best, imo (this does not mean that your character can only be black, these are only suggestions).

First skin, for the early teen ages:
Second skin, late teen years:
Third skin, early twenty years:
Fourth skin, late twenty/early thirty years (when you're on top of your hustle game):

Unwritten rules[aligntable=right,-200,0,0,0,]Image[/aligntable]
There are some "unwritten" rules that you should follow if you don't want to be screwed over.
  • Never sell anything to anyone before getting the money first
  • Never show your drugs/guns to anyone before you get paid
  • Never allow anyone to see your stash, not even your mother
  • Never let anyone know how much money you really have
  • And if you want to be a respected hustla, NEVER scamm people, be legit
There are many other ways that you can hustle with, but these are the ones of the best imo.
Everything here varies from a player to player and it's all up to your imagination and capability of roleplay.
I really hope that this guide will help someone in developing his character and in his roleplay.

"I just think a hustler's ambition is that I never stop. I start off hustling and said I'll never stop hustling. An ambitious hustler is the one to hustle the hustlers. When I was growing up, my heroes were hustlers. Now I'm theirs."
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[Guide] How to roleplay a Hu$tla![Guide] All animations commands with animated gifs!

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Re: [Guide] How to roleplay a Hu$tla!

Post by Poisonskittles » Thu May 07, 2015 6:07 pm

Memphis Banks top hustler 2000

very good ivan

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Re: [Guide] How to roleplay a Hu$tla!

Post by Jovis » Thu May 07, 2015 6:08 pm

Great guide by the top hu$tla Memphis Banks.

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Re: [Guide] How to roleplay a Hu$tla!

Post by Monty » Thu May 07, 2015 6:59 pm

I respect it, but i don't like that you just broke the whole game down lol being a hustler aint a thing you learn, either you got it or you don't.
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Re: [Guide] How to roleplay a Hu$tla!

Post by Dusan Djakovic » Thu May 07, 2015 7:06 pm

This guide helped me alot of. Thanks Memphis - Najjaci covjek :D

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Re: [Guide] How to roleplay a Hu$tla!

Post by Hu$tla » Thu May 07, 2015 7:08 pm

Monty wrote:I respect it, but i don't like that you just broke the whole game down lol being a hustler aint a thing you learn, either you got it or you don't.
Yeah, well, this is just a game so let people learn from others so we all can have better roleplaying experience on the server. ;)
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[Guide] How to roleplay a Hu$tla![Guide] All animations commands with animated gifs!

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Re: [Guide] How to roleplay a Hu$tla!

Post by Gøøner » Thu May 07, 2015 7:33 pm

Super guide man, this will help a lot of people. Bravo.

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Re: [Guide] How to roleplay a Hu$tla!

Post by Chire » Fri May 08, 2015 5:00 pm

Nicely made, 10/10
I've read it all and didnt get bored at all,quite interesting

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Re: [Guide] How to roleplay a Hu$tla!

Post by Proud_to_be_Serbian » Fri May 08, 2015 7:08 pm

Never allow anyone to see your stash, not even your mother
This one made me chuckle :).

Good read overall, da čiko bonu.
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Re: [Guide] How to roleplay a Hu$tla!

Post by xXDanielsXx » Fri May 08, 2015 9:24 pm

Really good guide. GJ!


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Re: [Guide] How to roleplay a Hu$tla!

Post by MikeDawg!!! » Fri May 08, 2015 10:52 pm

Memphis C Dawg Banks, me and you was LSRP's best hustler's. Perfect guide bro!
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Re: [Guide] How to roleplay a Hu$tla!

Post by Hu$tla » Sat May 09, 2015 3:16 am

Thank you everyone for the positive feedback!
I've just updated the guide with "Personality and behaviour" since I've received some questions over PMs about it, so I've decided to improve the guide with it.
Memphis Banks - "Life of a Hustla"
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[Guide] How to roleplay a Hu$tla![Guide] All animations commands with animated gifs!

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Re: [Guide] How to roleplay a Hu$tla!

Post by bamz » Sun May 10, 2015 2:19 pm

Great guide, thumbs up...

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Re: [Guide] How to roleplay a Hu$tla!

Post by CrewMaster » Mon May 11, 2015 6:33 am

Nice guide

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Re: [Guide] How to roleplay a Hu$tla!

Post by t0m! » Mon May 11, 2015 2:34 pm

Very very useful for beginners. Thanks certified money digger for the guide!

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