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[Official Guide] Commands

Post by Mmartin » Wed Oct 03, 2012 9:13 pm

Commands on LS-RP
Updated 22nd February 2014

Chat CommandsVehicle CommandsPhone CommandsRadio CommandsFaction CommandsWeapon CommandsDrug CommandsToggle / Block CommandsMoney CommandsHouse CommandsBusiness CommandsFishing CommandsOther / Misc CommandsJob Commands

Herro. LS-RP contains many and many commands and it's almost impossible to remember them all. I'll try to make a list and a description for every command which exists with vital information. I won't post internal (PD/SD/DoC/FD/GOV/SAN/...) commands. Is a command missing? PM me, write here, poke me on TS, query me on IRC, mail me or, be my guest, call me and I'll add it. Enjoy!

Basic role-play and chat commands.
  • /me [action]
    • Description: Displays an action or emote your character is performing.
    • Example: /me shoves his hand in his back pocket, withdrawing a wallet from there.
    • Result: * Firstname Lastname shoves his hand in his back pocket, withdrawing a wallet from there.
  • /melow [action]
    • Description: Same as /me, only displays on short range.
  • /my [action]
    • Description: Same as /me, except instead of the "* Firstname Lastname" prefix, you get "* Firstname Lastname's".
    • Example: /my eyes are red.
    • Result: * Mmartin's eyes are red.
  • /ame
    • Description: Displays an action or emote your character is performing above your head.
    • Same as the previous one, just displays above you, not in the chat.
  • /amy [action]
    • Description: Same as /my, only shows above your head.
  • /do
    • Description: IC emote . Used if you want to ask something roleplay wise or something what can't begin with your character name.
    • Example 1: /do Is the door open?
    • Result 1: * Is the door open? (( Firstname_Lastname ))
    • Example 2: /do You can smell marijuana smoke from Mmartin.
    • Result 2: * You can smell marijuana smoke from Mmartin. (( Firstname_Lastname ))
  • /dolow [action]
    • Description: same as /do, only shows in smaller range.
  • /l
    • Description: a shortcut for /local - Local IC chat.
    • Example: /l Yo nigga who are you?
    • Result: Firstname Lastname says: Yo nigga who are you?
    • Note: You can perform this by typing into the chat box without any commands.
  • /t
    • Description: The same as local chat or regular chat, but doesn't apply any animation - use this if you are performing an animation and don't want it interrupted!
  • /low
    • Description: Local IC chat, displays only for people who are next to you or in a short distance (shorter than /l or /t)
    • Example: /low Yo, ya' got some green if you 'no wha I mean?
    • Result: Firstname Lastname says [low]: Yo, ya' got some green if you 'no wha I mean?
  • /s
    • Description: Shouting! Local IC chat, displays on a further distance than local chat (/l or /t)
    • Example: /s RUN FORREST, RUN!
    • Result: Firstname Lastname shouts: RUN FORREST, RUN!
  • /ds
    • Description: Same as above, used to shout through door next to a house/business.
  • /w [ID] [Text]
    • Description: Whisper to a specific player.
    • Example: /w Azami_Hashimoto Psst. It's rape time.
    • Note: Emote "Firstname_Lastname mutters something," appears above your head when you whisper to someone.
  • /cw [Text]
    • Description: Same as whisper. Doesn't show any message above your head. This shows the whisper to everyone who's in the same car with you.
  • /b
    • Description: Local OOC chat - displays a message on a same distance than /l or /t. This chat is OOC (out of character).
    • Example: /b skip pls?
    • Result: (( [ID] Firstname_Lastname: skip pls? ))
    • Side note: Try to avoid using OOC chats if it's not necessary. Do not use OOC chats in the middle of roleplays, it destroys the atmosphere.
  • /o
    • Description: Global OOC chat - displays for everyone on the server.
    • Example: /o Hi guys I'm new give me money.
    • Result: [OOC] Firstname_Lastname: Hi guys I'm new give me money.
    • Note: Don't ask for money OOCly. Earn them in a proper, IC way.
  • /pm [ID] [Text]
    • Description: Sends an OOC private message to a player.
    • Brotip: Use this if you want to contact just one person. Don't use /b for it.
  • /convo [ID]
    • Description: Use this so you won't have to write /pm [ID] [Text]. By this, you can just write the message in char like you'd say it ICly, without any "/" or commands. It'll automatically PM the person you specified in [ID]. (Thankies goes to Femke for this)
  • /endconvo
    • Description: Ends the conversation so you can type ICly again.

Vehicle commands.
  • /v
    • Description: Displays a list of all available vehicle commands.
  • /v buy
    • Description: Displays list of vehicle models available in nearby dealership.
  • /v list
    • Description: This is a list of all your vehicles with their statistics. You can only own 10 vehicles at once.
    • Fun note: The cars are ordered due to their 'age'. Cars bought earlier get priority, so the oldest one will be first in /v list. If you have a premier from 2010, tahoma from 2012 and a slamvan from 2011, the order will be Premier, Slamvan, Tahoma.
  • /v get [Vehicle ID from /v list]
    • Description: Once you've bought a vehicle, you can spawn it using this command.
    • Example: /v g 1
    • Result: According to our /v list example, it spawns the first car, in this case our premier.
  • /v buypark
    • Description: Purchase of a parking space for your vehicle. You can have only one parking space for the specific vehicle at once. You can set the parking place wherever you want (it can't be close to other vehicle's spawn though). You will get and park your vehicle at this place.
    • Note: This command costs nothing as long as it's close to your house (not apartment complex!). If you park your vehicle next to a house you are renting or somewhere else than next to your house, you will have to pay a fee of $2500.
  • /v park
    • Description: Parks your vehicle at your parking space. The default parking space is at Dealership where you bought the vehicle. You can change the parking spot by the command above (/v buypark).
    • Note: You can not park a vehicle if the health (you can check this in /dl) is under 500.0.
  • /v lock
    • Alternative: /lock
    • Description: Locks or unlocks your vehicle. When the vehicle is locked, no one can enter it.
    • Note: You can use this command if you want to break into a vehicle (you have to buy a toolkit from 24/7)
  • /engine
    • Description: Starts or stops vehicle's engine.
    • Note: The more is your vehicle damaged, the less chance to start it it has. This means, if your vehicle has 700 HP, you have to write /engine a couple of times before it actually starts. If the health is low enough, the engine will refuse to start. Also, the engine can refuse to start if it's dead. This happens if you destroy your car and there's no more insurances left. In this case - you have to call a mechanic to fix it.
  • /v upgrade
    • Description: Displays list of upgrades available for your vehicle (such as lock, alarm, immobilised, armor, engine replacement, etc)
  • /v sell [ID] [Price]
    • Description: You can sell a vehicle to a player who doesn't have a private car already spawned. You can not put a price he can't afford there. Once you sell the car, the number plate will change and it'll disappear from your vehicle list.
    • Example: /v sell Damian_C 10000
    • Result: You offer the vehicle you're sitting in (assuming you're the owner of it) to Damian_Calhoun, charging $10.000 for it.
    • Note: It's strongly suggested to take screenshots of the transactions, just in case. Vehicle scams are against the rules. You can not sell a vehicle to some player and let him sell it to one of your characters (vehicle transfer) - this is considered as a bannable offence.
  • /v scrap
    • Description: Completely destroys the vehicle and gives you some amount of money for it (usually around 1/2 of the dealership price; depends on the condition of it)
    • Note: This will delete your vehicle with no chance of getting it back.
  • /v register [Text]
    • Description: Either changes the vehicle's number plate if you write the [Text] parameter or just registers an unregistered vehicle. The number plate is by default set to FirstnameLastname15640
    • Note: You have to be in possession of Silver or Gold membership to have a custom number plate. Don't fool around with funny plates like "POLICE", "SOMETHING VULGAR HERE", "NONE", etc. This can lead to IC trouble.
  • /v unregister (Currently not working)
    • Removes vehicle's number plate (you're no longer marked as an owner yet you still own the vehicle) and replaces it with text "NONE".
    • Note: You can perform this command only at black market. Where it is located - I'll let you find out by yourself!
    • Bare in mind: Driving an unregistered vehicle is a misdemeanor according to Penal Code. You can get arrested.
  • /v stats
    • Description: Displays information (stats) about your current spawned vehicle.
    • Example: Life Span: Engine Life[99.37], Battery Life[99.95], Miles Driven[295.01] Security: Lock[5], Alarm[4], Immobiliser[4], Insurance[0]
  • /v tow
    • Description: Moves the vehicle back on its parking space (assuming there's no one in the vehicle).
    • Note: The price for one tow is $2000. This does not despawn your vehicle, just basically gets it from any place on the map back to the parking place.
  • /v duplicatekey [ID]
    • Description: Gives a key from your car to another player. He'll be able to turn the engine on/off or (un)lock the door without having to break into it.
    • Note: You can have only one duplicate key at once. Do not lock the car before fully entering it if you have a duplicate key to it - this will trigger the alarm and causes unnecessary trouble.
  • /v mod
    • Description: Buys a temporary modification for your vehicle at dealership. Not recommended.
  • /v faction
    • Description: Changes a private vehicle into a faction vehicle.
    • Note: The vehicle will change the vehicle to a faction vehicle, but does NOT make it static - the dents WILL count, the vehicle CAN be destroyed. Do NOT use this command if you don't know what you're doing, you can lose your vehicle and the fix will need an admin assistance.
  • /v find
    • Description: Marks your vehicle's location on the map by a checkpoint.
    • Note: The vehicle has to be empty for you to be able to trace it.
  • /carmenu
    • Description: While being at a modshop, this enters the shop and allows you to buy various modifications for your car (nitrous, hydraulics, rims, bumpers, XM radio, paintjobs, ...)
    • Note: Navigate through the components and categories by using keys Q, E, W, S.

Cellphone commands.
  • /call [number]
    • Description: Starts a call with a person who's in a possession of the number which is set as a parameter. You can also dial scriptwise numbers, such as 911, 555, 544.
    • Example: /call 394134
    • Result: You will dial the number 394134 and the owner of it will have an ability to accept the call.
  • /pickup or /p
    • Description: Picks up an incoming call. You can hang up by typing /h or /hangup.
  • /sms [number] [text]
    • Description: Sends an SMS to the number specified in the command.
      Example: /sms 4586 Where u at? :D
      Note: You can use shortcuts (etc,brb,lol) or smileys(:D,xD,:),3==D) in the SMS, seeing as it's IC text message, not IC chat.
  • /hangup or /h
    • Ends an on-going call.
  • /turn_off
    • Description: Turns the phone off.
  • /turn_on
    • Description: Turns the phone on.
  • /dropcell
    • This throws your cellphone completely away and destroy it - you will have to buy a new one at 24/7.
    • Note: If you have a custom phone number and use this, your number will be set to default after buying a new phone!
  • /loudspeaker
    • Description: Turns your loudspeaker either on or off. The players around you will be able to hear the other side.
    • Note: The person you're calling with won't hear the people around you regardless.
  • /unknowncall [number]
    • Description: Use this while standing to a static, public phone. Your number will be hidden and an OOC mask will apply on your name, so the other party won't recognize you.
    • Note: This is useful if you have no phone or you don't want the other party to know who you are / trace you down.
  • /prisoncall [number]
    • Starts a call from Los Santos Prison. Bare in mind that the call is ICly recorded - therefore always use /loudspeaker so the guard will know what would be on the record.

Radio Commands.
  • /r
    • Description: Talking over the radio to the channel you're currently switched to.
    • Example: /r This is officer Martin, I need backup here, now!
    • Brotip: You can buy them radios in 24/7 stores using the /buy commands.
  • /rlow
    • Description: Same as above, displays on a lower distance (such as /low). Useful when you're undercover, hiding, or just in a crowded place.
  • /setslot [1-5]
    • Description: This changes the slot you're currently talking to. The basic radio has only 1 slot available, but you can buy a radio which supports more - 2, 3 or 5 slots.
    • Note: Doesn't matter which slot you're currently switched to, you will hear the transmission from each of them. This only switches the slots you're talking to.
  • /setchannel [slot ID] [channel #]
    • Description: Tunes you into a specified channel under the slot (see /setslot above). Some slots are restricted scriptwise for LAW agencies (channels such as 911).
    • Example: /setchannel 1 12345
    • Result: You will be now listening to channel 12345 under slot 1.
  • /part
    • Description: Leaves the channel you're currently switched to (see /setslot)
  • /auth [password]
    • Description: If the channel is encrypted, you will have to insert a password to listen to the transmission.
    • Example: /auth supersecretpassword2012
  • /cal 1000
    • Allows you to rent a radio station or set a password for it. This will be charged $5000 for each action.
  • /kickoffradio [ID]
    • Description: If you're an owner of the channel you're switched to, you can kick a person out of your channel using this command.
  • /dep
    • Description: This is a department radio, only available for centrain factions, specifically: LSPD, SASD, DoC, GOV, FD.
    • Brotip: Read the regulations about department radio usage at your faction's forums. Some factions have strict rules regarding the department radio.
  • /r1, /r2, /r3, /r4, /r5 [Text]
    • Description: Instead of using /setslot [X] and then /r, you're able to simply /r[SlotNumber] [Text] and the traffic is sent over to the slot specified.

Faction commands.
  • You have to be a member of an official faction to access these commands.
  • /faction
    • Descriptions: Displays everyone who is currently online from your faction, including ranks. The order depends on ID, not on rank.
  • /factionon [faction ID]
    • Description: Shows how many members are currently online and how many members does the faction has.
    • Note: You don't have to be in a faction to access this command.
  • /f
    • Description: OOC chat for faction members only.
  • /rank [ID] [Rank ID]
    • Description: Changes player's rank to some else. You have to be rank 1 or 2 to get an access to this command.
    • Note: To view all ranks available, simply type /rank. Also, you can change the rank via UCP.
  • /invite [ID]
    • Description: Invites a player into the faction you're in. You have to be rank 1 or 2 to access this command.
    • Note: The player you're inviting has to be next to you to perform this command.
  • /accept [0/1]
    • Description: If you want to join a faction and someone invites you, you have to accept. The parameter is either 0 or 1 - here you can pick the gender of your character. 0 is female, 1 is male.
    • Note: While accepting a faction invite, your job gets lost with all hours.
  • /uninvite [ID]
    • Description: If you're rank 2 or 1, you can uninvite a player from your faction. His skin will be set to clown and his job will disappear.
    • Note: The player, unlikely from /invite, doesn't have to be next to you. You can also uninvite a player from UCP panel.
  • /nofam
    • Description: Turns the /f chat off - only ranks 1,2,3 and 4 will be able to write into the faction chat. This command can be only performed by ranks 1, 2, 3 or 4.
      Note: You can disable the faction chat for yourself by using /togfam
      Subnote: If you're in PD/SD/FD, /togfam will also remove any 911 calls, vehicle alarms, etc.
  • /towcars
    • Description: Returns each empty faction vehicle on its parking space (respawns it). Available for ranks 1-4.
    • Brotip: If you are going to tow faction cars and there are members from the faction online, make sure to let them know over the faction chat before you do so, so they won't lose their cars.
  • /park
    • Description: Changes static faction vehicle parking place.

Weapon commands.
  • /weapons
    • Description: Displays the weapons you currently have on you.
  • /dropgun [Weapon ID]
    • Description: Removes a weapon from you. You can get the weapon ID by typing /weapons.
    • Note: Be careful, once you throw a weapon away, you can't get it back. Nor refunded.
  • /leavegun [Weapon ID]
    • Removes the weapon from you and places you on the ground. This can be picked up later on.
    • Note: Weapon disappears after 10 minutes. You can not perform this inside a business or house (or any else interior).
  • /grabgun
    • Description: Takes a weapon from the ground (if someone previously placed it via /leavegun).
  • /place [Weapon ID]
    • Stores a weapon inside a car or property.
    • Note: Engine has to be turned on to perform this command. Also, melee weapons can be stored only from outside of the car (trunk has to be open - /trunk).
    • More details about weapon storage & trunk system here: viewtopic.php?f=283&t=250676
  • /check
    • Description: Checks the vehicle or house, if there are any weapons /place'd inside.
    • Note: Engine has to be turned on to perform this command. If this is performed in a house, you have to stand on the right spot where the weapons are hidden (this applies to /place, /check and /takegun).
  • /takegun [ID]
    • Description: Takes a finalized weapon from a house / vehicle.
    • Note: The ID is not weapon ID (like 24 for deagle), it's the ID from /check.
  • /mypackage
    • Description: Displays all your wepaon package.
    • Note: /myitems to display all your packages & drugs.
  • /vehpackage
    • Description: Displays vehicle's weapon packages.
    • Note: In this case; you don't have to turn the engine on.
  • /putweapon or /pw
    • Description: Places a weapon package inside the car. You can find the package ID in /mypackage.
    • Note: use /paw or /putallweapons to store all your weapon packages in the vehicle / house.
  • /takeweapon or /tw
    • Description: Takes a weapon package from a car / house.
    • Note: You can also use /takeallweapons or /taw to move all the weapon packages from the property/car on you.
  • /sellweapon or /sw [ID] [Slot] [action]
    • Description: Finalizes a weapon package and sells it to specified player (you can also specify your emote). If it's a primary weapon, this command has to be performed at a Black Market.
      Note: You need to have Weapon Dealer job to perform this. (/dealerjob at blackmarket).
  • /sellpackage or /sp [ID] [Slot] [action]
    • Description: Same as above, but does not finalize the weapon, just gives another player the package.

Drug commands.
  • /mydrugs
    • Description: Displays all your drugs.
    • Note: /myitems to display all your packages & drugs.
  • /givedrug [playerid] [slot] [amount] [action]
    • Description: Giving out a drug to a specified player. The slot of the drug you wanna sell / give can be found in /mydrugs.
    • Note: You can also specify an emote displayed while giving the drug.
  • /dropdrug [slot]
    • Description: Removes the drug from you.
  • /usedrug [slot] [action]
    • Description: Usage of the drug. By using a drug, your game will change - you will have some special effects. This will also create an addiction for the drug.
    • Note: More about drugs here: viewtopic.php?f=283&t=188589
  • /testdrug [slot]
    • Description: Checks the drug's strength. The better it is, the better addiction you will get. This can reflect as let's say IC strength of the drug.
  • /putdrug or /pd [slot] [amount]
    • Description: Places a specific drug into a property / vehicle.
    • Note: You can see all your drugs by using /mydrugs.
  • /putalldrugs or /pad
    • Description: Moves all your drugs into a vehicle / property.
    • Note: To check vehicle's drugs, use /vehdrugs.
  • /takedrug or /td [slot] [amount]
    • Description: Takes a specific drug from a property / vehicle.
    • Note: You can see all property drugs by using /propdrugs or vehicle drugs by using /vehdrugs.
  • /takealldrugs or /tad
    • Description: Moves all drugs from a vehicle / property on you.
    • Note: To check vehicle's drugs, use /vehdrugs. To check property drugs, use /propdrugs.
  • /myingredients
    • Description: Displays all your ingredients.
  • /giveingr [playerid] [slot] [amount] [action]
    • Description: Gives an ingredient to another player. You can also use a custom emote.
  • /mix
    • Description: Adds a drug / ingredient into a mix.
    • Note: If you find out a good recipe to create a drug with good strength and for cheap, don't tell anyone. It ruins the whole point of this command. Keep recipes confidential!
  • /mymix
    • Description: Displays your current mixture.
      • /mymix refresh
        • Description: Returns you the ingredients used in the mixture and you can start over.
  • /createdrug
    • Description: Creates a drug from your current mixture.
    • Note: Check your mixture before creating a drug, so you won't create a useless dud.
  • /extract
    • Description: Command used to extract drugs such as Heroin.

Tog / Block commands.
  • /toghud
    • Description: Hides the hud from your screen.
    • Note: Hud is the thingy where you can see your radio slot and frequency; car speed; fuel, etc.
  • /togooc
    • Description: Blocks global OOC chat for you. (/o)
    • Note: You can turn it on by using the same command.
  • /togfam
    • Description: Blocks global faction chat for you. (/f)
    • Note: You can turn it on by using the same command.
  • /blockb [ID]
    • Description: Blocks local OOC messages from a specific player (/b)
    • Note: I told you not to go in /b. Damn you all.
  • /togjoin
    • Description: Blocks all join/left messages.
    • Note: This is actually the default. If you want to see messages about each player joining/leaving for what-so-ever reason, use this command.
  • /tognews
    • Description: Blocks all SAN messages (news).
    • Note: But they are trying to entertain you :(

Money commands.
  • /pay
    • Description: Money transaction between you and other player.
    • Syntax: /pay [ID / Part of Name] [amount]
    • Example: /pay Azami_Hashimoto 10000
    • Result: You just sent $10.000 to player named Azami_Hashimoto.
    • Note: You can include an emote after the amount (will result in "Your_Name {emote} Receiver_Name"
  • /charity [amount]
    • Description: Sends a specific amount of money out of the server.
    • Note: Money will be erased from your account and won't count anywhere. You won't get your money back if you use the command inadvertently.
  • /bank [amount]
    • Description: Deposits a specific amount of money to your bank account.
    • Note: This can be performed in any bank.
  • /withdraw [amount]
    • Description: Withdraws a specific amount of money from your bank account.
    • Note: This can be performed in any bank or 24/7.
  • /balance
    • Description: Displays the amount of money in your bank account.
    • Note: You can also see this in /stats.
  • /savings [amount]
    • Description: Inserts a specified amount of money into your savings account. This can range of $50.000 to $100.000. By typing the command while having active savings, the savings will withdraw.
    • Note: Savings calculator: viewtopic.php?f=63&t=235044 | More about savings: viewtopic.php?f=63&t=106805
  • /transfer [ID] [amount]
    • Description: Transfers a specific amount of money from your bank account to another one.
    • Note: Can't be performed while having active savings. /withdraw nor /bank neither.

House commands.
  • /enter
    • Description: Enters any house or business while standing on the porch.
    • Note: If the house is locked, you can't enter. If the business is locked, you can enter only if you're in PD or SD.
    • Note #2: If you're entering a business, there can be a fee. You will have to pay it if you want to enter.
  • /exit
    • Description: Leaves a house/interior/business while standing at the door.
  • /buyhouse
    • Description: If a house is for sale (if you can see yellow text in front of the door) - you can buy it for the land price.
    • Note: If you already have a house (apartments do not count), you will have to pay the land price multiplied by 10.
  • /rentroom
    • Description: If a house/apartment is rentable, you can use this to rent there.
    • Note: You will also spawn at the house, you can get in, lock it, unlock it and so on. Bare in mind that renting a house to break in and steal is a bannable offence!
    • Use /unrent to stop renting a room.
  • /cmdspot
    • Description: Sets the coordinations of place where you want to store your guns/drugs in the house.
  • /sellhouse
    • Description: If you no longer wish to own the house, you can sell it by using this command. The land price will be returned to you, but 1% of it will be taken off as tax.
    • Note: When selling an apartment, most of the land price would go to the apartment complex.
  • /myhouse
    • /myhouse info
      • Description: Displays basic information about your house (level, price, etc).
    • /myhouse cash
      • Description: Displays the amount of cash in your cashbox.
        • /myhouse cash deposit [amount]
          • Description: Deposits an amount of money in your cashbox.
        • /myhouse cash withdraw [amount]
          • Description: Withdraws a specific amount of money from your cashbox.
    • /myhouse phone
      • Description: Displays information about your phone (if bought)
    • /myhouse items
      • Description: Displays all items which are bought for your house.
      • Note: You can buy items by using /houseupgrade
    • /myhouse security
      • Description: Displays the state of security installed in your place.
      • Note: You can improve security by using /houseupgrade
  • /houseupgrade
    • Description: Displays the basic help for house upgrading.
      • /houseupgrade alarm [level, 1-6]
        • Description: Buys an alarm for your house. Some of alarms require money from cashbox. The better level - the more features the alarm has.
        • Note: To see the list of alarms available, use just /houseupgrade alarm
      • /houseupgrade buy [Item ID]
        • Description: Buys an item for hour house.
        • Note: You can see the item list in /houseupgrade buy
      • /houseupgrade lock [level, 1-3]
        • Description: Buys a lock for your place; the better lock you buy - the harder it'll be for the bad boys to break in.
      • /houseupgrade remove
        • Description: Removes an item from your house.
  • /lock
    • Description: Pretty simple, unlocks or locks your house.
    • Note: Works with vehicles as well.
  • /setrentable
    • Description: Sets the house as (un)rentable for other players.
      Note: You can set the rent price by using /setrent [amount $]
  • /tenants
    • Description: Displays a list of all the people who are renting at your place.
  • /evict [ID]
    • Description: Throws out a tenant out of your place. How rude.
    • Note: Use /evictall to evict all tenants from your place.
  • /houseitems
    • Description: Shows items which are in a house you don't own.
  • /bareswitch
    • Description: If your interior has a "bareswitch" option, it removes the furniture - you'll have only walls. Use this if you want to decorate your place from zero.
  • /furniture
    • Description: Displays a dialog with furniture options in your house.
  • /grantbuild [ID]
    • Description: Allows another player to buy/edit furniture in your house. This permission disappears after the other player reconnects.
    • Note: The player you're allowing to build has to fund the furniture by himself.
  • /allowedit
    • Description: This is for apartment complex owners, allows people renting their apartments to edit the furniture inside.

Business commands.
  • /bizinfo
    • Description: Shows information about your business and employees.
  • /buybiz
    • Description: If you're next to a business which is for sale, this command purchases it.
  • /sellbiz
    • Description: You can sell your business for a market price by using this command.
  • /bizbank
    • Description: Shows amount of the money in your business bank (you can get money to there for example by entrace fee)
  • /bizfee [0-1000]
    • Description: Sets an entrance fee for your business.
    • Note: You can set the price only in range from $0 to $1000
  • /hire [playerid]
    • Description: Hires an employee for your business - he'll be able to /lock it and so on.
  • /fire [employee ID]
    • Description: Fires an employee from your business.
  • /compprice
    • Description: Sets a price for how much are people able to sell you components during a mission.
  • /bizwithdraw [amount]
    • Description: Withdraws money from the business bank.

Fishing commands.
  • /gofishing [1 or 2]
    • Description: Starts a fishing mission, either 1(on a boat) or 2(on foot at pier).
  • /fish
    • Description: You can try your luck and catch a fish. You can either get a fish or nothing. There are multiple fishes (such as salmon, tuna, shark, ...). Each fish has some weight. You can only carry 1000lbs of fishes on you or 5000 if you're with a boat.
  • /myfish
    • Description: Shows how many pounds of fish meat do you have on you.
  • /unloadfish
    • Description: Used at fish store (you'll have to find the place in IC way). You'll get around $8-$15 for each fish.

Other commands.
  • /pay
    • Description: Money transaction between you and other player.
    • Syntax: /pay [ID / Part of Name] [amount]
    • Example: /pay Azami_Hashimoto 10000
    • Result: You just sent $10.000 to player named Azami_Hashimoto.
    • Note: You can include an emote after the amount (will result in "Your_Name {emote} Receiver_Name"
  • /buy
    • Description: Command used at various places, used to buy items. The most common example is 24/7, where you can buy various items via this command, such as a dice, OOC mask, radio, scratch card and so on. This can be also used in the Verona Mall - clothing / hardware stores. At every place where you can use this command, you will be told so.
  • /buy1
    • Description: If you're in 24/7, you can buy various items using this command - such as a baseball bat, cane or-.. a dildo (cigarette in LSRP modpack).
  • /stats
    • Description: This displays your detailed statistics.
    • Example:
      Spoiler: show
    • Contains:
      • Name in the header.
      • Faction - Displays your faction ID and Faction name. If you are not in any faction, the [ and ] brackets display empty.
      • Rank: Displays your rank in the faction you're in.
      • Job: Displays the name of your job. If you are not employed, there's simply just "Unemployed". If you have a scriptwise job which allows you to rank up (such as detective job or trucking job), the rank displays there.
      • Ph: Displays your phone number. You can get a custom phone number via UCP after you donate.
      • CarParts: Outdated.
      • Radio: Either yes or no. For radio documentation look into Radio Commands section. You can buy a radio in any 24/7 store (using the /buy command)
      • Melee: Displays the name of your melee weapon - I picked a Katana as demonstration. If you don't have any melee weapon, it just displays "None".
      • Primary weapon: Displays the name of your primary weapon. Primary weapon can be: MP5, UZI, AK-47, M4, Shotgun or Rifle. Other primary weapons do not save (such as a sniper rifle or RPG). Next to this is displayed the amount of bullets you have left. If you don't have any primary weapon, there's simply "None".
      • Secondary Weapon: Basically the same as the previous one, just the secondary weapon are: Desert Eagle, Colt 45 or Silenced Colt 45. You can NOT have two primary or two secondary weapons at once!
      • PlayerLevel: Simply displays your level. If you have enough experience, you can use /levelup to ... here it comes ... level up. Every following (consequent) level the amount of experience points increases by 4.
      • Experience: Each hour (payday, let's say), you gain one point of experience. When you acquire a certain amount, you can level up (see above). By every level, you need more and more experiences to reach the next level.
      • DonatorLevel: This displays if you're a donator or no - if yes, it displays if you're either Bronze User, Silver User or Gold User. You can buy a premium account on http://www.ls-rp.com - UCP.
      • SpawnHealth: This displays how many HP you have after you spawn. For more information about this, see the /upgrade documentation (should be in this topic as well).
      • Strength: For documentation see the /upgrade command. Anyways, this displays how much your strength is increased.
      • Hours On: Simply, how many hours you've been in game. You have to receive a payday (the "You were not online enough" message won't pop up if the hour counts).
      • Cash: Displays the amount of money you currently have on hand.
      • Bank: Displays the amount of money you currently have in the bank.
      • Savings: Displays the amount of money you currently have in savings.
      • PayCheck: Displays the amount of money you have in your paycheck. You can pick this paycheck up by going into one of the banks (one is located in Rodeo, the other at East Beach) and you just run through the $ pickup.
      • VehicleKey: ID, which SAMP assigned to the vehicle you currently have spawned.
      • DuplicateKey: ID, which the script assigned to the vehicle you have a duplicate key from.
      • WorkOn: If you're /hire'd in a business, the business name displays here.
      • SideJob: This contains your current side job. There's many side jobs available, such as Mechanic, Taxi Driver, Boxing Instructor, Impounder, etcetera.
  • /levelup
    • Description: Increases your Player Level by 1 if you have enough experience points (see /stats above).
    • Note: If you have more experiences than needed (e.g. 120/114), you will lose them. You can also have automatic level up by purchasing a premium account.
  • /upgrade
    • Description: By reaching a new level, you usually get 4 upgrade points. You can choose if you want to upgrade either your spawn health or your strength. If you upgrade your spawn health, you will spawn with, let's say, 110HP. For one upgrade point, you get your spawn HP increased by 5 points. Or, you can pick the strength and you will be more strong in script-wise fist fights - you can increase this by 1 for each upgrade point.
    • Note: Maximum Spawn Health is 150 and strength 10.
    • Tweak: By using a drug which lowers your spawn health by 1, you can upgrade while having your spawn health 149.0 and get 154.0!
  • /removecp
    • Description: Removes a checkpoint from your map and screen.
      Note: If you are around your house and checkpoint doesn't show up, this usually helps.
  • /updatemission
    • Description: If you have an active checkpoint and it doesn't show up on your radar, use this.
    • Note: For example during a trucker mission.
  • /coin
    • Description: Flips a coin. Basically it's a command which randomly generates either "Heads" or "Tails".
  • /dice
    • Description: Rolls a dice and generates a random number (1-6).
    • Note: You can buy a dice in any 24/7 store.
  • /ad
    • Description: Sends an advertisement (the [Advertisement] green thingy) to whole server. Fee is $1000.
    • Note: You have to wait 60 seconds before each advertisement (30 for silver+ donators). You have to be at the mall.
  • /cad
    • Description: Same as above, just doesn't post your name and number after your text. Be aware that this can only be used for business/company advertisements.
    • Note: Same as above.
  • /exitcar
    • Description: Throws you out of a vehicle. Useful if you're bugged and can't exit.
  • /eject [ID]
    • Description: Throws a person out of your vehicle.
    • Note: This doesn't replace the roleplay. You always have to roleplay getting the person out of your vehicle before actually /eject'ing.
  • /time
    • Description: Displays current IC time on your screen.
    • Note: This sends the annoying "Firstname Lastname checks the time." emote.
  • /servertime
    • Description: Less annoying /time. Shows current date and time, according to the server. This command is OOC.
  • /mask
    • Description: Applies an OOC mask on you. Hides your name for other players - they won't see the nametag above your head / your name in chat.
    • Note: You can buy an OOC mask in 24/7 shops. Silver+ donators have it for free. Do not go around and troll with OOC mask. Usage of OOC /mask in SACF is forbidden.
  • /pagesize [10-20]
    • Description: Sets the number of lines displayed in your chat.
    • Note: This is a SAMP command, not a LS-RP command.
  • /timestamp
    • Description: Displays a timestampin all chat lines. Time according to your PC.
    • Note: Same as above.
  • /licenses [ID]
    • Description: Shows your name, vehicle registration and your licenses to another player. (also referred to as an ID card).
    • Note: This displays: Name, Vehicle plate, Driving license, Weapon license, Flying license.
  • /fakelicenses [ID] [Name] (Currently doesn't work)
    • Description: Same as above, just shows all licenses marked as "Yes" with a name you choose.
    • Note: You have to get a fake license from a dealer. This license disappears every time you disconnect.
  • /collect
    • Description: Collecting fake licenses at their black market!
  • /licenseexam
    • Description: Starts a license test. You have to pass this to get your license - either Driving (DMV is located at Main Street, south of Ammu Nation) or Flying (located at Los Santos Airport).
    • Note: If you pass the test, you'll be charged either $5000(driving license) or $325.000(flying license). To get a weapon license, visit http://pd.lsgov.us/forum .
  • /eat
    • Description: Shows a menu to eat food in restaurants (Pizza Stack, Burger Shot, etc). This also decreases your hunger level.
    • Note: Use this when you notice that your HP is randomly decreasing (you're hungry).
  • /buydrink
    • Description: Buys a drink if you're in a bar/tobacco store.
  • /buyitem
    • Description: Allows you to buy various items, such as Tequilla bottle, cigarettes and so on.
  • /setstation
    • Description: XM radio menu. You can use this in a car/house where you have XM radio or next to a boombox. You can pick a station you want to play here.
    • Note: Boombox costs $10.000 (disappears after relog), car XM radio costs $25.000 and house XM costs $8000.
  • /ajail
    • Description: Admin jails a pl-.. wait, what is this doing here?
  • /buyclothes [Skin ID]
    • Description: Purchases a skin from a clothing store.
    • Note: You can only buy a skin which fits your character ( you can't buy a female skin while roleplaying a male). Also, it's scriptwisely restricted that you can not buy a law enforcement skin, firefighter skin and so on.
  • /placeclothes
    • Description: Once you have a drawer in your house and you bought new clothes via /buyclothes (see above), you can place it in your house using this command.
    • Note: You can only have one skin in the drawer at once.
  • /changeclothes
    • Description: changes your clothes to the skin you bought through /buyclothes and placed in the house via /placeclothes.
  • /clothing
    • Description: Allows you to place, adjust or drop the clothing you've previously bought (/buy) at mall (clothing store, hardware store, etcetera).
    • Note: Once you drop an item from here, you can not get it back.
  • /clothes
    • Description: If you're a member of certain factions (such as PD/SD/FD), you are allowed to use this command to change your skin to one of 16 skins listed here.
    • Note: Only available at faction spawn.
  • /uniform
    • Description: Changes your skin to default faction skin (uniform at PD, medic skin at FD, suit guy at SAN, etc).
  • /attributes
    • Description: Sets the attributes of your character (you can put anything there, height, weight, hair colour, whatever you want to say about your character).
    • Note: Other players can see this via /examine [ID].
  • /examine [ID]
    • Description: Displays attributes of a player.
  • /isafk [ID/PartOfName]
    • Description: Checks if player is alt-tabbed or ESCed. If yes, it shows for how many second he's been away.
    • Note: This works only if he's afk/tabbed, not if he's just idle.
  • /colorlist
    • Description: Displays the list of available colors for vehicles. (At pay and spray or dealerships).
  • /bbcodes
    • Description: Displays all BBcodes available (colours and new line). This can be used with the graffiti system or when choosing an object color (furniture system).
  • /graffiti
    • Description: Shows a menu with set-up of your graffiti.
    • Note: Only available for official gang members.
  • /tie [ID]
    • Description: Ties a player inside the vehicle and disallows him any movements.
    • Note: Can only be used by a member of official gang or mafia.
  • /blindfold [ID]
    • Description: Makes player's screen black, so he won't see where the vehicle is heading.
    • Note: This can only be used by an official family member (as above). The person you're trying to blindfold has to be tied up.
  • /fines
    • Description: Shows a Graphics Interface dialog with list of your unpaid citations (fines).
    • Note: Parameter ID is available for PD/SD/Administrators to view other players fines.
  • /vehiclefines
    • Description: Shows all unpaid fines of the vehicle you're in (if you own it).
    • Note: Parameter ID is available for PD/SD/Administrators to view other vehicles fines.
  • /re(port) [text]
    • Description: Sends a report to administrators who are currently in game (if you see a cheater/if you want to report a bug abuser/if you're in need of an admin hand in the situation).
    • Note: Always use this instead of PMing admins regarding administrating, also read the box which shows up while sending a /re in.
  • /admins
    • Description: Displays all in-game admins with their IDs and admin duty status.
    • Note: Do NOT PM admins with your requests, use /report (see above)
  • /helpme [text]
    • Description: Sends a message to online testers on duty.
    • Note: Use this with general questions regarding LSRP, such as help with commands, gamemode and generally.
  • /testers
    • Description: Displays all in-game testers with their IDs and tester duty status.
  • /buygun [weapon] [ammo]
    • Description: If you're a weapon license holder and are in ammu-nation, you can use this to purchase a weapon. You can use following parameters for 'weapon': colt, deagle, armour, parachute, shotgun, rifle. Katana and knife are not possible to buy in ammu-nation because of their illegality - buying them using this command is considered as powergame.
    • Note: The command in-game shows also another parameter - "add". This one is not even called in script though, so it's not working. (Thanks to krisk for checking this).
  • /rnumber [min] [max] [action]
    • Description: Generates a random number in given range and with given action/emote.
    • Example: /rnumber 1 10 shows a card with number:
    • Result: * Tyrell Parker shows a card with number: 6 (( 1 to 10 )), where 6 is a randomly generated number from the range specified.
    • Note: This can be used for improvised games (bowling, poker, blackjack, etc)
  • /onduty
    • Description: Displays the amount of cops (both PD and SD together), medics, prison guards and taxis on duty.
  • /anim
    • Description: List of all animations
  • /stopanim
    • Terminates your current animation.

Job commands.
  • /myjob
    • Description: Displays your current job and side job, also the amount of hours you've had this job.
  • /jobhelp
    • Description: Displays the list of all commands available for your job.
  • Trucking job
    • /truckerjob
      • Description: Once you're at the job point (Vinewood Sex Shop) - you can receive the job using this command.
    • /truckermission
      • Description: Once you're in a truck, use this to start your trucking mission. What to do during this mission will be displayed on your screen.
    • /dropoff
      • Description: Once you don't want to load more items anymore or you want to finish your mission sooner, use this command and deliver the components you already loaded.
    • /leavemission
      • Description: Ends the trucking mission.
      • Note: If you're in a public (static) truck, it respawns.
      • Note #2: If you have any loaded components and leave the mission, you will be fined for doing so.
  • (Weapon) Dealer Job
    • /dealerjob
      • Description: Command to receive your job, only possible at blackmarkets.
    • /sellpackage (/sp) [playerid] [slot]
      • Description: Sells a package from a specific slot (see /mypackage) to a specific player ID.
      • Note: These packages are not finalized, for finalized weapons see the command below.
    • /sellweapon (/sw) [playerid] [slot]
      • Description: Finalizes a weapon and gives it to a specific player.
      • Note: Only melee weapons and handguns can be finalized without being at a black market.
    • Sidenote: You might want to scroll up and see commands such as /paw or /taw.
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Re: [Guide] Commands

Post by Mmartin » Wed Oct 03, 2012 9:14 pm

Todo list:
  • /cheque
  • /casino
  • /bar
  • /poker
  • The rest of remaining jobs.
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Re: [Guide] Commands

Post by Conspiracy » Wed Oct 03, 2012 9:22 pm

Best guide I have ever seen on this forum. Good job, Mmartin.

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Re: [Guide] Commands

Post by Cornett » Wed Oct 03, 2012 9:24 pm


Very nicely done, should be sticky'd.

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Re: [Guide] Commands

Post by chrishan » Wed Oct 03, 2012 9:33 pm

Well done, freak. :lol:
A lot of effort right here. =)
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Re: [Guide] Commands

Post by Ferdinand » Wed Oct 03, 2012 9:41 pm

Now when newbies ask how to do this or how to do that or what that command does... we can all just give them the link to this and throw them to the curb.

On a serious note however, this obviously took a lot of time and effort and should help veterans aswell as rookies. Great guide, much appreciated. Imma bookmark this either way but Martin does deserve a sticky heh.

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Re: [Guide] Commands

Post by Semper » Wed Oct 03, 2012 11:27 pm

Woah Mmartin, I appreciate your effort in this, will help with checking what command does :)

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Re: [Guide] Commands

Post by Mmartin » Thu Oct 04, 2012 3:42 pm

Added /rlow (thank you Robby-T) and /kickoffradio (thank you Michael).

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Re: [Guide] Commands

Post by Varsatorul » Thu Oct 04, 2012 4:09 pm

This is a great guide, thank you for putting so much effort into it and organizing it in an easy to read and understand

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Re: [Guide] Commands

Post by Fibs » Fri Oct 05, 2012 6:32 pm

Brilliant guide, thank you for it Mmartin!

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Re: [Guide] Commands

Post by Bacardi » Sun Oct 07, 2012 3:57 pm

Wow.. what a effort man! Should be appreciated.

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Re: [Guide] Commands

Post by Mmartin » Sun Oct 07, 2012 4:18 pm

  • /isafk
  • /bareswitch
  • /furniture
  • /grantbuild
  • /allowedit

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Re: [Guide] Commands

Post by Silence. » Sun Oct 07, 2012 4:25 pm

A great guide, well written and alot of effort was put into this, well done Mmartin.

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Re: [Guide] Commands

Post by Mmartin » Mon Oct 08, 2012 4:04 pm

  • /colorlist (Thank you Ferdinand)
  • /bbcodes (Thank you Ferdinand)
  • /tie
  • /blindfold
  • /myjob
  • /jobhelp
  • /truckerjob; /truckermission; /dropoff; /leavemission

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Re: [Guide] Commands

Post by Tommy_Vico » Mon Oct 08, 2012 4:39 pm


I had no idea the radio had a /kickoffradio command. RTA's public radiochannel could use that command sometimes.
/t I didn't know about until last month either. Forgot all about the /loudspeaker. Great job.

Will you make a section with all the /anim commands as well? Those are the only commands I can't spot in the list:)

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