Vincent "Debts" Orsatti

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Vincent "Debts" Orsatti

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Vincenzo Orsatti (b. 09/APR/1990 - )

The Orsatti family roots on the Northern American continent date back to his grand-grandfather, Gianmarco Altobelli, born in 1902. He is credited to be the second of his family to set foot in the United States of America, aged twelve. He was coming from a poverty-stricken family in Pavia, South-Western Lombardy, Italy, who decided they can no longer afford their three children.

One rainy night, against his will, Gianmarco and his siblings, brother Alessandro and sister Ginevra, were smuggled together with their cousin, Luigi and uncle Vittorio aboard a boat headed to the US. The hard decision came after long deliberations among their parents and they decided the future lies on alien continents where Vittorio would be able to provide a path for the four children. The trip was difficult and Gianmarco was the only child to make it alive after famine and sickness hit the crew.

Once they landed in New York in 1914, Vittorio began working on the Interborough Rapid Transit Company (IRT), responsible for creating the first subway network in Manhattan back in 1904. Vittorio and Gianmarco were among the four million, or more, immigrants from Italy. Having declared his intentions to become an american citizen and taken out his "first papers", Vittorio was drafted in 1917 in the US Army as it had entered the fray of The Great War, World War One. Gianmarco, aged fifteen, was left on his own in East Harlem, where Vittorio managed to secure an extremely modest apartment, shared with two other families. Vittorio never came back from the war... By 1930, Little Italy already reached its peak of over a hundred thousand Italian immigrants, spawning a new wave of crime which Gianmarco tried to steer clear of, with some exceptions. In 1932, aged thirty, Gianmarco is found dead, stabbed, on an alley in the Italian Harlem. He was a fresh father of a beautiful girl, but troubles in finding work and the unpaid rent which kept adding up forced Gianmarco to loan money from a mobster. Eventually he was lynched, failing to pay up. His daughter, Carlotta, would end up marrying a barber shop owner sometime in 1950, taking the name Orsatti.

Fast-forward to 1952 and we see Vincent's father's birth. His name was Matthew Orsatti. Not much can be said about him. At age eighteen, he moved from New York to Los Santos and began working at the Ocean Docks coal factory. He would often be seen smoking on the furnace tower platforms, overlooking the oncoming and ongoing ships at the Port of East Beach. He loved being at sea and wished he was working on such a cargo boat like the ones witnessed in the Port. He was often doing trips back to the home country, being the first since Gianmarco to set foot back in Pavia, or even Italy. He went back in touch with the old family which now consisted of a few intertwined families on the outskirts of the town south of Milan. On such a trip, he had met Lucrezia. They fell in love and eventually she moved with him to Los Santos. By 1992 when Vincent was born, Matthew's health was badly deteriorated by the harsh working conditions. The money was decent enough so tomorrow was rarely a very rainy day and the family was living in an apartment in Verona just outside the tunnel to the airport.

Vincenzo - Early days
Having grown up in a blue collar family, Vincent enjoyed only a modest childhood with medium education. His mother was working at a textile factory just south from the Rodeo expensive shops. Obviously, the owners liked forking money at the expense of underpaid workers, Lucrezia even more, as she was an immigrant.

Vincenzo, as he was always referred to by his mother, finished high-school, but never went to a university. His father was spending time with him every day, always pointing out flaws in his behavior. One such issue was that he was hot-blooded. Vincent grew up among hard-working parents so he was always eager to help them out or make his own money. He was taught to always work hard, where Matthew always reminded him how they built America, and be polite as that would get him far, or so they hoped. His mother was an excellent cook and Vinnie was often seen in the kitchen along her, although mostly being in the way, rather than being helpful. On one occasion he told Lucrezia: "Mamma, no one cooks better than you. One day I want to have my own restaurant and you can cook for everyone". The eight year-old was patted on his head and smiled to. His childhood mornings were not always spent doing nothing, Vincent was biking through the neighborhood and helping people mow their lawns by the Marina Canal. Even that little payment made him value money and appreciate hard work.

During high-school, Vincent met Francis Rambaudi, a troublesome teen from the 54th Street. Frankie was always looking to make money and trouble would follow each time. Studying was not exactly his specialty and coming from a family poorer than Vinnie's, he was obsessed with "making it". He'd always receive bad grades and mocked Vincent for being fair and actually studying, even if his grades were just passing. The two were inseparable and Vincent would often receive punishments for aiding Frankie in his mischiefs. One such time was when Frankie picked the lock to the office where his grades were stored while Vincent was overlooking his six. They both got caught and Frankie was expelled, never finishing high-school.

Aged sixteen, halfway through high-school, Vincent would still be seen with Francis who was now working the sunbed rentals on Santa Maria Beach. Every day after school, Vincent would drop by and get his head done in by Frankie's ambitions of becoming someone. He'd always daydream on the job and show Vincent the wiseguys reading newspapers and sipping coffee outside the Gelato Splatto. One incident which made both of them shake their heads was the beating of a guy who insulted a possibly made man, Gino Giordano. The guy was taken to the alley and smacked, being left without a few teeth in the dumpster. Even Vincent, who wasn't working at the sunbeds thing, began pretending he works there just to avoid mean looks after seemingly witnessing the scene. Frankie, on the other hand, was extatic. He whispered: "One day I'll be respected like that. You talk shit, you get hit, Vinnie. Remember that. Respect goes a long way and there's no room for fuck ups." Vincent mumbled something along the lines of forget about it and left.

The second day, he met Frankie again and Frankie was eager to show Vincent some big score he thought he stumbled upon. One of the wiseguys decided to spend a day on the beach and paid Francis with a golden ring. Francis, awed, took the ring and thought he finally hit the jackpot. Vincent was skeptical, calling the thing a fugazi. "You really think he'd pay you with an authentic golden ring which he could very well sell himself and afford your shit sunbeds, Frankie?" "Vinnie, fuck you, alright? In fact, since you're such an asshole, you'll do the selling for me. Come on, I'll even give you a cut". Frankie was delusional, hoping the guy would spend more time there and his connection with the wiseguy would evolve into something. He even started employing their jargon in his discussions with Vincent as he began spending his after hours time sipping cheap coffee from a vendomat and sitting at the farthest table of the Gelato, only to pretend he bought it from there. Vincent actually took the ring from Frankie and decided to stop by a pawn shop on the way home. Ten minutes later, Vincenzo came out with $300 and a still skeptical figure upon his face. He took the money to Francis. "VINCENT ORSATTI YOU CRAZY BASTARD, you actually sold it, for thee fucking Benjamins, and you even doubted me." "Yea', Frankie Rings... don't let it get to your head now." He shook his head and took a $50 cut which he almost regretted. In his opinion he should have told Francis that it was fake, a fugazi, and just toss it in the sewer, hoping it would calm Frank down. Later that night, he was restless. He began thinking that maybe there's actually some money to be made from such schemes. Selling fake jewellery for the right amount of money to avoid the people visiting a jeweller for a check, hoping to have hit a bargain exactly the same way Frankie did. Surely it was better than doing nothing or mowing lawns like when he was a kid.

Vincent Orsatti - Low earner
Sometime in 2013, Matthew Orsatti died, aged 61, due to lung complications from his life spent at the coal factory. The family was devastated. Lucrezia was just retiring on a dishonestly low Defined Retirement Plan, simply pension. By now, Vincent was working as an independent contractor, delivering goods here and there throughout the city. It was simply not enough. Even with the money he was making on the side from the idea he had five years ago on that restless night. He began importing fake chains and rings from outside the country and selling them while on his delivery trips. After his father's death, Vincent was contacted by a lawyer who informed him that he had inherited $30,000 from his old man. Matthew was saving money for Vincent as he thought he wouldn't last long in the improper conditions at the coal factory and would not want his son and wife to struggle. Vincent used the money to get a loan on a truck head and began traversing the state for more lucrative contracts. He'd often transport bricks to construction sites or wood or drinks. He was restless. It was the first time he had a half decent job and he was obsessed with closing the loan and being free.

He kept in touch with Rambaudi, who was now living in New York, having moved few years back and actually stuck to his dream of becoming someone. He was just starting his own operation called Splendente Dry Cleaning, a front for covering cocaine trafficking. In their Los Santos meetings, as Frankie was often coming to his home town, he told Vincent he had been working as a bouncer for a club owner and was now working on his own gig, doing business with the club proprietor, an associate of the Gambino crime family, the same group that, unbeknownst to Vincent, murdered his grand-grandfather back in the mid 1900s for the unpaid loan. Frankie was just his usual self, sticking to wiseguys hoping he'd someday be one... Vincent, tired of his childhood friend's bullshit, would often keep the meetings short, but he enjoyed keeping the friendship alive, for the sake of old times. Besides, who knows when such a friend can come helping when needed.

Four years have passed and Vincent was finally happy to pay up the last installment of his loan, two years earlier than anticipated. The last years have left a mark on him, making him look older than he is. All that excessive work, stress and bad sleep made him look older than his real age. Not only had he paid his loan earlier, but he also managed to put aside roughly $135,000. He never spent money on useless things, being brought up in a poor family, he'd rather save for the rainy days.

The transportation profits slowly began crumbling, as businesses would rather work with companies, rather than independent contractors so Vincent had to re-think his career. As such, he visited the Port of East Beach behind the wheel of his 90s busted sedan.

Upon arriving at the Port of East Beach, he was glaring amazed at the buzzing crowds of workers, groups of them loading merchandise in the warehouses, other groups unloading from trucks. Another team was coordinating with the crew of the approaching ship. A loud horn hailed the mooring of the MV Barzan. It was nine thirty AM and it sent flocks of seagulls screeching away from the ship. The black Primo pulled up and Vincent was distracted by the lively port as he made his way about. He bumped shoulders with Marko Bozanic, one of the foremen. Marko turned around with a red face and Vincent had to back off a bit and justify his presence. Bozanic was more interested in why Orsatti was not wearing his "damn PPE". After clearing the confusion, Vincent was now in the yard office explaining to Marko about his interest to join the company, whichever it was. After a brief introduction to his responsibilities, discussing salary and signing papers, Vincent came out of the office as a unionized worker of the C&L Logistics under the International Brotherhood of Longshoremen, Local 1218. The night was festive, with Vincent celebrating his new job with his mother in the Verona apartment. This time he was the cook, but Lucrezia made sure that her distaste of Vincent's failed carbonara was masked well. After all, she was still proud of him.

Vincent Orsatti - Between Union and shy opportunity
The following months towards half a year, Vincent was already familiar with the guys and every operation he was part of was lauded. His fairness, team work and effectiveness granted him a good position in the eyes of the management. He'd often be seen doing deliveries or reporting to Charles Bertucci, union representative at the time, a fellow Italian-American, proud one as well. Vincent's suggestions and implication were appreciated and at one point he caught the eye of two intriguing personalities around the POEB, Lucas Pagano and Arnold Brigone, recording secretary and secretary treasurer, respectively.

One day, when Vincent was just parking up in the employee parking area, which he personally suggested and was clapped for, he was hailed over the walkie-talkie by Pagano himself. He was to report over to the warehouse where Lucas and Arnold were just investigating a cargo theft from their own yard. We have to understand that Vincent was no saint and had smuggled various illicit goods from the Chinese mainland by now on a few occasions (mainly fake or low quality chains and watches, sold during deliveries on duty for the C&L - old habits die hard), never caught, but never stealing from his own company either. Nevertheless, his blood froze and almost caved in when he felt the serious discussion and tension between Pagano and Brigone which almost led to Orsatti being pointed out as the culprit. Or so he felt. They went together to the yard shack where Vincent was hired back in the day. It's safe to say that the whole thing went 180* and Vincent was praised for the care he showed to the people in the yard, his good work and management. As it all sounded like standard corporate stuff, Vincent was largely unfazed, albeit glad any aggravating theft charges never materialized in concrete accusations. He was genuinely thankful for the compliments, as they were true, but still, he did not expect what was to come as he thought it's just typical appraisal. As of now, Vincent had no idea who both of them were, other than thinking they were some big names in the union. Lucas' lips began moving again. "I am working on a retirement plan, and you're gonna help me. Arn, what would you say if Vinnie here takes care of the car wash out in the East?" Wait, what.

The trio drove down to the 54th Street aboard Brigone's Escalade in which Arnold made sure to accelerate upon Vincent's embarking so his head would meet the door frame. Moving forward after the practical joke, the high ranking IBL duo presented Vincent with a rundown and abandoned car wash in East Los Santos. Soon to be brought to his knowledge, the place was called Autoshine. Out of a sudden, our Vincent is finding himself in the position of manager of a business, even if it were just a pile of dirt. It was his. He was running it for Arn and Pagano. It meant something, which at the moment wasn't necessarily obvious. To Vincent it just felt weird how the two approached him and handled the situation. The two, or at least Brigone, felt a little dark and had a mysterious aura upon. It was accentuated by the tight clench on his shoulder performed by Brigone at the site: "You'll make this valuable, we wouldn't like it to fail. Is that clear? Come on, we know you'll do fine", after which Vincent just smirked and could almost feel cold sweat dripping down his back under the shirt. Out of a sudden he's managing some nothing for who knows who and he's supposed to do a good job with virtually no support. "That shoulder grab was a bit tight, for some reason I'd better not risk it evolving into who knows what act of violence and get me in who knows what state of health", ran through Orsatti's mind at the moment. He accepted the challenge, having no plan for a possible rejection of offer.

After a quick shakedown on the IRS theory, Vincent was off to the licensing office and the following day, the Autoshine was officialy a registered brand in Los Santos. It had a modest opening in the following days and Vincent overruled the pricing catalogue initially drafted by Pagano. The lower number of cars combined with the higher prices per service provided Vincent's new boss with roughly ten large per opening. Once Vincent had secured a rather stable work force, unskilled, but committed, the business was generating solid revenue during its three weekly openings.

Obviously all this money has to go somewhere, right, gentlemen? As a consequence, Vincent was asked by Pagano to present himself every week at the Culaccino, the highest regarded Italian restaurant in the town, situated on the side of the Verona Mall. Upon the location, Vincent was granted access to the premises using a staff key and the safe combination was also bestowed to him. For a fucking no-one, as most would assume, Vincent was revelling in a rather serious degree of trust, a trust he'd better not tarnish. Let us be clear, by this time Orsatti was not regarded as anything in the so called mob. Everything was hinting at such a group, provided by the patrons that Pagano and Brigone would surround themselves with, one shadier than the other, although decent looking guys all in all. To Vincent, it was a rather commonly known fact that a labor union is most likely backed or extorted by influencial people, be it the so called mafia or just people with selfish interests. He would accept that thought and waft it like cigar smoke. As long as the money is flowing and the boss is happy, well, you get the picture. Weekly deposits would aso be handled by Arnold as well.

During every opening, Charles, or Chuck - how he made himself known to the Port of East Beach and other business partners, Bertucci would drop by and always ensured that Vincent had everything needed, logistics-wise. The car wash would be included in the delivery routes of the Port and all that kind of bells and whistles. Everything to please Arn and Luke. This was a good opportunity for the two to get to know each others better, eventually Vincent ending up looking at the guy the same way he'd see Francis back in the day, almost like a brother, or at least a good friend in general. They would often be seen in various venues like restaurants or clubs, devising plans to make the Autoshine work better or even get involved in completely other pies.

Time was passing and Vincent's contribution in the yard, as the general public taxonomy would classify the Ocean Docks ship docking area, was noted by the management, most commonly represented and voiced by the President and Vice themselves, Lanagan and MacFayden. The contribution was rewarded with a position as a Union representative as Chuck would have climbed the ladder to foreman, or union organizer. As such, Vinnie became the best friend of everyone, a position both envied and hated. Generally that position was just a usual port worker with perks. Such a perk would be that employees would present their concerns, suggestions and other questions to Vincent. He would then be allowed to partake in board meetings where the best and most realistic subjects would be brought up and debated, all for the betterment of the Port of East Beach.

The car wash was running great, Vincent was slowly diversifying his use. One such use was being a part time waiter at the Culaccino itself. It was a decent opening, with Vincent strolling down from his apartment and walking to the place all suited up in a cheap, but to the full effect attire. After the opening, Vincent would have found himself back in street clothes and sitting with Pagano himself at the table. Lucas was always an unmannered eater in Vince's presence. For this reason, Orsatti sometimes failed to understand why a man of Pagano's statute would allow himself to be seen acting as such. Obviously, Vincent never brought that up as it may have happened only in his presence and simply ignored it and tried to keep it straight to business. He'd respect a man who had worked his way hard to the top without having to go through all the etiquette classes and without all the bullshit expected from a rich man. In the end, money speaks louder than a moutfhul of loud eaten spaghetti. Nevertheless, the discussion had ice running down the spine of Vincent the same way it did when he was first taken to the car wash. The incredible amount to detail showcased by Pagano in the scrutiny of how the score was being operated almost baffled Orsatti. Obviously he'd have saved every receipt and feared to hide any unreported gains, but even so, for a good old dump, the place sure was dilligently watched upon. A retirement plan gotta be worth its salt. Lucas literally broke down the whole profit into overheads and incomes, albeit blaming Vince for running at a loss, although as expected from a "startup" like Lucas himself stated. It was a good lesson for Vincent, one which would eventually shape him as an aspiring entrepreneur. Hell, what are we talking about here, he'd earn all his way through (mostly) honest port work and part time management of a wash. Even so, his eyes would glister at the prospect of making it, eventually running his own things and eventually opening his dream restaurant. He began resembling Rambaudi, who now he'd understand better. Yea', what even happened to that guy since last time we mentioned him? Probably selling some rings for a handful of hundred bills. Anyway.

Despite the car wash being located in the East Side among some ghettos, the place felt mostly safe. Mostly. On one occasion, Vincent was discussing with a potential worker when two obviously up to no good guys started scoping the place from a truck. Vincent, shrewd, would keep an eye on the truck as it kept coming and going. The candidate also took note on the suspicious crew and all that qualm got dispersed when the two attempted a ram robbery. Vincent and the new guy, Yves, were sent rolling into the wall of the car wash, with Vincent reaching out, dazed, to his gun. At the same, one of the guys descended with a firearm while the driver came over to Vincent, who, in turn, tried to keep the gun he was holding out of sight. It's safe to assume that a shitstorm went down with Vincent grabbing the driver as a human shield and attempted to convince his buddy to drop the whole scene. It was a stalemate for several minutes which felt like hours until Yves, at the risk of getting the bullet, shouted. The police was already sniffing the scene and getting prepared behind the curtain. It turned out into a shootout with Yves getting one or two gunshot wounds during the firefight between the robbers and the responding LEO. Having been considered one of Yves' robbers, Vincent spent the night with detective Itzhak of the LSPD justifying his licensed firearm use and his side of story. Having no implication in any robbery, or even firing a single bullet, Vincent was released with no further charges after Yves testified truthfully for him.

Another intriguing incident at the Autoshine happened during the day with Arnold Brigone in the center of the attention. Orsatti was preparing some consumables for the opening planned on that evening when he heard a SUV pulling up in the tunnel. He got outside of the office into which he was depositing the supplies and found himself in the presence of Brigone himself. The man was almost crying. Arnold just requested an interior and exterior cleaning of his Escalade and went off to smoke in the alley. In his attempt to avoid making Brigone feel worse, Orsatti just nodded and began soaping the car frame. The exterior was dilligently scrubbed. Up to that point, we can imagine the jazz music playing in the background with Vincent slowly doing his job. The jaz music proverbially stopped when the trunk got opened and Orsatti almost puked at the sight of a blood pool. Vince just did what he had to do and pulled himself together to finish the cleaning. It even looked like a bright day up to that point. Arn even found a guy to run the Autoshine with Orsatti and help him out with everything he needed. His name was Benny Scarpone, in fact he left the Shine just a couple of hours before the bloody scene. It was the only time Vincent had seen the guy. Probably the last time anyone ever saw him anyway.

Up until the point when Luke got shot in his own restaurant and forced out of commision for an unknown time for recovery, Vincent became an errand boy for Pagano. He'd often be called to the Culaccino to help manage openings or report in on the Autoshine. On some occassions he was introduced at the Culaccino to individuals like Joe Simonetti, a club owner on Star Street, whose club was even on the famous McGinty's Food & co delivery list. Other times he'd take a hike, or simply had to fuck off, while Lucas would myseriously chat up, after a short drive, to figures such as John Amalfitano, known as Johnny among his circle. In fact, another lesson enforced by Pagano was learned by Vincent when taking the trip to Amalfitano's apartment. While sitting outside the building where John was supposed to show up for a meetup, Lucas casually makes remarks on Amalfitano's reason for being late, as he was probably screwing his girlfriend. When asked if he had any significant other, Vincent would say that he simply had no time as he had two jobs. The man was simply working around the clock, never resting. Lucas then proceeds to question Vincent on what he spends his money on in that case, upon which Orsatti replies that he simply saves. A short "Wise" reply came and then quietness. Johnny shows up and the trio departs in the same shitty sedan Vincent was still using. Other notable characters that Vincent had seen Pagano in the company of is the Mustang, Michael Dippolito. All these people were vastly unknown to him, but nonetheless, Vincent was appreciating the whole "silent introduction" thing that Lucas had going on, even if it meant just getting looked at while sitting in the car. A car which, by the way, had to be changed after Pagano's suggestion. Vincent gave it a thought and after the discussion about saving money, he decided to begin investing it in stocks. He put some cash aside for a newer car, one Cadillac CTS from 2017, and the rest of the money were taken to a consulting firm which handled portfolios. Having zero knowledge in the field, Orsatti relied on them to manage his passive income, hoping the compound interest from reinvesting stocks would amount to something by the time he's around fifty. Having a businessman role model, Vincent would also want to deliver.

Pagano would often scold Orsatti for this excessive appreciation, reminding him there's no charity and that Vincent should stop considering that Luke owes him or anything when he did not. Vincent would sometimes be called a good earner and on one occasion, he had met up with Lucas inside a sandwich shop over at the Marina Canal where the two discussed about the car wash. Another lesson taught by Pagano would come to light. Often, Lucas would laud Vincent for his good work on the car wash, reminding him to always "know his worth". This was reminded again at the sandwich shop and then Lucas let Vince know that when operations like this happen, the people involved take a cut for their contribution. As such, Vincent was asked by Pagano to spit out a percentage (always in percentages, never in flat rate) that he considered fair for his management of the Autoshine. Hesitating a bit, Orsatti mumbles, twenty percent, initially refusing to take a cut out of respect. At which Pagano shakes his head, takes a break and then scolds Orsatti. "Look, whenever you want twenty, don't start at twenty". Being that almost fatherly, teaching figure in Vincent's life, everything that Pagano did was almost resembling a training, a preparation for Vincent. He's seen with Lucas on various occasions and therefore he must be taught how to represent Lucas in front of people. An untrained guy would just make the big man look bad. Suppose Pagano was mostly investing in Vincent because in the end he was investing in himself, hoping one day it would come to fruition with a better prepared Orsatti. The negotiation crash course in the sandwich shop was done. Lucas held Vincent to some degree of regard and twenty percent was reasonable and not disputed further by the capo.

Vincent Orsatti - Debts and other shenanigans
Having kept up the good work around the yard and now with his employer, Marko Bozanic, retiring, Vincent had been appointed as union organizer. He'd be able to freely handle employments, dismissals and coordinate the activities at a larger scale, including orchestrating convoys. Many of those have been carried out together with Charles Bertucci, raking in a little bit of profit for the IBL.

After a longer while of keeping the Autoshine afloat, Vincent had been called at the Culaccino for a meal. While feasting with Pagano, Luke would start mentioning something along the lines of "You did a good job, we'll have you looked after, it won't stay like this". Arnold would also had been required to attend, but instead he had to settle some of his own emergencies. Later that night, the restaurant had a profitable opening, bringing in just shy of two hundred thousand dollars. Impressed by his staff and stating he made that much without even moving a finger, Lucas tipped off Vincent and his manager, Zamorra, more money Vinnie would dream to make in an entire week at the car wash. He was told to "buy something nice". True to his usual self, Orsatti gifted his mother a shining necklace worth five large and "simply saved" the other thirty five thousand. Considering all of his assets were now invested and recirculated in stocks, he was short on cash and thirty five grand could come in handy. And soon they would...

The following night saw an ad-hoc opening at the Culaccino. It was probably a cocktail night, Vincent wouldn't remember. In any case, it was the scene of a terrible incident. Lucas Pagano had been the target of an assassination, taken to action by a mexican teenager, foiled by an off-duty detective. Nevertheless, before being put down, the mexican kid managed to shred Pagano's arms, with Charles Bertucci nearby also getting a brunt of the shotgun pellets. Both were taken to the hospital with Charles being let out the same night. Lucas had to be put into intensive care with a more serious condition.

Several days after the incident, Luke had been released and would be resting at his house. Vincent was called upon for a quick task. Vinnie could almost feel upon himself what damage Lucas was going through, with barely breathing, barely moving, barely existing. Since he had so much respect and consideration of the man, Vincent could almost feel his wounds. His hot temperament re-emerged, stating to Pagano the responsibles got to be gone after and, you know. Ideally this subject is called doing what had to be done, but Vincent just muttered "kill them". Lucas just frowned and ignored. Instead, he sent Vincent to the Culaccino to get a copy of the CCTV recordings and bring them back to him. The same evening, Pagano would have several copies with close up shots of the kid who shot him. What happened with that is largely unknown, with Vincent never been contacted about it any time soon. In fact, it was the last time Vince saw Lucas. News of him getting better then worse and so on would circulate the streets in the following period, but no public appearance had been made.

Roughly two weeks after the incident, the situation of the Autoshine worsened. One guy operating a garage and car parts shop across the street from the Autoshine, Eddie Benito, with whom Vincent was doing business, was jumped by the so-called East Crew, a rival italian crew operating in East Los Santos. He was supposed to pay up, a protection tax, for performing business on "their turf". The exact details are shady, it's only to be noted that this whole extortion led to the parts shop being burned down and then it had to be rebuilt (only to be closed again not far off). At the time, Vincent was on a paid annual leave from work, busy with a sick aunt, his mother's sister back in Pavia. Vincent had been absent for two weeks to take his mother so she could tend to her ill sister and left here there for the time being. Upon his return, he was warned by Eddie "Cars", how he'd be referred to in friendly manner by both Vince and Chuck, about the so called crew and their attempt, but got told that it's being handled and should be fine now. Going "upstairs" far enough, the responsible man for the whole score would be Bill Dippolitto, although it was probably never regarded in that way, Benito being the puppet master. Basically he was for Bill what Vinnie was for Pagano, that retirement plan. Anyway, the car wash was free to operate, in theory, no italians ever attempting anything on Vince before the Benito thing or until he closed the car wash. Yes, the car wash eventually got closed down to avoid such further problems and it turned out to be a wise decision. In an attempt to settle the matter with the East Crew, the Mustang himself was sent to negotiate the operation of his crew in the east, accepting to pay the extortion out of respect and to keep things peaceful. The negotiation had a bad turning point, with the leader of the crew feeling insulted by a random joke of the Mustang with the latter being beaten down after his money was accepted. From that point on, the East would be a forbidden territory for anyone but the East Crew.

Inbetween the moment the car wash was temporarily shut down for its own safety and the Mustang incident, Vincent had to make up for the loss of revenue. After all, judging by how the things looked, you don't simply tell your boss "Hey Luke", or "Hey Arnold" "You know your car wash in the East? Well, this week I have no money for you, sucks, right?" Working at the POEB, Vincent would know a great deal of quiet spots where a body would either never be found with concrete feet or simply get dragged by the currents and never be found again. He'd naturally avoid that. The solution? Frankie Rambaudi, our friend with the rings. Vincent called his old friend and negotiated extending the Splendente Dry Cleaning into Los Santos. Remember those thirty five thousand gifted by Lucas after that successful night? Well, fifteen thousand was the flat fee that Francis thought would suffice for him to license his business in Los Santos and have his name on the legal papers while Orsatti would handle the actual business, including the cocaine trafficking. From time to time, Francis would buy some of the "clothes" and further ship them back to the original Splendente in the Big Apple and further be sold to impress his Gambino bosses. Everything was laundered via the dry cleaning in both states. With five thousand more, Vincent would acquire special dry cleaning machines. The operation itself was taking place at a place simply called as the plant, an undisclosed location. To purchase the property, Vincent had to reinvest part of the pile of money from the Autoshine which stood uncollected for a long time. After operating legally for a while, it put the money back in the suitcase that Vincent was supposed to deliver to Arnold now, Pagano's second in command and Vincent's direct point of contact in the underworld. For a period, the Splendente was not involved in its intended purpose, cocaine. The only registered employee would be an immigrant girl from the Pavian home land, a girl Lucia Santi, a somewhat distant relative.

With Vincent hopping about town, seeking to establish connections with businesses, the Splendente was slowly picking up, but it wasn't something spectacular, as the name would imply. It was just doing its job discreetly, producing a little lower than the old Autoshine. Still, it was proving to be a decent gig, allowing Vinnie to add some more currency ontop of the already existing pile he had set aside for Arnold. Whilst Luke was out recovering, Arnold would sometimes meet with Vincent and checkin with his progress.

Running the dry cleaning for some months allowed Vincent to put together some money, although his decision was not to add them directly in his stocks investments. One day, Vincent would get to hear about a restaurant being sold, Marenda's. It was located on the Mulholland Drive. Having read this while reading the newspaper in the Port of East Beach cantina during a break, he decided to dial the number purely out of curiosity as it was posted up in the advert. While dialing, upon filling in the last digits, it came out that it was the number belonging to Marko Bozanic, the previous foreman. Vincent couldn't believe it at first, but then remembered hearing the guy in the lot a long time ago speaking of becoming an owner of such an establishment during a smoke break with the boys. The two spoke for a while, even though at first Vincent thought it will be out of his league, he then began changing his mind and would seek to find a way to obtain funding. Since Marko would need it gone quick, he settled down to two point four million. Still, Vincent was so far off the sum even with the collection suitcase, the dry cleaning and his stocks wallet. It was an offer to good to be missed and as we know, there are many meanings to "forget about it". Sometimes it may mean showing agreeance, sometimes awe or appreciation, with sometimes even showing distaste or insult. In this case it was the usual meaning of forget about it. "Hey Vinnie, if you don't get a loan soon..." "What, forget about it?" "Fuckin' forget about it..." ran through his mind. Eventually he would collaborate with a bank. He'd mortgage the restaurant itself and the new place he had moved in after selling his old family apartment in Verona. It was an expensive purchase, mostly because Vincent just followed his dream. He'd accept that for a rather long time, the restaurant would only get to pay itself, with minimum profit, but it was his. The loan would span ten years and require twenty thousand dollar instalments monthly. The place became known as Ristorante Mamma, or Risto.

Vincent Orsatti - The underworld
While the restaurant had some decent openings, paying itself out as predicted, it started attracting all kinds of personalities, such as those who used to make Vincent think twice when seeing them at the Culaccino back in the day. This time it was a bit different. Both Orsatti and Bertucci had some peculiar and sometimes profitable incursions with such characters so they were no longer strangers to, let's just call it, dirty business. Knowing the ins and outs of the Port of East Beach, the two would often get involved into smuggling of various goods.

With Brigone becoming more visible throghout Los Santos once again, he met with Vince and Chuck one night at the docks. The most notable highlight of the discussion was that both were now someones and they would answer to him directly while also offering tribute officially to the man. Having stepped up a notch, the duo would feel some pressure being relieved, now being officially looked after in case any of their business is being messed with. Arnold would also receive the, by now legendary, suitcase the following days, although the content was not worthy of retirement, even though it floated around the sum of $260,000.

Acquainted from previous illicit businesses with another dynamic duo, Jack Falasco and George Annella, our duo would begin setup of the officialy unofficial Splendente, the "clothes" hidden side. After a sit down at the Knuckles bar, the four would distribute roles and come up with a rather original method of trafficking cocaine, hoping it would bring everyone profit and make their common boss, Brigone, happy.

The following period which spanned to a few years, was cluttered with a plethora events ranging from the Ristorante catching fire to Vincent progressing as Arnold's unofficial second.

The weight of the restaurant loan was weighing Vincent down, more than he wanted anyway. He began regretting the rush to own his own place. It was going decently, but it was almost exclusively paying itself. The whole plan was to get a profitable business and present a bigger kickup to Brigone, but this was not happening. It would've taken at least ten-fifteen years to settle the loan at this rate, too much time for Vinnie's, taste.

Sleepless nights have passed, with Orsatti rummaging through his mind for scenarios. His aim? Get rid of the restaurant and get more money directly into his pockets. He began entertaining the thought of burning it down and claiming the insurance. Considering the restaurant was bought at an advantageous price due to time constraints, it was sold cheaper than it should've, also it was insured for more than the loan Vincent used. The solution was enticing, but it was a very high risk choice. Besides, the place looked good. He would have preferred not to have it crisped out. Alas, he would have a new aspiring kid ready to act, should Vincent change his mind. His name was Patrick Montalti, a guy hired through the restaurant itself.

The story has now reached current date. Paragraphs/chapters will be added as development continues. Last update: 16/OCT/2020

Disclaimer: considering none of us will be here in fourty years on this forum, as development progresses, the birthdate at the top will be updated without the story itself being changed, creating confusion at some point. It is what it is...
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Re: Vincent "Debts" Orsatti

Post by Kendrick_Underwood » Thu Jul 30, 2020 4:16 pm

Nicely written, following.

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Re: Vincent "Debts" Orsatti

Post by Meduza » Thu Jul 30, 2020 6:35 pm

Good read.

I'll be following.

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Re: Vincent "Debts" Orsatti

Post by Neurotic » Fri Jul 31, 2020 3:23 am

What a good man, good story as well.
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Re: Vincent "Debts" Orsatti

Post by Blurem » Fri Jul 31, 2020 4:09 am

I like it.

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Re: Vincent "Debts" Orsatti

Post by Vincent_Orsatti » Wed Aug 05, 2020 1:04 pm

Thanks. It's finally up to date :? . I'll try to keep it active via screens as well, in parallel with writing new stuff.

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Re: Vincent "Debts" Orsatti

Post by Grigol Tavkhelidze » Wed Aug 05, 2020 2:19 pm


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Re: Vincent "Debts" Orsatti

Post by Carrozza » Sun Aug 09, 2020 1:27 am

I love it.
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Re: Vincent "Debts" Orsatti

Post by Michael_Dippolito » Sun Aug 09, 2020 1:47 am

This was a really good read. Solid work.
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Re: Vincent "Debts" Orsatti

Post by Jorge Ben Jor » Sun Aug 09, 2020 1:54 am

Magnific, son.
Make the best.
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Re: Vincent "Debts" Orsatti

Post by Brigone » Sun Aug 09, 2020 2:51 am

Good work. I hope you continue updating this regularly as time goes by.

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Re: Vincent "Debts" Orsatti

Post by AAlroy » Sun Aug 09, 2020 2:32 pm

Woah. Good job bro, the amount of effort you must've put into this is admirable.
Keep it up.

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Re: Vincent "Debts" Orsatti

Post by Dimmy » Thu Aug 13, 2020 9:44 am

On point.

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Re: Vincent "Debts" Orsatti

Post by Frank_Sclafani » Sat Aug 15, 2020 8:25 am

Michael_Dippolito wrote:
Sun Aug 09, 2020 1:47 am
This was a really good read. Solid work.

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Re: Vincent "Debts" Orsatti

Post by peanutt » Thu Oct 15, 2020 4:22 pm

Love it, the concept and effort are awesome.

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