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Post by kronik » Sun May 31, 2020 5:03 pm

THE 38TH STREET GANG (and it's presence within the south side of Los Santos, 1924 - 1967)
Since the 1920's, Los Santos' south side has had a problem with gang activity and although the gangs then weren't as structured or as acknowledged as the gangs who currently reside in the area, they were still very dangerous and made to be seem dominant. One of those gangs being the 38th Street gang, a predominantly Mexican-American street gang known back then for their passion for violence and holding down their turf against rival sets which were popping up at the time, along with this, during the 1940's, the 38th Street gang gained notoriety during the Sleepy Lagoon murder trial which took place after a Mexican youth by the name of Jose Diaz was killed at the Sleepy Lagoon swimming hole, members of 38th Street were charged with the murder. The 38th Street gang has deep roots within El Corona, various generations of 38th Street gangsters brought up within the neighborhood, eventually passing the trait onto their children or youngsters who were easily influenced by the gang. The street was known at one point purely for gang violence with very little drug movement, this was because over time the gang had problems with other races trying to move into the neighborhood, so instead of focusing on money, they focused purely on the removal and extermination of the new residents, mostly those of another race, purely out of hate. Between 1964 and 1967, high ranking 38th Street affiliates were approached by The Mexican Mafia (La eMe) by one of their outside soldados, it's unclear what happened when the door closed, but from then on it was clear that the 38th Street gang went into dealing with the organization.

SUR SIDE 38TH STREET (1990 - 2014)
In 2014, the 38th Street gang's presence was still very much as real as it was back then, a hierarchy of hardened gang bangers with younger generations eagerly following behind them, still continuing to add onto the gangs fierce reputation within the community. The 38th Street gangs influence stretched across the city, influencing the youth by glamorizing gang violence, murder and money. The gangs income mostly came from drug sales and robberies, up until the 1980's, the 38th Street gang had never messed with hard narcotics like crack cocaine and heroin either for consumption or sale although times have certainly changed around the south side of Los Santos, kids working crack rocks and toting nine millimetres whilst inhaling nitrous oxide from party balloons. The gang had dug itself into the history of El Corona and with the current generation being as ruthless as ever, the gang violence in El Corona could only escalate. 38th Street had various small-time cliques dotted around, Morgan Bagos (MBS), Night Owls (NLS), Pee Wees (PWS), Tiny Winos (TWS), Pee Wees Locos (PWLS), Krazy Kats (KKS, KZCT or KZK), Dukes (DKS), South Central Locos (SCLS), Cut Downers (CDS), Las Locas (LAS), Tiny Diablas (TDS) to name some but the three main ones at the time which stood out to law enforcement within the generation are the Tiny Locotes (TLS), an old generation of gangsters representing 38th, involving themselves in various criminal activities including extortion and murder whilst holding down their neighborhood. The other set sticking out to law enforcement were the Krazy Kats (KZK), known for their extreme violence and the peculiar organisation of their little homies, the young affiliates of Krazy Kats were just as dangerous as the older affiliates of other well-known sureño gangs. The other well-known clique being the Tiny Diablas (TDS), an array of dangerous female residents who also claim 38th Street, they liked to involve themselves in the many criminal activities which span across the turf, these mainly being murder, theft and battery.


With 2014 being the one of the most violent and attention bringing years for the gang, it also brought a lot of negative attention from law enforcement, resulting in a crackdown on the gang, mid 2015. Several members of the gang were arrested, names included Ivan "Shady" Lermas, Joey Chato" Otero and Thiago "Scrappy" Velasquez, three head figures for the gang. With police assuming they got the worst off of the streets, this only paved the way for a new line of gangbangers to step in, as time went on, through whatever negativity, there was seemingly nothing that could stop the gang. With a few of the older residents either incarcerated or on the run from law enforcement, the remainder of the influenced residents of South L.S pressed on, continuing the gangs legacy with locotes moving in on the drug and weapons trade, slowly but surely rebuilding the gangs finances, as when LSPD rolled through, they didn't just take a few homeboys, they raided most of the known dealers' residences alongside the arrests. The gangs roots were embedded into south Los Santos long before this, members still taking pride in where they came from, where they represented, thus making the comeback and rebuilding of the gang a fairly easy task, with all sorts of young aspiring gang members stepping up to put in work, getting out the word that just because a few OG's got locked up and a couple of stash houses got raided, doesn't by any means mean that the gang is finished, it was merely the beginning of something newer, more financially stable and more violent than ever. In mid-2016, a new clique popped up around El Corona, it was time to spread the gangs influence further into the neighborhood. The new sub-set called themselves the Gardenas Locos (GSLS), preying on the young residents of Newport Boulevard in south Los Santos, these individuals were like-minded teenagers who cliqued together with their homeboys, forming something stronger than an alliance. From around September 2016 til June 2017, the crime rate around Newport Boulevard skyrocketed for the first time in recent years, startling police and civilian residents alike as the boulevard was always seen as a safe-haven for those unaffiliated with street gangs. The Gardenas Locos had a lot to answer for when it came down to the abundance of gang related crime around the area, it had gotten so bad that life-long Newport residents had moved from their homes, now associating the Boulevard with gang activity, most likely moving away in fear of not knowing what would happen or who would die next. All of this evidently came at a cost, with police presence becoming again, a more natural sighting around the neighborhood, some gang affiliates even speculate that a case was being worked on against the gang, and that wasn't in any southsiders best interests.

In recent years, the S/S Varrio 38th Street gang has vied for control over neighborhoods located in southern Los Santos, sparking up a bloody war with a rival blood set which resulted in the deaths of an estimated 20+ people within the span of 2 years. Not only were the 38th streeters fighting their neighbors, but also fighting gangs from the east side of the city, some of which, but not all are the Eastside Hustler Crips, Outlaw Rolling 20 Bloods, Gangster Lanes Bloods and Alley Tiny Criminals 13. The gang has always been known for it's deadly sub-sets and to add insult to injury, a new clique burst onto the scene in late 2019, compiled of young aspiring residents who claim the Olmos Park area of El Corona. This came to fruition after Kings Avenue was threatened by rival neighboring gangs, it was seen as a defensive manoeuvre by the older 38th Street affiliates of El Corona. The group called themselves the School Yard Locos (SYLS), mainly because their main area of illicit activity was around Olmos High School located in south Los Santos, this is where they'd hang around, loitering and selling narcotics. With heavy police presence digging back into the area, the gang had no other option but to move smarter in their actions whilst still ensuring they held their territory.

The 38th Street gang has endured, survived and retaliated during many various different rival gang wars including gangs like Barrio Mojados 13 (BMS), Playboys 13 (PBS), Bounty Hunter Bloods (BHB), 94 Hoover Criminals, Eastside Hustler Crips (EHC), Outlaw Rolling 20s Bloods, 99 Mafia Crips (99GMC) Alley Tiny Criminals 13 (ATC) and Blacc Bandit Crips (BBC) although no other rivalry has consisted of so much killings other than the war between 38th Street and Florencia 13 (F13). The bloody rivalry between the two gangs (38ST & F13) has only grew worse over time, what all started with a simple robbery sparked one of the bloodiest gang feuds Los Santos has seen, in 1994 a Florencia 13 member robbed and left a 38th Street member for dead in an alley off of Imperial Avenue and 38th Street which in turn only made room for retaliation when various 38th Street members simultaneously shot up Florence Avenue from two different vehicles, leaving the street in tatters. From 1994 until 2015 there had been a reported sum of 47 murders and over 80 documented cases of shootings in either either (El Corona and Florence Ave). It'd be fair to say that Florencia 13 and to some degree Barrio Mojados 13 are the 38th Streeters bitterest rivals and it's clear on-sight action is taken between the gangs. In 2020 the 38th Street gang has a fierce list of rival gangs, most of which operating within 10 miles of El Corona meaning that the gang members within the deep south of Los Santos who represent 38th Street show little care for their opposition, going out of their own ways to start new feuds in an attempt to grow the gangs already reputation. Los Santos police officials stated that during the period of 1994 til 2015 was the worst case of gang activity to involve murder that has ever spired in the city, those living in the areas of either gang should be "extremely cautious" when mentioning their area whilst elsewhere otherwise their lives could be on the line if the wrong person heard them.

In 1994 various members of the Tiny Wynos clicka were arrested after a court order was indicted on multiple key individuals meaning the clique was left in distress which caused it to fall from under itself. From 2018 til 2020 a few of these members were released and returned home to reunite with some of the elder affiliates in the neighborhood. Mid 2010's was around the time a one time 38th Street clicka that went under the name Devil Locos which mainly operated out of the 28th Street and consisted of mainly young teenagers endured major changes after a long standing beef ensued between cliques, mainly the Gardenas Locos and the Devil Locos which led to the deaths of over six key figures namely including, Nathan "Trips" Farias, Martin "Menace" Barajas, Luis "Silent" Arroyo and Ivan "Droopy" Seco and in turn this event made way for a new wave of influenced angry teenagers appearing on the scene. Most of those representing Devil Locos but not all were loud and persisted in constantly starting problems internally (mostly the reason for the deaths of those listed above), this was of course until major changes hit the clique with word coming from elder respected residents of the area including Ivan "Shady Lermas", Manuel "Trouble" Artego and Carlos "Shadow" Santos ordering Noel "Loonie" Macanaya (who ran DVLS at the time) to make change. After the trouble was cleared and things were set in motion, the Tiny Wynos which resided back on the dead end after their release took Loonie under their wing to steer him and the remainder of the clicka away from the issues that previously had happened after a decline in Devil Locos affiliates meant that it was time for change.

Of the almost one hundred years since the gangs first founders, the period between 1990 and 2020 were the most pivotal and demanding times of the gangs existence after multiple internal beefs, an extensive amount of court orders which led to multiple injunctions and their bloody rivalries with other local street gangs which has led to the rate we know today.

- the 38th Street gang stepped into a new era with all types of new generational youngsters stepping in to continue the movement.
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Re: 38th Street

Post by Biskit » Sun May 31, 2020 5:03 pm


All recruitment as you can imagine will be done In Character and you will be expected to not break any rules, be respectful and dedicated to the faction and your character in it. We understand that not everybody is an expert on gang roleplay and specifically Sureño roleplay but we are an open path for you to learn. We expect you to accept constructive criticism if it's being given to you and for you to engrave your own development path in the faction. The aim of our faction is to create a realistic sureño environment in El Corona.

We don't want this to lean towards being a generic faction so we will have our own personal twist. If you've found the thread interesting and want to participate and join us on this journey then we expect you to know that you will have to develop a character and focus on bringing out the realism aspect in the environment. Any information regarding sending CK permission, the faction rules, backstory & more can be found inside the Discord channel which you can join by clicking the interactable image below.

If you got any questions or complaints about the faction or its members, don't hesitate to send a forum PM to Kronik or Draxxler.


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Re: 38th Street

Post by Tixa4a » Sun May 31, 2020 5:04 pm


OOC INFORMATION: We aim to portray our own rendition of the real life 38th Street gang and a certain few cliques that fall under them. We intend to keep things as realistic as possible when it comes to in-character roleplaying, character development is king. When a well-rounded character is made to seem genuine and a player puts a lot of time into their own development, it really does show, especially to faction leadership. This is our own twist on the gang, the faction may at times differentiate from the real life 38th Street gangs actions, but this is because again, we like to put our own twist on things to ensure the most potential can be gained. If you're interested in roleplaying with our faction, and/or have any questions related to the faction, feel free to join the discord and shoot em into #ask-questions-here in the main lobby or alternatively forum PM myself or draxxler. It's expected of members to be able to roleplay and create constructive roleplay with their peers without there having to be leadership and/or high ranking members in-game, our main focus here is once again, character development, portraying the lifestyle for many 38th Street and El Corona residents in general. Screenshot permissions are a MUST within this faction.

ABOUT THE FACTION: As most of you may know, our aim here is to "portray our own rendition of the real life 38th Street gang", however the faction as a whole may differentiate from the commonly known California street gang, whilst putting our own twist on the faction to make sure the members participating can push it to the fullest. We as a faction, consider ourselves helpful and modest when it comes to new members, it'd be our pleasure to help and facilitate anyone's needs when it comes to advise, guides and the like. We also consider ourselves the best that we can be in each situation, we try and ensure that anyone around our roleplay may it be civilians, law enforcement or rival gangs, we'd be trying our best to make sure every roleplay scenario is fun and meaningful for each individual party involved. We are heavily motivated and want to do our best at making this faction go down in El Corona history, we welcome all those who're dedicated at doing good.

WHAT WE EXPECT FROM YOU, A FACTION MEMBER: When it comes down to roleplay in-character, it cannot be stressed enough that personal character development plays a crucial role in a well rounded resident of south Los Santos. Development, along with individual styles are what catches the eyes of others and are what makes a character stand out in a crowd of fellow members. If you're a new aspiring member, you won't get very far in the faction if you approach unrealistically, we look for characters who're taking time and putting effort into their roleplay as oppose to a character who's recently approached and acted as a full fledged criminal at a young age. It goes without saying that new faction members are expected to steer well clear of any negative admin activity, the faction is rolling with a 2 strike system, there is no 3rd.

CONTACT LEADERSHIP: This goes out to everyone, if you're reading this, regardless even if you're not a member, if there are any issues with faction members or even leadership, don't refrain from getting in contact with myself or CR13PER. We appreciate every complaint and input because we can grow from it, any messages about rule-breaking members will result in actions being taken, so long as the sufficient proof is provided. We do not endorse any foul behaviour OOC' of others and are what makes a character stand out in a crowd of fellow members. If you're a new aspiring member, you won't get very far in the faction if you approach unrealistically, we look for characters who're taking time and putting effort into their roleplay as oppose to a character who's recently approached and acted as a full fledged criminal at a young age. It goes without saying that new faction members are expected to steer well clear of any negative admin activity, the faction is rolling with a 2 strike system, there is no 3rd.
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Re: 38th Street

Post by SouthMaconBankHead » Sun May 31, 2020 5:06 pm

PlannitKush ( Cant access my forum )
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Re: 38th Street

Post by Zahmir » Sun May 31, 2020 5:06 pm

Bad Idea

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Re: 38th Street

Post by Glxck .22 » Sun May 31, 2020 5:08 pm


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Re: 38th Street

Post by vranja13 » Sun May 31, 2020 5:09 pm

doesn't already one faction exists in that street, right there, in that projects?

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Re: 38th Street

Post by Caleb410 » Sun May 31, 2020 5:09 pm

Good luck

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Re: 38th Street

Post by Henry_Taverna » Sun May 31, 2020 5:10 pm

Senor Kronik.

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Re: 38th Street

Post by Killtosurvive » Sun May 31, 2020 5:13 pm

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Re: 38th Street

Post by AlexDaCosta » Sun May 31, 2020 5:22 pm

Gl guys
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Re: 38th Street

Post by Rodney_Tillman » Sun May 31, 2020 5:26 pm


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Re: 38th Street

Post by biko » Sun May 31, 2020 5:26 pm

take it far

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Re: 38th Street

Post by Lorik » Sun May 31, 2020 5:27 pm

if it aint kronik i dont like
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Re: 38th Street

Post by Kyle » Sun May 31, 2020 5:29 pm

go hard

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