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Forum Rules

Post by LS-RP » Mon Apr 27, 2015 6:17 pm

1. Common Courtesy
  • No harassment, bullying or trolling, this includes but is not limited to: racism, discrimination, sectarianism and homophobia. No posting of copyrighted material such as games and movies. No doxing. No inappropriate videos or images on the forum, this applies to your posts, signatures and avatars. Use the search function before posting questions. English posts only — for foreign languages, use the appropriate section. No spamming. No hijacking or derailing of threads. Do not advertise other servers or the sale of real life goods.
    Punishments: Anything from a verbal warning to a ban depending on severity.
2. Backseat Moderating
  • Do not tell people they are breaking the forum rules — moderators deal with that, not you. If you spot a rule-breaker, report their post(s) and they will be handled. Examples of what you should not post:
    • Don't flame or you'll be banned!
    • You're not supposed to post here!
    Punishments: Forum warning. Temporary ban for repeated offending.
3. Signature Size
  • Keep the size of your signatures under 250px in height. This limit includes everything in them, not just images. YouTube videos are larger than this size.
    Punishments: Signature will be disabled. If you want to recover it, you would have to post a ban appeal.


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