House & Apartment Rules

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House & Apartment Rules

Post by LS-RP » Tue Mar 31, 2015 5:57 am

1. House Ownership
  • You are allowed to hold a maximum of 4 houses/apartments and 2 apartment complexes per active character. Apartment complexes owned must be actively managed to allow players to buy apartments.
  • Punishments: Loss of owned properties with no refund.
  • If you wish to own more than allowed, you may request permission from the Head of Properties.

    Apartment complexes linked to a faction are not taken into consideration for the limit.
2. Absence
  • Whilst we understand that most of the time absence from the game is unavoidable and out of anyone's control, we have a set of rules which must be followed if you wish to keep a house/apartment whilst you have to leave the game or server for anything over a 2 week period. If no absence is noted then the property will be removed and taken from you — no refund will be given. If you are going to be inactive for an extended period of time, it is highly recommended that you have your property transferred to a trustworthy individual who can hold it for you during your period of inactivity.
    • Normal Members: Houses/apartments will be removed after 14 days (2 weeks) of inactivity.
    • Premium Members: Houses/apartments will be removed after 21 days (3 weeks) of inactivity.
    • Banned Members: Houses/apartments will be removed after the ban is issued.
      (If the ban is for ban evading and turns out to be incorrect, the property can be returned)
    Logging in once in a while to avoid your property being admin-sold is a direct breach of the rules and will result in a punishment being given to you along with the property being removed. No refunds are given.
  • Please contact the Head of Properties directly via a forum PM if you wish to discuss your situation and get your inactivity period extended temporary. Due to the growing population of Los Santos Roleplay, however, properties will not be held for inactive players longer than 2 months — with or without an excused absence.
3. Abuse of Furniture Items
  • It is against the rules to extend out of a property's original interior into bugged worlds using /furniture. You must stick strictly to the original shape of the interior and avoid extending out into the exterior.

    Although you are allowed to have rooms which would be harder to spot than others, having secret rooms that can be accessed only by walking through invisible objects such as walls and bookshelves is strictly forbidden.

    When someone else is in the property, it must be stated if/when something is a hidden door and whether or not it would be visible — hidden doors are easy to spot because of the gaps between them and the walls.

    It is not allowed to create "deathmatch" interiors. This means narrow hallways just when you /enter that leaves the defender of the house at a huge advantage, for example when barricading against Law Enforcement Officers. If you are in doubt if what you've created is up-to-par with the standards, send the Head of Properties a forum PM with your house address and that you'd like to have it checked if it's alright.
    Abusing /furniture to extend outside of your interior's original shape will result in all of your furniture being removed without a refund. Repeated offenses will result in the house/apartment being admin-sold. The same applies for people abusing the furniture script to make secret rooms that are both unfit and unrealistic.
4. Complex Management
  • Owning an apartment complex on the server gives you the authority to manage and essentially overview all of the apartments inside the building. Sometimes this can include up to 25 apartments in some particular complexes. With this, we require you to follow a set of rules that applies both to your complex and person.
    • If you own an apartment complex you must have a detailed, stickied thread in the Complex Websites section with up-to-date rules and complex regulations.
    • All complexes must be maintained out of character. This includes doing your own activity checks and handling requests on a regular basis.
    • All apartment evictions must be shown and approved by the Head of Properties before the eviction goes ahead. The reason for eviction must be legitimate and in breach of your complex rules. Someone finding and buying an apartment on MP without your permission is NOT a valid reason for eviction. Use /allowsale if you do not want the apartments to be bought without your permission.
    • All apartments must be accessible from the /enter point of your complex. This also applies when users leave their apartment they must be able to exit the complex. Locked security doors in the path of exiting the complex which tenants can't unlock are not allowed.
    • Gaining a sizeable amount of monetary gain from your current tenants is now disallowed. This includes through rent, recurring payments, mortgages, maintenance cuts et al. You are allowed to gain profit from selling your apartments to users but not through their own profit. Exceptions to this rule is listed below.
    Breaching or manipulating these rules may result in your complex being given a strike. Continuation of rule breaches will result in your complex being admin sold or further admin punishment.
  • An exception to the monetary rule is as follows;
    • If a user is required to contact you before the sale of one of the apartments, you are only allowed to demand a small portion of the market and sale price as compensation / roleplayed deposit. Dependencies of the market price will determine how much you can demand but it must not be any more than 20% of the market price value (Price to /buyhouse) and no more than 5% of the sale price. If you have a MP of over $200,000 you must contact the Head of Properties before taking money from a sale.

      Examples of prices are;
      • Sale of apartment, $1,300,000 including MP. MP is $150,000. Complex owner is entitled to $85,750. Apartment seller is entitled to $1,214,250.
      • Sale of apartment, $300,000 excluding MP. MP is $30,000. Complex owner is entitled to $21,000. Apartment seller is entitled to $309,000.
5. Contacting Property Team
  • For inquiries or/and other concerns, you can contact the Head of Properties.


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