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Find all current community related rules here. This includes all ingame, UCP, forum, teamspeak and IRC rules and is updated frequently. Ensure you are always up to date with rules.

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Discord Rules

Post by LS-RP » Tue Mar 31, 2015 5:53 am

1. Common Courtesy
  • Follow the server rules, they can be found in #server_rules. No harassment, bullying or trolling — this includes racism, discrimination, homophobia, etc. Do not flood, spam or advertise. Do not impersonate other players (especially staff members) by changing your name to theirs. No posting of grotesque videos or images. No discussing or spreading of copyrighted material such as games and movies.
    Punishments: A temporary or permanent ban depending on severity.
2. Metagaming
  • Discord is an Out Of Character chat. Commenting on anything In Character or asking questions which should be asked in an IC context will result in admin punishment both on Discord and in-game for metagaming. Examples:
    • Anyone want to buy my Squallo?
    • Guys, I'm getting arrested, can someone come IG and save me please?!
    Punishments: Temporary Discord and in-game ban for severe cases.


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