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Everquest II

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note: THERE ARE TWO SERVER OPTIONS. BOTH ARE (EU/USA). EVERQUEST 2 LIVE [original, standard version, $15/month]
-------------------------------------------------EVERQUEST 2 EXTENDED [free to play, subscription level based (Silver/Gold/Etc)

I play on the EVERQUEST 2 EXTENDED server. Mainly because a lot of the live servers have less players now, and you can move to the EQ2X server from the EVERQUEST 2 LIVE SERVER.

EverQuest II is set on the fictional world of Norrath five hundred years after the The Planes of Power storyline of the original EverQuest game. The gods withdrew from the world in retaliation for mortal incursions into their planes. On Norrath itself, Dark Elves and the Orcs destroyed much of Faydwer; while the Ogres, Goblins, Orcs, and Giants ravaged Antonica. Transport and communication to the moon Luclin were cut off.

The storyline says that 100 years ago, the continent of Antonica was ripped apart into smaller islands, which are now called the Shattered Lands. The oceans became impassible, preventing contact between the continents of Norrath. Fifteen years ago, the moon Luclin exploded and parts of the Shattered moon remain in the sky.

EverQuest II takes place in what is called the Age of Destiny. In this setting, Queen Antonia Bayle of Qeynos is a benevolent sorceress who welcomes all goodly races to her city to help rebuild Norrath. The Overlord of Freeport, Lucan D'Lere, a centuries-old fallen paladin, rules the evil races in his plans of conquest.

Everquest II is a class-based MMO. At character creation, players choose one of 19 races and 24 adventure classes. Any race can be any class (with some conditions). Five starting cities are provided, each with its own beginner experience. Hair and facial features are chosen during character creation, but can be changed later by visiting a Barber Shop in the game world.

Players must choose a 'race' when creating a character. The choice of races include human, ogre, dwarf, wood elf and dark elf (and others which were available in the original EQ) along with new options such as the Kerra (a cat-person similar to the Vah Shir of the original EQ), the Ratonga (a rat-like people) and with the purchase of an expansion, fae and Arasai. The Froglok race was originally locked until a special server-wide quest was completed to make them playable. Some races are restricted to either Qeynos or Freeport, based on their alignment, but can turn traitor and move to the opposing city.


Spoiler: show


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Spoiler: show


HEROIC + 1 (^)
HEROIC + 2 (^^)
HEROIC + 3 (^^^)
EPIC (X2^^) = 2 full groups, a raid.
EPIC (X3^^^) = 3 full groups, a raid.
EPIC (X4^^^^) = 4 full groups, a full raid.


90. 250 Alternate Advancement points.
Takes a while to get to this.

Well yeah, this is just some of Everquest 2. It started in 2005, I joined it, and it had a big community after about a year. It's had many improvements since and this game has been notoriously hard to run, it has very good graphics but because it's old, you need a good computer to play it on at least a high setting. Many a time this game has been compared to World of Warcraft, but in my opinion, this game is better. The game has also become quite a bit easier, but it has no difficulty setting, and you can't solo the entire game. Back when it came out, when you died, you had to run back to where you died from where you spawned otherwise you'll have a big XP (Experience) loss. A lot of stuff was There are 90 levels, and AA (Alternate Advancement) points which boost your current skill levels, etc. The playerbase seems to have a lot of adults, roughly 20-40, as I have spoken to them in the game with the voice system in-game. I was addicted for a while, and when I don't play it for a while, it always brings me back to it. The music especially is great, in the game, and once you hear it it will be stuck in your head, as I still have nostalgic moments when I first start up the game. Anyway, does anyone else here play it?


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