[Fresh] New, working, illegal jobs.

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[Fresh] New, working, illegal jobs.

Post by Rollins » Fri Oct 28, 2016 7:39 pm

Hello there.

As LSRP server evolves, I couldn't help but to notice that despite all the new achievements, the jobs remain pretty much the same. Very limited, dull, boring and low income. Well, most of them, anyway.

So my suggestion is to add more jobs, specially illegal jobs, things one can do solo, or with a crew.

-Moving packages from one place to another (drug dealer/smuggler): Paid in small amounts of drugs by the job (which you can sell to players for higher prices), or small amounts of money, to drive around multiple spots, marker to marker.

-Burglar - Going in a truck (the larger the better), from house to house, and rob furniture, which would turn into reasonable amounts of money. This would result in a very RP job, exciting, motivating, realistic and fun.

-Arms dealer (something like that) - For higher levels only - Would have to go marker to marker collecting materials in order to eventually having enough to build either - Knife, Brass knuckles, Colt.45. And maybe Shotgun, Sawn of, Rifle or something. This would be a very slow job, for example you would require 1000+ parts to make a Colt with bullets, when each marker only gives you like 30. (If you think this one would cause any abuse or something, make it harder or ignore it, but it's surprising to see how difficult it is to get a gun on this server, ICly.)

-Smuggler(boat required/high lvls only) - With the use of a boat, the player would firstly require to sail through the ocean from marker to marker, and directly collect drugs from them (unlike the dealer), these would come in packages. After the boat part, the other job (separate or not) would be to deliver these packages into the locations where the ''dealer'' job goes to pick up. The player would then be paid in money. Or in drugs if he chose not to deliver those packages. Something like that.

-Car jacking - You could either rob players cars and move them to a marker to win money for pieces (it's still hard because of the /hotwire thing), AND, a car could spawn somewhere randomly, and the player with this job would be contacted and the location would be on the map. After /startjob the player would have to go to this car, break in, hot wire it and sell it for extra $$$ than players cars.

-Farmer (money required) - If the player has enough money, he could buy a small land, some seeds and create a weed farm, where every week he would be able to collect 100 gramms or more.

...I'll update this with further ideas and details, if it's possible.

The idea is to give players, not only more reasons, ideas and means to RP, but also the motivation and opportunity to make money (server money), solo or with crew. Because even though some of these ideas are easily roleplayed, it doesn't give players the same immersion because there aren't any actual 'job/mission' or reward. (Unless the player pays out of his own pocket.)

Thanks, I hope to see some of this IG one day.
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Re: [Fresh] New, working, illegal jobs.

Post by Ignoto101 » Fri Oct 28, 2016 8:01 pm

I agree that there should be more scripted jobs for criminal role-players, but some of the jobs that you've listed (particularly arms dealer and car jacker) have already been implemented and given to official factions. A person may work both of those jobs if they have the job script-wise. It does require knowing the right people and having the right connections, though.

Something related to drug smuggling or burglarizing houses should definitely be implemented for regular players, though.

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Re: [Fresh] New, working, illegal jobs.

Post by OdeexTrill » Sun Oct 30, 2016 9:24 pm

I like this, that would be cool if you could professionally car jack and then sale the car and the goods in side of it.

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Re: [Fresh] New, working, illegal jobs.

Post by Airwalk » Sat Dec 03, 2016 9:42 am

Nah, I don't like that at all. It's more of an RPG thing than an RP thing.

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Re: [Fresh] New, working, illegal jobs.

Post by FlowN » Sun Dec 04, 2016 10:34 pm

The idea itself is nice, I really am for adding more illegal jobs and/or editing the existing ones, but as someone already said before me, some of which you listed are not the best.

For example, everyone doing illegal roleplay would get the smuggler job, for example, and get drugs for free, just for driving a boat through the ocean. And for it to be better, it would have to give you very little drugs and not often at all. Either way, I am for adding or editing the current illegal jobs and make them actually involve more than one player and promote roleplaying with others rather than just alone.

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Re: [Fresh] New, working, illegal jobs.

Post by WhiteShadow » Mon Dec 05, 2016 6:56 am

Moving packages sounds like something you could handle from an IC perspective but I think it could do as a script job, it could kind of be like the trucking job except you're transporting illegal materials.

The carjacker job is already a thing, command is /thiefjob in-game however the problem is that you get paid very very little for stealing those cars. It would be nice to see an increase of them but I'm pretty sure that that's another suggestion.

The farmer and arms dealer job are pretty much the drug smuggler job (or is it drug dealer?) and weapon supplier job. Those are for official illegal factions.

The burglar one sounds cool, that was already a feature and it planned to be brought back but it's unknown on what's happening now with it.

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