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License GUI

Post by ImperiumXVII » Sat Oct 10, 2020 1:31 am

Script Name: License GUI
Script Author: ImperiumXVII

Introduction | Feature | Commands | Media


The current license system has been around since the dark ages, easily coming up on ten years now. Given SA-MP 0.3DL's ability to add custom textures, I never understood why we didn't make the game world more immersive and prettier. So I revamped the /licenses command. This new license GUI also gives fake licenses a new lease on life by allowing the player to falsify how many driver warnings they have and whether or not their license is suspended, making fake licenses useful for more than just showing to police.


The License GUI script allows for a graphical user interface when interacting with licenses, i.e. driving license, weapon license, et cetera. The script shows an image of the player's character (or the off-duty equivalent if on-duty) and their name and address, accompanied by what licenses they hold. To prevent a person from blocking a recipient's screen, a non-intrusive prompt is shown on the recipient's screen for the recipient to hit Y to show the graphic or N to simply print the license details to the chat box.

A person may purchase fake licenses and use this script by falsifying which licenses they have, and how many driver warnings they have/if their license is suspended. This is an easy system and can be used with the command /fakelicenses. Note that at the top of every license is a 'CN', or Citizen Number. This is the most reliable way to tell if a license is fake, and this is only if you're smart enough to figure out how it works. That's the only info you're gonna get on the CN, so good luck! There are other ways to detect if a license is fake however, but you're going to have to figure that out yourself.

With the new license GUI comes a new way for people with more than 1 house to set their primary address, with the addition of the /setaddress command. This changes which address shows up on your license. You can't, however, change your primary address more than once every 48 hours without losing your property (e.g. through selling). As a player can only own 4 properties, /setaddress will give you a choice of each of your 4 properties, plus 1 rented property, to choose to display on your license.


/licenses [ID] - shows the licenses prompt shown in 'Media' below.
/fakelicenses [ID] [Driving (Y/N)] [Flying (Y/N)] [Weapon (N/PF/GC/CCW/ALL)] [Medical (N/BLS/ILS)] [Driver Warnings (4 = Suspended)] [Name (with _)] [Address] - shows a fake license with the parameters you input.
/setaddress [1-5] - set your primary address to 1 of 4 of your owned houses, or your rented property
/close - closes the license GUI.
Image - closes the license GUI
Image - closes the license GUI and displays the info in the chatbox


Image Image



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