Billboard System

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Billboard System

Post by BlueX » Wed Apr 01, 2020 12:00 am

Script Name: Billboard System
Script Author: BlueX
Credits: Mmartin

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Hello everyone, I'm bringing you the Billboard System that I believe will bring a change to the city and make it somewhat more dynamic. This system allows the server to have custom billboards placed on top of existing ones and on the side of buildings.


The Billboard System was made in a way that optimizes the server resources as well as the player's resources, especially in terms of downloading custom models, meaning that the player won't have to download tons of files for this system. Furthermore, the Billboard System was built with the idea of overlapping existing billboard stances and putting on the side of buildings, which in the end allows the system to be used in different ways.

Additionally, the system was built with a reload mechanism similar to what we have with custom skins and models, there's no need for a server revision to add new models, these can simply be added and reloaded without a server restart.

If you're interested in having a billboard of your own you can request it here.


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