Burner Phone System

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Burner Phone System

Post by Kane » Wed Apr 01, 2020 12:00 am

Script Name: Burner Phone
Script Author: Kane
Credits: Mmartin,
indenttttZapper (feature doc.),
indenttttDadoJ (feature doc.)

Introduction | Foundations
Buying Phone | Operators
Number format | World
Graphic Interface | Calls & Texts
Tracing | FAQ

Hello all. I'm happy to introduce to you today the burner phone system. The burner phone is arguable one of the most requested scripts on the server. Over the years, the suggestions and faction boards have been filled to the brim with all sorts of ideas regarding it. We officially took on the task in early March 2020, and here we are with a complete burner phone system. I'm hoping what we've made here makes up for the long wait you've all had to endure.

So the burner phone was integrated in to our phone system that Mmartin developed back in 2013. The simplicity of his phone script made it possible to quickly and efficiently ship out the burner phone system to the server. The burner phone system also largely uses the operator system that's part of the phone system (I'm sure a lot of you don't know what that is). The goal of this system is to provide roleplayers with anonymity while using a phone, and that immersion of having their very own burner phone during the course of their roleplay!

There was a lot of brainstorming to do at the beginning about how we wanted this burner phone to be. Essentially, we don't want the burner phone to be a permanent replacement, or even a convenient one for anyone. The burner phone was designed to be bulky, and annoying for usage in the long run. As it is in the name "burner", "disposable", you shouldn't own one for such a long time. The burner phone essentially works the same way as your main cell phone. You receive the calls the same way, you pick up, you hang up, and you call the same way. Texting is a bit different with the interface, but the commands remain interchangeable.

Something that was a must for me to do was make the burner phone work as if it were its own entity. Your burner phone will work and operate while your main cellphone does too. You can receive a call on your burner while your on your main cellphone, and vice versa. All the data on your burner phone (call history, text history, settings) are all tied together. If you pass your burner phone to someone else, they'll keep all of that and have access to it. The world is yours with a burner.

Buying A Burner:
Burner phones can be bought inside a 24/7 or General Store, any location that has access to the /buy command. The price of the burner phone is $10,000 and you must be at least Level 3 to buy one. You can only buy one burner phone every 15 minutes.

When do you purchase a burner phone, it comes without a phone operator. What this means is that you don't have a number, and it can't be used for anything, besides you having a GUI and the phone physically in your hand. Not every store will have an operator, but every 24/7 will have a burner to buy.


As aforementioned, the burner phone will largely use the operator system that exists with our phone system to work. Operators for the burner phone are sold inside select 24/7s and each of them offers you different billing plan. There are 6-7 phone operators for the burner phone.

An operator on your burner phone is required if you want to use it. Without an operator, you won't be able to make calls, send texts, or drop your phone as a world item. Each operator will offer you a plan with a different price for each billing item.
  • Item Local pricing* Foreign pricing*
    Text message $000 $000
    Text credits 00 / delivered 00 / delivered
    Call (base) $000 $000
    Call (duration) $0.00 / sec $0.00 / sec
    Call (credits) 00 / outgoing 00 / outgoing

    * Local pricing applies when you and the receiver both have the same phone operator.
    * Foreign pricing applies when you and the receiver both have different phone operators.
You will be charged when delivering a text message and for outgoing calls. We've also implemented a credit system for operators for the burner phone. And how this works is quite the same as the regular billing, but your phone loses these credits which are required to receive calls, texts, or make/send them. As an example, one call would cost you 20 credit and a base price of $30.

When you run out of credit, you can recharge your operator with a fee by going to the business you bought the operator from. However, after choosing an operator for your burner phone, it cannot be changed. You will have to dispose of the phone entirely and purchase a new one and then get your new operator. How much credit do you get?
  • Gold donator - 650
    Silver donator - 500
    Bronze donator - 350
    Regular user - 200
The list of phone operators there are and which businesses they're in won't be made public, as I'd like for the community to find out all of that in character, and find out which operator plan is best suitable for your needs. Some operators are more lenient on text messages, and some on calls, and so forth.

Number format:
Incoming call from a burner phone on cellie.
Burner phone numbers are nine digits long, and in the range of 100,000,000 to 999,999,999. They cannot be customized, and they will always be unique, which means that burner phone numbers won't ever repeat. In the burner interface, the number is formatted with hyphens, such as: 000-000-000. This is however just cosmetics, and when using a burner phone number to make a call or SMS, you must do so without the hyphens.

When do you get your burner phone number? Your burner phone number is randomly generated each time you buy a new operator for your phone. So each burner phone can only have one number, and the only way to get a new one is to dispose of yours and buy a new phone all together.




The world is yours. With a burner phone, there are endless opportunities and you're in full control. You have the ability to: pass your burner phone to someone else (with data & number), leave your burner on the floor as a real time, store it in your house, adjust it as you would a furniture item, and also receive calls on it while it's dropped.

(Click to enlarge.)

Passing others your burner phone:
You have the ability to pass other players your burner phone. When doing so, they'll receive it, as long as they don't already have one, and it'll come with all the data on your phone. This includes, but not limited to, phone number, operator, credits, call history, text messages. After passing it, it's now theirs until they dispose of it or give it back to you.

Leaving your burner phone:
Not only do you have the ability to drop your burner phone on the floor, but if you're able to adjust it as you wish, and set the placement yourself. Want to hide a phone inside your house? You can. However, this does come with certain restrictions.
  • World 0
    If you're in world 0, and not inside of an interior, any phone you drop will be destroyed in 10 minutes if there is no activity. Activity refers to just that, activity, such as, receiving a call on the phone, turning the power off, moving it, et cetera. While a phone may be dropped in world 0, you are not allowed to adjust the object and set the position yourself. That feature is only for interiors.

    Burner phones you drop inside of interiors do not have the same time limit as world 0. In fact, they save and they'll return if the server restarts. However, as a spam filter, we do not load burner phones that are 2 weeks old. If you're saving a burner for roleplay purposes, and are likely to exceed that time limit, you are allowed to pick it up and put it back down to bypass it. As aforementioned, while in an interior you may adjust the position of the phone as you pleas. Note that anyone can do this, and it isn't restricted to any player.

    When you drop a burner, it still exists as a phone in the world, with a number to it. What this means is that it can receive calls! Not only that but, you can also pick it up, answer it, and put it back down as you pleas, without having to go through any trouble. Furthermore, if you don't want to pick it up, you can hang it up while it's dropped, without taking it back. You can also power the phone off while it's dropped. That means it can't be traced, or receive calls.
SACF / jail
You have access to your burner phone while in SACF or any other jail. You can use it as you would while free, drop it, position it inside of your cell, and whatever you could imagine. Don't get caught though, the COs will confiscate it from you.

Graphic Interface:

As you may have noticed, we recycled the interface for the main phone for the burner phone too. The difference is the color scheme that isn't available anywhere. The phone object you hold when you have it out is also a unique blue that no player can hold with their main phone. The GUI is quite simple to navigate, and I believe majority of the community is already familiar with it.

At the top of the phone is the name of the operator you have. If you don't have one, it'll be blank. At the center, when you're at the landing screen, is your burner phone number. That's the only way it can accessed. When your phone is powered off, the screen will be blank. In order to turn it on, you must click on the screen with the phone cursor. The layout is:

indentindent(Select Call)
indentindentindentindentDELETE CONFIRMED
indentindent~ Navigate with >< buttons. Right, next page. Left, previous page.
indentindent(Select SMS)
indentindentindentindentDELETE CONFIRMED
indentindent~ Navigate with >< buttons. Right, next page. Left, previous page.

Calls & Texts:

You can call anyone, and also receive calls from anyone, and any type of phone (e.g: landline, payphone) with your burner. Calls with your burner phone are logged. These logs are also saved until the server restarts. You may however individually delete them through out the course of your roleplay if they still exist.

You may not make, or receive calls if you don't have an operator, or have run out of credit. All basic commands are compatible with the burner phone, such as, but not limited to: /loudspeaker, /hangup, /pick. Note that the burner phone may not be used with /passcall.

You do not have to be on your burner phone to receive a call on it. For example: You may be on your main phone, and when you receive a call on your burner phone, you can switch to it and pick it up. This works both ways.

Texts work as you would imagine them to. You deliver texts to anyone, and receive texts from anyone. The difference in logging from calls with texts is that your text messages save permanently, and you'll keep them even if the server restarts. The only way to lose them is to delete them, or destroy your burner.

(Note: The notification you see in the image is not meant to be clickable, and that is an intended feature.)

As aforementioned, you may not deliver text messages without an operator, or if you don't have enough credit to deliver one. However, you may receive text messages when you don't have enough credit, but, you will not be able to read them until you do get sufficient credit.


Burner phones may be traced by law enforcement, and / or players with detective jobs. Additionally, burner phones that were dropped may also be traced. As long as the phone is powered, and there is signal, it may be traced. This also supports property and business interiors.

With the addition of the burner phone, we've amended how tracing works for main phones. It's a small one but now when you turn off your main phone, the last single tower your phone pings will be saved. Now when your main phone is traced, the tracer will see the single tower that was pinged when your phone turned off. This is a small tradeoff to adding the burner phone.

How do I buy a burner phone?
  • Go to a 24/7, or General Store that lets you use /buy. When you're there, you can select the phone and buy it.
How do I buy a phone operator?
  • When you enter a 24/7, or General Store, a message will appear if you enter one that has an operator. If one does, you can use /operator and look at the plan its offering, and if it's suitable for you, buy it.
How do I get my burner phone number?
  • Your burner phones number is given when you buy an operator. You cannot customize it, or change it after buying an operator. Your number is on the center of your screen when you take out the phone. It's 10 digits long.
When I click on the "missed call", or "missed text", nothing happens. Why?
  • This is an intended feature with the GUI, and there are no shortcuts to your call or SMS menus.
How do I save a contact on my burner phone?
  • You can't. The burner phone doesn't have a contact feature.
Why can't I buy a burner phone?
  • You need to be at least Level 3 or above, and it also costs $10,000 to have one. Ensure you meet both requirements. You can also only buy one burner phone every 15 minutes.
How do I turn on my burner phone?
  • If your burner phone is off, you'll know if you /phone and the screen is empty, with no text. That means it's off. You can get your /pc, phone cursor, select the screen and it'll turn your burner phone on.
How do I turn off my burner phone?
  • Go to your Settings and select the "Power Off" option.
If I die, do I lose my burner phone?
  • No, if you die, you will not lose your burner phone.
Does my burner phone show up when someone uses /frisk on me?
  • Yes. Burner phones show up during a /frisk.
Can I sneak my burner phone in to SACF if a cop doesn't take it?
  • Yes. Being /prison'd, or /jail'd, doesn't remove your burner phone. Someone has to do it through roleplay.
Can I be robbed of my burner phone?
  • Yes, your burner phone may be taken from you during a robbery.
How do I hide my burner phone inside of my house?
  • Use /burner leave to drop the burner phone on the floor, and then adjust it with /burner adjust.
I left my burner phone outside at Idlewood Pizza Stack, and when I came back 20 minutes later, it was gone. Why?
  • Burner phones that were dropped outside of interiors are destroyed if there has been no activity for 10 minutes.

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Re: Burner Phone System

Post by Kane » Wed Apr 01, 2020 12:00 am

/phone (/ph)
  • Toggles the phone GUI.
/phonecursor (/phonemouse, /pc)
  • Toggles the mouse on screen (press ESC to get rid of it).
/phone switch (/ph switch)
  • Switch to your burner phone from your main device if you have one.
  • Burner phone commands to use in the world.
/burner pass
  • Give your burner phone to another player.
/burner leave
  • Leave your burner phone on the floor, as a server object.
/burner dispose
  • Dispose of your burner phone. Delete it permanently.
/burner adjust
  • Adjust a burner phone that was left on the floor as an object. Works only inside interiors.
/burner grab
  • Pick up a burner phone that was left on the floor as an object.
/burner hangup
  • Hang up a dropped burner phone that is ringing.
/burner poweroff
  • Toggle the power on a dropped burner phone.

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Re: Burner Phone System

Post by Kane » Wed Apr 01, 2020 12:00 am

[02 April 2020]
 - Released.
 - 4 burner phone operators are live. 4 more to come in the coming weeks.
[01 April 2020]
 - Feature documentation released.

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