Auction System

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Auction System

Post by Kane » Wed Jan 29, 2020 9:29 pm

Auction System
Authors: Kane & Davis
Last Update: 12/03/2019
Languages: Pawn

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Hello Everyone! Kane here. I'm back again and I'm excited to announce that it's with the new in-game Auction System! In the October 2019 Staff Team Update, we said we're in the process of moving auctions from a forum platform to an in-game platform. What does this mean? This means that players will be able to see what properties are available for auction, place a marker on their map to find them, and be able to view them in-game and place a bid without tabbing out or visiting the forums. The process is intended to be automatic, so when you win, the property is yours. This is a big step up from how we handle it right now (it's purely manual, and very work intensive) and should yield better accessibility for all players. Well? Since then we've been working on making that system a reality and we've done just that.

If you don't know what the current property auction system is or just not familiar with any of that, check out this Property Auctions (click) forum board. Newly created properties or properties sold for inactivity or other reasons are put up on auction by our great Property Management team. That gave you the opportunity to bid and win some properties. Not so forum savvy? No problem. That's why this is all in game now and easily accessible by anybody!
We've made sure to make this Auction System as user friendly as possible. In order to access the system, all there is to do is use the one command that you have access to which is /auction. If you would like more information on how to use and navigate through this system, I highly encourage you to check out the Auction System Guide (click). I'll be using this section of the documentation to explain to you the logistics of the system.

We've made it so that the same rules that applied to auctions on the forum also apply in game. We've implemented measurements in game to disallow a player from bidding on certain auctions with those rules in mind. Those reasons that I'll list now will be given to you as error messages in game.
  • You may only lead the bid on 1 property at a time.
  • The last bid on the auction was done by you.
  • You already bid on this auction with another account.
You may be wondering: Kane, why can I only have 1 bid? Well, that's a fair question. And the answer is simple. We want everyone to have the chance of owning a property. Any mega-rich player can come in and win every auction there is, so our solution to that is by making this a fair auction house.

As it was done on the forum, after it has been 3 days since the auction has been live, the 24 hour rule goes in to play. What this means, if you're unfamiliar with the forum system, the person who leads the bid on the auction for 24 hours will win.

So, when are the checks done? Every Payday. Every Payday the system will task the list of auctions and bids and determine if the auction is over and if so, who the winner is. Why every Payday? That is currently the most efficient way of handling it. You don't have to be online for any of this. The money of the property will be deducted from your on hand money or bank if you don't have it there. If you don't have the money at all? Your bid will then be null and void.
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