Knockout System

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Knockout System

Post by Kane » Wed Jan 29, 2020 9:28 pm

Knockout System
Author: Kane
Last Update: 11/18/2019
Languages: Pawn

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Hello Everyone! For a long time, a KO / knockout system has been requested and I'm happy to say that it's finally here. A KO is basically a second player state from being brutally wounded. Your HP has to reach that brutally wound point but it isn't going to put you in brutally wounded, but this KO state I'm talking about. We've written an algorithm and what it'll do is check your damage report and determine if a knockout would be realistically possible. We've put some thought in to how those determinations are made but it could always be improved. We'll be looking for player feedback after the first build of this system is in production.
Now to explain to you how this works. We've categorized a list of weapons that are a “no knockout weapon”. What that means is if the final blow, the weapon that is used to kill you, is one of those weapons, you won't be considered in to the KO state, but brutally wounded, even if the algorithm would determine that it's a knockout. Those weapons are:
  • Weapons that fire bullets
  • Knife
  • Katana
  • Chainsaw
  • Molotov
  • Grenade
A KO is also not possible if you're inside a vehicle at the time of the kill. A player may only be KO'd once every 15 minutes. What that means is, if you get KO'd in 1 round of a fight and then in the next 5 — 10 minutes you die the same way, it won't be a KO but you'll be brutally wounded. We don't want to remove the total possibility of death from simple fist fights or whatever may KO you, or may even kill you.

Helping another player up
So you've been knocked out. Not so great, but? You're in luck. Your friend can come help you up. After you've been down for 120 seconds, you become available for the /helpup command that your friend can use to help you. Why the wait? Well, you're knocked out. It wouldn't make sense if you were able to be brought up almost instantly. We want the KO system to enhance roleplay opportunities.

To help your friend who's been KO'd up, you need to be crouched and next to them. You then do /helpup with their Mask ID, part of their name, or IG ID, just like any other command. The system will force you to face them and will also apply an animation. Note: If you escape from the animation, it will end the operation. You'll then notice a label appear on the person you're helping up. They won't see but everyone else within your nametag distance will. It will take 15 seconds for the operation to complete. At 15 seconds, you would have helped your friend up. Note: If you take damage while trying to help someone up or if they die, the operation will be cancelled.


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