Graffiti System

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Graffiti System

Post by Kane » Sun Jun 16, 2019 2:29 pm

Graffiti System
Author: Kane
Last Update: 16/JUN/2019
Languages: Pawn

Introduction | Spray Types | Interior Support | Removing Graffiti | Media

The graffiti system is one of the major systems in LS-RP and it needed innovations. I've been wanting to revise the graffiti system for some time now and we've finally got to it. With this new graffiti system, I've taken a more realistic approach toward it when exploring different things we could do. I have many new additions that I'm excited to introduce to you. One of those is how we're streaming a graffiti when they're being sprayed on or off. Players will now be able to see what you're spraying while you're doing it. Each character of your spray will show up live. This update also changes how you would normally use a graffiti. When you're looking to remove a graffiti to spray your own up, you'll now have to spray it off first and then spray your own graffiti on. This update will also allow the expansion of graffiti points, allowing level 4 + admins to create/remove a graffiti. More information regarding that will follow.

Spray Types
There will be 3 different spray types! Each spray type is changeable through the graffiti GUI. You have 1 spray type to spray on your graffiti and 2 to remove it.
    This is self explanatory. This is the default spray type and also the one you'll use if you wish to spray text on to a graffiti. If you're using this type, you need to set your text first or it won't allow you to start spraying. You should also know that your graffiti text will be cleared every time you stop spraying. This is because of how a spray is done. Even if you stop spraying, the graffiti that you've already sprayed will be left there and you don't want to start re-spraying with the entire text again.

    The second spray type. This is used for cleaning/removing a graffiti. When you start spraying to clean with this type, the graffiti will start to clear from the beginning of the text. This will also remove any color it may have.

    The third and last spray type. This is also used for cleaning/removing a graffiti. However, when you start spraying to clean with this, the graffiti will start to clear from the ending of the text. The color on the graffiti will not be removed with this type.

Interior Support
This update allows support for different interiors and virtual worlds! There's not much to go on about this. Level 4 + admins will be able to create graffiti points inside houses, apartments, garages and businesses. If you've ever been apart of a gang with say, for example, a trap house, and you'd want graffiti displayed on the insides, this will allow you the opportunity of having one.

Removing Graffiti
Something new that's never been done with the previous graffiti system: being able to remove text from a graffiti. With this new system, you'll be able to remove text, character by character, from a graffiti point. You'll be able to remove text from the start or end of the graffiti. It's up to you. That's with the use of the different spray types which you can read about above. When you remove all the text from a graffiti, it'll be reverted to the base model object.

I've also taken account of law enforcement and government employees. Both groups will have the ability of removing a graffiti. When one does remove a graffiti, a 'cooldown' will occur with the graffiti point for x amount of time. The base model will also be removed in this instance and the graffiti point will not be usable. This is not the case for regular players but PD/SD/GOV only.

Image Image

Full Changelog:

  • [+] Graffitis can be created and removed in game by level 4+ Admins
    [+] New method of spraying on a graffiti with a live preview for players
    [+] Ability to remove text from a graffiti
    [+] Cooldowns which render a graffiti unusable for x amount of time when a PD/SD/GOV remove it
    [+] New colors for graffiti text!
  • [-] Ability to spray the base graffiti models

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