Chop Shop System

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Chop Shop System

Post by Kane » Mon May 20, 2019 11:12 am

Chop Shop
Author: Kane
Last Update: 17/MAY/2019
Languages Used: PAWN

The Chop Shop system was first introduced in 2012 and has been around since. Since then, it has been used with the Thief job. As of recently we've decided to make big changes to the system. This means certain features like the chalkboard you see when you deliver cars will no longer be a thing. The chop shop system will now revolve around official factions. The idea is that official factions will be allowed to own chop shop points. These points can be created, moved, removed, etc in game by a Lead Admin.

Official factions with chop shops will have the ability to give players outside their faction the ability to use their chop shop. Faction members will have automatic access. Lead Admins will be able to add/remove what vehicle models a chop shop can have. Those are both however limited. Furthermore, both the player who delivers a car and the chop shop will make money. Set in game, chop shops will have a percentage%. This is the percentage being taken from the vehicle model's dealership price. Faction leaders will be able to withdraw their earnings from the chop shop.

The general concept will remain the same. You'll have to locate a vehicle wanted by the chop shop. Steal it then make your way to the chop shop. When there, you'll be able to /delivercar. Each modification the car has will earn you more money but also take longer to deliver and chop. When the vehicle is done being chopped, it will be parked. If a vehicle you're chopping is destroyed, you'll be fined the deliver car amount x 3.

As I said above, both the vehicle model and player access slots are limited. This will give each faction the opportunity to strive and earn money with their chop shops. There are 74 vehicle models available for chop shops.

Vehicle Models: 40
Player Access: 20

  • /giveshopaccess - Faction ranks with permission can add players to the chop shop.
  • /takeshopaccess - Faction ranks with permission can remove players from the chop shop.
  • /mychopshop - See the chop shop menu.
  • /withdraw - Faction ranks with permission can withdraw from the chop shop.
  • /leavemission - End the car delivery process.
  • /delivercar - Deliver the car to a chop shop.
  • /chopshophelp - List of commands in game.

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