Clothing System

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Clothing System

Post by Kane » Tue Apr 16, 2019 12:19 pm

Author: Kane
Last Update: 09/AUG/2019
Languages Used: PAWN

The clothing system is one of the oldest on LS:RP and it's been some time since it was last updated. This was one of the systems that I was interested in revising entirely and bringing some quality of life updates to that I think players would most certainly enjoy. I had gone through a fair amount of suggestions and old discussions to figure out what some changes and additions players would want to see. For the longest time players have been asking for increased attachment slots. Unfortunately due to current SA:MP limitations, this won't be something we could ever deliver. A fair compromise to this would be increasing the amount of clothing items a player could own.

A major part of this system that I've touched up on is allowing lead administrators the in game ability to control the clothing items you'll be seeing on your /buy list at the Mall. This means they'll be able to add more items, edit prices, and et cetera. There have always been suggestions about adding new clothing items to the Mall and this will certainly expedite the process and give players the items they want.

As I had stated in my comments, increasing the amount of clothing items a player may own is something I've expanded on in this system. I'd like players to have as much as freedom as possible with their clothing. So with this update, I'll be adding Inventory Limits.

This will be the amount of clothing items you may purchase. This does not change the Attachment Limit however. You will still be restricted to 5 attachments but that shouldn't hinder you from being able to own more. Each Membership will have their own Inventory Limit, which you can see below:
Inventory Limits:
  • Player: 6
    Bronze Donator: 8
    Silver Donator: 10
    Gold Donator: 15
Item Colors:
This is one another new addition to the clothing system that I think many players including myself will enjoy. I have added the ability to change the color of your clothing items. We all know how we can't always find the perfect color of a clothing item we want, whether it isn't in the /buy menu or it doesn't exist or we simply just want one of our clothing items to be another color.

In this update, I will be addressing that. Through your clothing dialog menu, you will have the ability to change the 2 slot material colors of your clothing item. It can be any color you would like your item to be.

Item Names:
Another thing I've addressed in this update is being able to add a "unique identifier" to your clothing item. Have you ever had multiple amounts# of the same clothing item to create, for example, a beard out of them, and you happen to mix them up and forget which slot is which part? While this isn't a BIG deal, I see no problem with giving players the freedom to handle their items as they please and avoid any inconveniences if possible.

So you'll now be able to change the name that your clothing item is presented to you in the menus. I've kept it small and you'll be limited to 20 characters the max. These names will only be visible to you solely, e.g, they won't appear with the name you've set it to when you /clothing give.

You will be presented by the dialog GUI for accessing your clothing items by using the command /clothing without a parameter.
  • Main Page
    This will show all the clothing items you have.
    • Change Item Name
      Add a unique identifier to your clothing item. See Item Names.

      Change Bone Slot
      Change Index Slot

      Change Item Color
      Change the material color of your clothing item. You will need to enter your colors hex value. Format, e.g: FFFFFF for White.

      Adjust Item
      Change the position, rotation and/or scale of your clothing item.

      Place On/Off
      Place your clothing item on/off from the GUI or /clothing (p)lace as alternative.

      You can duplicate your clothing item. You'll need to be at the clothing type's store and it'll cost the same.
  • /clothing (parameter)
    Main command to access.
    • place (p)
      Put your clothing item on/off.

      adjust (a)
      Adjust your clothing item.

      drop (d)
      Drop your clothing item.

      give (g)
      Give your clothing item off to another player.
Image Image Image


Frequently Asked Questions:
When I put on one of my clothes it replaces another one that I already have on. Why?

Each clothing item needs to have its own index. You need to set their index by using /clothing. 0-4 are the index slots.

The max amount you can have on at a time is still 5.

Why didn't the color of my clothing change when I set it?

Some clothing item colors do not change. This is out of our control and we also don't know which work and which don't. Majority do work nonetheless.

You may also need to set both material color slots to the color you want.

Why didn't the custom name on my clothing show when I gave it to my friend?

Custom names for your items are solely for your own viewing. No one but you can see it.

Code: Select all

        [+] 1337+ can control Mall clothing /buy - add, remove, change prices, set to different store (tool, clothes, sport, accessory)
        [+] Added Inventory Limits for clothing items.
        [+] You can now change the material color of your item.
        [+] You can customize the name of your clothing item.

        [-] Removed the animation for adjusting clothing items.

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