Company System

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Company System

Post by Davis » Tue Dec 18, 2018 11:24 am

Company System
Author: Davis, Kane
Last Update: 18/NOV/2018
Languages: Pawn

Introduction | Customisation | Creating a Company | Commands

The Company System is something that Surreal and I have touched on multiple times on my dev blog, and other appropriate topics, but this feature documentation will serve to clearly outline the purpose of the system and how it will work.

The idea with the Company System is that it is similar to the faction system in many ways, but it also exists separate to being in a faction. The system allows players to create a company (after being approved by management), with an in-game accessible roster and the ability to invite, rank and kick players. There's also support in the system to allow vehicles and businesses to be tied to a company, in the sense that anyone in the company with the correct permissions is able to manage the vehicle/business/property. There's also a handful of commands (full list below), that level 4 admins are able to give a company access to on a case by case basis, i.e /roadblock, /operate, etc.

The general idea of the system as a whole was that it will serve to facilitate smaller groups and legal companies to flourish without being hindered by the script. For players that have low capital, Surreal is toying with the idea of creating an in-character capital/business loan system to allow players to be able to start companies.


The approach that Kane and I took when working on the company system was that everything has to be customisable in game, whether this is via a lead admin or the company owner on /companymenu, and I think we've managed to achieve that here. If you want to customise your company's name, create/delete ranks, change company or rank permissions, add vehicles, etc — this can all be done in game. This should allow complete creative direction to the owner of the company to set up their company how they deem suitable.

The system has functionality for vehicles and businesses to have shared ownership by company members, this can be controlled on a per rank basis via /companymenu to determine whether a set rank should be able to act as a business manager or be able to use a vehicle. Initially, for a vehicle or a business to be set to a company, this must be done by a Level 4 admin and Surreal will detail a full request process to ensure this is as streamlined as possible.

Creating a Company
I touched on this a little bit in the introduction, but just to go into further detail about this, Surreal is working with the Lead Team on a process for players to create companies and get a grant (loan) from the government for players with low income. This should allow players from various backgrounds to take advantage of the company system, whether that be via access to restricted vehicles or the ability to manage businesses collectively.

I'll leave it to Surreal to detail the full process for requesting a company, and you can expect a topic on that shortly, but we're hoping that this will allow for legal roleplayers, or illegal roleplayers with a legal front, to flourish.

  • Displays all current companies created on the server.
  • Displays a list of members in company that are currently online.
/company (accept/leave)
  • Used to accept an invite to, or leave a company that you are currently in.
/managecompany (hire/fire/rank/towcars)
  • Used to manage personnel & vehicles in a company, individual syntax can be found for each option by running the command with no parameters.
  • Used to manage and adjust any aspects of a company, i.e names, add new ranks, change permissions, etc.
And on a case by case basis, controlled via /companymenu:

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