24/7 Stores

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24/7 Stores

Post by Mmartin » Mon May 02, 2016 7:26 pm

Script name: 24/7 stores
Script author: Mmartin
Author Comments:

If you've ever said the wrong thing to your wife and looked for an easy way to apologize, you probably tried getting a bouquet of flowers from your local convenience store. Needless to say, you were probably unsuccessful. Well worry no more! In the new 24/7 store system, you'll be able to buy forgiveness for years to come with dried out flowers and cheap liquor.

All of the items you purchase can be used in one way or another. You can purchase:
  • Gas Can - contains 3 gallons of fuel for when you run out of fuel
  • Boombox - can be placed on the ground and played music on
  • Baseball Bat, cane, flowers, camera - gives you the weapon
  • OOC Mask - ability to put on /mask before you log off
  • Drink - ability to use /bdrink to get a sprunk cup, beer bottle or wine bottle.
  • Cigarettes - ability to smoke them using the /pitem system
  • Radio - you can choose between a 2, 5 and 8 slot radio
If there's a specific command needed to access the command, it'll be shown in the description box of the user interface after purchase.

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