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Post by Mmartin » Fri Jan 08, 2016 1:00 am

Script name: Garages
Script author: Mmartin
Author Comments:

Types of garages | Commands

With the introduction of Damian's property system, we were also looking for a way to expand script support for role-play around storing and maintaining vehicles. With the mechanic job already in place and vehicle-oriented factions floating around, whether that's racing or repair shops, I think a lot of people will find use for a garage.

Types of garages:
There's different ways how to obtain a garage. If your house or business already has a mapped garage outside, whether by default or added by the mapping team, the garage comes free of charge. Once the feature launches, we'll make a board for people with garages on their property, so they can be added. If you don't have a house or don't want your garage to be associated with a property, there'll be a couple of standalone garages around the city available for purchase (think like a regular house on the market). Access to the garages (being able to lock them and such) is inherited from the property it's attached to or from the garage's ownership – someone that rents your house or works at your business will be able to lock your garage, for example.
There will also be numerous garage interiors to pick from. Interior changes will be possible the same way house and business interior changes are done now. If the garage is attached to a house, you'll be able to customize it with furniture!

  • /garagehelp - view all garage related commands
  • /buygarage - purchase a nearby garage
  • /sellgarage - sell your garage
  • /garageinfo - info about your garage
  • /enter & /exit - enter and leave your garage
  • /lock - lock your garage

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