Prison Shop (Commissary)

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Prison Shop (Commissary)

Post by Mmartin » Sun Jun 29, 2014 6:42 pm

Script name: Prison Shop
Script author: Mmartin
Author Comments:

Description, Commands, Screenshots

There's been a prison shop (commissary) building mapped in SACF for quite a while but had close to no use except RPing around it occasionally. In order to enhance the role-play around SACF and items in it, we made a prison item and shop system that allows inmates to purchase items and use them or trade them with other inmates. Most of the items have solely RP purpose, but some of them can be used visually (e.g. cigarettes - smoking, or food - refilling hunger and health).

  • /pshop - access the prison shop
  • /prisonitems {ID} (/pitems {ID}) - displays prison items in your possession to you, or to specified player.
  • /prisonitem /pitem - allows you to trade, use, drop or view information about an item
  • /togpshop - DoC only, opens and closes the shop.
  • /pshopapprove - DoC only, approves an item for inmate to purchase (this only applies on certain items).
  • /reloadprisonitems - DoC High Command only, reloads prison items from the database.


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