Restaurant Script

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Restaurant Script

Post by TomsonTom » Thu Jun 05, 2014 10:42 pm

Restaurant Script
Il Ristorante di Los Santos

Script name: Restaurant Script (Restt_)
Script author: TomsonTom

How do I eat?

  1. /enter a restaurant like before
    (entrance fee is $0 and no biz products are removed when a player enters)
  2. use /eat or /meal order commands → menu will be shown
    (see below for menu screenshots)
  3. click on a meal photo you'd like to order, or click on the top-right cross to close the menu
    (selected option will turn green)
  4. upon ordering, your hunger level will be restored to 0.0,
    your health level will be raised (maximum is the spawn health),
    and you will receive a meal tray object
    (your money will be given to biz cashbox and -1/-2/-3/-3 products will be removed from business)

What do I do with the meal tray?

When you order a meal, you are now given a meal tray object, so you can actually roleplay eating with your friends, faction and so on. You can leave the restaurant while holding a tray, it won't get removed. You can even enter a car as a passenger and still hold your little tray.

To remove the tray, use /meal throw.

Would you like to place the tray on a table, on your car roof or wherever else? You can! Use /meal place command and adjust the object. It works the same way as furniture system: press ESC to cancel, click on save icon to save. To pick up a tray again, use /meal pickup.

Remember that all placed meal trays (not in your hands) are removed after approximately 10 minutes. If you want to keep a tray, pick it up and place again.


Restaurant Types

* Prices may vary depending on the business owner.

0 Pizza Restaurant

1 Burger Fast-Food

2 Chicken Fast-Food

Info for restaurant owners

The restaurant script was weird and it started bothering restaurant owners with the release of the new truck script. Products were getting removed randomly and prices were too low. I heard your lamentations and decided to come with something more interesting that would attract more people to your businesses.

If you own a business of a restaurant type, you can use /meal config command to display a menu where you can:

  1. change restaurant type between the three written above,
  2. change prices for different meals your business offers (min $25, max $1000).

You must be standing inside your restaurant to change these settings.

* You cannot change meal names. They come from singleplayer and are set to correspond to interior signs.


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