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Post by Damian » Sat Apr 19, 2014 2:36 pm


Script name: SANetwork
Script author(s): DamianC
Authors comment: One of our main sources of communication and information on the server. It has been with us since the very early days of LS-RP, and over these years it has served the server immensely through the leaderships of over a dozen of some of LS-RP's brightest and creative. Since it's purpose was usually met with no problems under each leadership the system itself seldom saw any updates.

As the years went by and the interest in media sparked up in more than just the SAN faction itself; it became quite obvious that the script we have today would never fully be able to address all the interest without driving the server insane with green text in the process.

Which is what I aimed for with this revision of San Andreas News setup. A system aimed to satisfy the preference and variety LS-RP is all about. A system to give that one person or that one group a chance to have just as many opportunities every other SAN member would have. A system make sure that the news/info on LS-RP never rest solely on one's shoulders, letting everyone worthy just do their thing.

A system that has all that while not annoying or encouraging the member base to /tognews in the process.
General information
    Image/news [text]
  • The command is pretty much self-explanatory. This text will be broadcasted to the entire server. Whether watching a specific segment or not they will see it. So this command should be useful for important announcements, informing others what special show or event has started and things amongst that nature.

    I'm going to change it up a bit as in removing the person's name from /news. Admins will get an alert of who sent the last /news ofc. Just overall this command is not supposed to as a chit chat command. You will have /live for that, which will be explained later.

    /tognews disables the news messages. Broadcast IG will be displayed as:
    [SAN] The people have elected Allison Hall to be Mayor of Los Santos!
  • Introducing the latest and the next biggest thing towards the way information/entertainment/news will be delivered! This command will house all the special segments, events, shows, and etc. So if a player sees something about any shows being on from /news or if they're just driving around and curious they can do /shows to see what is on air.

    When a player does /shows they will be presented with a dialog and a list of shows on it. Eg:
      [Ch:1]Sylvester's Christmas Boxing!
      [Ch:2]Weather with Baochi Chan
      [Ch:3]Interviewing Ms. Hall
      [Off]Jerry Springer
    You get the idea. A person just either /shows [channel-number] or they can click it directly on the dialog list. Once they change to that channel they will receive all the /live broadcasting information from it. So if you are driving around bored, interested in what is going on and or fan of that special person/segment just hit up /shows.

    If the show is a /tv special they will be presented with a message saying "** You're able to watch this segment with /tv". Command can be performed anywhere.

  • The powers that be(undecided) will decide the creation of what shows will be displayed via /shows. This command is the tool that will be used to achieve that. Once typed you will be presented with a dialog:
        On clicking "Create", if an available show spot is present you will be informed and immediately sent towards the naming dialog. At the naming dialog you decide the name of the show. Once done there you will be taken towards the admin control menu.
        On clicking "Edit", you will be presented of shows currently in session. On clicking ones that belong to you and or ones you have broadcaster access to you will be sent towards the admin control menu
      So this admin control menu I mentioned twice, a very very very simple list of options! Read below for info on content inside:
    • Naming- only the show's owner or the power at be have power over this. So if you're a broadcaster you will have no control over this option.
    • Camera Editing- On clicking this option you will be set towards the camera administration area. With this you can literally create camera positions and angles for your segment, completely on the fly! Really steps up the /tv experience for your viewers. The current limit of camera setups is 3.
    • Show Status- On/Off. When On it will signal the green in /shows and players will be able to join your session. When off players will no longer be able to join your session and all show commands will be disabled until switched back on.
    • Work Offline- On/Off. Only the show creator has this type of power over the segment. When a segment does not work offline and the creator of the segment logs off, they have 5 minutes to log back on before the deletion of the segment. If the segment is set to work offline the timer will be ignored.
    • Close Segment - Only the show creator and the powers that be controls this area. Self explanatory- closes the segment.
    Image/offerpriv [playerid/PartOfName] [priv-type] [tag](optional)
  • When granting any type of access towards your segment this will be your go-to command if you are in charge of the segment and or broadcaster of a segment.
    Privilege Types:
      (1)Broadcaster: Will give a member access to partial show administration and access to /live on your broadcast.
      (2)Guest: Will give a person access to /live on your broadcast.
    Tag: This parameter is fully optional. When not set it will give a player a default tag if they accept your offer: default tags being Host if a broadcaster and Guest if invited as a guest. If you set something for them it will be the tag displayed for them whenever they perform /live.

    Image/setshowtag [playerid/playername] [tag]
  • Like in /offerpriv, if you have access to the channel administration in anyway you have access to this command. This command basically lets you edit's a person's broadcast tag on the fly.

    Image/showtv [type]
  • If you have access to the segment's administration in anyway then you will have full access to the camera control. Anyone currently watching your segment via /tv will be affected the usage of the command. With the right creativity it will definitely create a very nifty experience for your viewers.

    The type options are as followed:
      myself: This type will set the camera behind yourself.
      camera [id]: This type will set the camera to a pre-installed area. You currently have # cameras setup.
      follow [playerid/playername]: This type will set the camera behind someone.
      off: Will turn the camera off.
  • Self explanatory! If you are on a segment and they are actively displaying something via television then just type this in to join in on the action.

    Image/live [text]
  • If you are a broadcaster, have any type of administrative power on the segment, and or granted with talking privileges you will be able to use this command. If the segment status is set to on, just perform the command and text will be sent to anyone apart of the segment's experience.

    Text will be displayed as:
    [Broadcast-Tag] Name_Name: I am just typing random stuff!
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