Poker System

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Poker System

Postby Noble on Tue Apr 01, 2014 1:00 am


Poker System

Author: Noble
Last Update: 28/03/14
Languages: C++ / PAWN


Pushing San Andreas Multiplayer to it's limits has always been a strong reason why I love scripting here which in turn has allowed me to realize that the possibilities go so far pushing me to taking on new challenges and dreaming of future features. My latest gift to you all is a fully functional poker system which unlike the previous system now makes use of text draws. I've spent a considerable amount of time researching Texas Hold 'em to bring Los Santos Roleplay a fun, efficient and integrable system which fits into a role-play environment.

Texas Hold 'Em

Texas Hold 'Em poker is a variation of poker where each player is dealt two cards along with the table being dealt five cards in different stages. Initially three cards are dealt (the flop) with another card being dealt after (the turn) then finally another (the river). Players have the ability to either bet, check or fold during each betting round.

Additional information can be found on Wikipedia.


I've done a vast amount of research into the different poker game providers currently on the market and from them created something fitting for a SA-MP role-play environment. I've ensured players have the ability to role-play alongside this feature which will open the doors to different variants of role-play. The feature list below details this system:

  • Table Ownership
      Casino owners will have the ability to purchase a table.*
  • Table Management
      Table owners can position and change the buy-in value of their table.
  • Simultaneous Games
      Unlike the previous system multiple games can run at the same time with up to six players per table.
  • Lobby System
      Players can utilize the lobby to wait for friends or take a seat and wait for other players.
  • Use of sprites
      I'm now making use of the native Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas card sprites as a pose to the previous system using game text.

* Subject to change.




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01/04/2014 -
Feature Documentation published.
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