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Fine System

Post by Mmartin » Tue Oct 01, 2013 10:03 pm

Technical overview
Script name: Fine System
Script author(s): Mmartin
Script description: Main goal of this feature is to merge tickets, vehicle fines and fines and make the system more user friendly and up to date.

General information
  • /fine [playerid/PartOfName] [amount] [reason] - Command for cops to write a fine to player
  • /fines - Browsing your unpaid fines
  • /fines [playerid/PartOfName] - Tool for cops to view player's unpaid fines
  • /vehiclefine [vehicleid] [amount] [reason] - Command for cops to write a fine to vehicle
  • /vehiclefines - Browsing your unpaid vehicle fines
  • /vehiclefines [vehicleid] - Tool for cops to view vehicle's unpaid fines

If you receive a fine, you can pay it at the city hall. Laws and regulations on time frame when the fine needs to be paid are stated by the penal code (Script wisely set to 72 hours). If you receive a vehicle fine, you need to take it out from the vehicle and it hops on your person, so you can bring it to city hall and pay it.



Note: This update will come with the vehicle system revamp.

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