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Visible Weapons

Post by Young » Tue Feb 19, 2013 1:15 am

Technical overview
Script name: Visible Weapons
Script author(s): krisk
Authors comment:
This brings the "what's on you is on you" rule to a whole new level by actually sticking the weapons onto your skin; which is exactly what someone said would be a good idea. That is what we have done. Here is a short summary of how this will work:
  • You will, with a command similiar to /clothing adjust to be able to adjust how any weapon is attached to your skin.
  • All weapon adjustments will save.
  • Weapon will automatially attach to you once you scroll it away.
  • Smaller weapons does not have to be attached to you.
  • It is essential that scrolling is still roleplayed.
The PD/SD weapons arsenal will be elaborated on below. As will PD/SD having multiple guns on them at once.

Script description:
  • This "Visible Weapons" script allows for only two weapons on anybody person at any time; one large weapon (assault rifles, SMGs, and a shotgun), and one smaller weapon (handguns).
  • Once a large weapon is scrolled (NOTE: You must first roleplay the gun being slung over yourself or stuck into a bag prior to scrolling it away) it will appear where you set it to appear.
  • Small weapons will appear on you and you can position them how you like unless you decide that you wish to hide the small weapon.
  • You may edit any weapon that is enabled for usage in the script without having the weapon (note that you will not keep the weapon).
  • PD/SD have received a huge edit to the /duty system as well as their vehicles being enabled for usage with /check (/trunk along with that). PD/SD ammo in weapons has also been lowered.
  • Hiding guns in bags and such will be elaborated on below.

General information
  • This is how the attached guns will look when on you:

    • /weapon
        The weapon editing dialog will be displayed in your chatbox (dialog listed below).
    • /weapon adjust [weapon NAME]
        You will be able to edit any weapon's placement using the object editing system that /clothing uses. You may edit any weapon that is enabled for usage in the script without owning it script-wise.
    • /weapon bone [weapon NAME] [bone ID]
        You may attach the gun to most bones in the character's body so the gun sticks to that specific bone. If you have set your gun to a certain position using /weapon adjust, using /weapon bone will reset the already set weapon placement and you will have to re-adjust your weapon.

        Bone list:
        1 - Spine
        3 - Left upper arm
        4 - Right upper arm
        5 - Left hand
        6 - Right hand
        7 - Left thigh
        8 - Right thigh
        9 - Left foot
        10 - Right foot
    • /weapon hide [weapon NAME]
        This allows for handguns to be hidden (removed from the body) if you wish to conceal the handgun. Works with silenced pistol, desert eagle, colt .45, Uzi/Mac-10, Tec-9.
    • Weapon names that the script recognizes:
        Colt (Colt .45), Silenced (Silenced pistol), Desert (Deagle), Shotgun (Shotgun), Combat (SPAZ-12), Mac (Mac 10), MP5 (MP5), AK (AK47), M4 (M4), Tec (Tec-9), Country (Country Rifle), Sniper (Sniper Rifle)

    PD/SD insane weaponry
    • PD & SD: They will only be issued a handgun (desert eagle) upon /duty. They will however have a modified version of /getgun and /place in their cruisers. Modified in the way that slot 1 will contain unlimited amount of shotgun, slot 2 will contain unlimited amount of MP5 and slot 3 will contain unlimited amount of M4. They will also be able to /place to get rid of the gun. Either at trunk or inside the vehicle. (To make this work, it requires policepermission to retrieve or place weapons in a cruiser, weapons retrieved will not save to inventory but work like the current weapons they get at /duty.)

      It is highly unrealistic with a moving armoury, but having to actually re-stock cruisers is gonna cause too much of a mess.
      • SWAT/TRU: Will be able to /getgun the SPAZ-12 and SNIPER from the vehicles; being on SWAT/TRU duty is required to retrieve weapon 4 and 5 (sniper/spaz).

        The good thing with this is that police officers and prison guards actually do need to retrieve their weaponry from proper location (gun rack) to utilize their weapon, and needs to go back to their cruiser to retrieve a new one if needs to change.

        PD/SD may not take a new heavy weapon out of their cruiser without /place'ing the getgun'd weapon first.
        • PD/SD commands to withdraw weapons are as follows:
            /takegun [SLOT ID (1/2/3)] - for basic officers/deputies only (non-SWAT/TRU)
            /takegun [SLOT ID (1/2/3/4/5)] - SWAT/TRU use 4 and 5

            /place [WEAPON ID (25/29/31)] - for basic officers/deputies only (non-SWAT/TRU)
            /place [WEAPON ID (25/29/31/27/34)] - SWAT/TRU use 4 and 5 which are 27 and 34 (all are in correspondence with 1/2/3/4/5)

        Hiding weapons
          Hiding weapons can work hand-in-hand with the clothing system with sportsbags/backpacks:

        New weapon ammo loadouts for police
          Deagle: 500 -> 150
          MP5: 5000 -> 500
          M4: 3000 -> 500
          Shotgun: 200 -> 100
          SPAZ: 500 -> 100

          Reasons: Standard load-out for weapons like assault weapons in a tactical usage would be 7 clips, in which would be 350 in SA-MP logic of M4. Adding another 3 clips summing it to 500 to account for lags and desync. Same for MP5.

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