Brutally Wounded / Acceptdeath:

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Brutally Wounded / Acceptdeath:

Post by Aero » Mon Feb 11, 2013 4:29 pm

Technical overview
Script name: brutally wounded / Acceptdeath
Script author(s): krisk
Authors comment: The current brutally wounded system we have on LS:RP is from early 2008, over the years it's been proved not to be as functional as we'd like. It is therefore beyond the stage it needs repair, and therefore taken to developers for revamp. System is based on feedback in the helpers forum thread and around what is actually technically possible, along with what is technically useful/roleplay-wise useful.
Script description: Now, the new system is based around the same criterias as the previous one, you get killed and respawn in a brutally wounded stage. Exception is that you can look around and still be shot again - opens for ACTUAL executions instead of the constant "/me shoots X's head" "/b acceptdeath noob" stuff. It also has some weather (drug-ish) effects to the brutally wounded.

General information

The system itself
Quite simple, you'll be familiar with it.. Key things to know, ALL various bullet calibre fired on a person the past 2 minutes are stored. Meaning what shows up above his head in an /ame during BW screen is what's shot at him. Weapon types defined as:
Colt, silenced, deagle, MP5, uzi, tec9 = 9mm.
Country rifle, AK47 & M4 = 5.56mm
Sniper rifle = 12.7x106mm
Shotgun, SPAZ, Sawnoff = Simply "Shotgun", as for RP to define.
Everything else, from fist to baton = Misc

(Elaborating on "2 minutes reset", as in, it resets if he hasn't be fired on at all the past 2 mins, but if he gets fired on, it's 2 new mins til reset from last bullet. This to avoid someone being shot at hours ago, went to hospital etc.)

Another change is that the BW'd also sees these damages when being BW'd, so he knows what to RP by. While he is able to do /low, /me and /do in BW mode, he is to RP by the wounds he's got. I'm not gonna limit RP here, but as of this point it is ridiculous amount of people surviving ALL kinds of gang attacks when EMT arrives, but dies of the slighest misfired air-soft gun by PD/SD in a fugitive hunt.

This is how the "killed" sees his screen in brutally wounded mode
(NB: He can still move his mouse around)

This is how everyone else sees the brutally wounded
(Yeah, overkill amount of weapons fired, just wanted to get it out there.)

And this is how everyone sees the downed if he /acceptdeath's or got executed.
(He will lay there, like that, in a bloodpool until acceptdeath time is over and he respawns (~60 seconds))

Weapon damage modifications
(This is ADDITIONAL damage, not total damage.)
Golfclub 0 -> 15
Knife 0 -> 20
Bat 0 -> 15
Shovel 0 -> 15
Poolstick 0 -> 5
Colt45 15 -> 30
Deagle 80 -> 65
MP5 18 -> 28

Technical difficulties
- We're using a "bug" to leave the body there in a bloodpool, this will result in not being able to re-anim the vic for un-streamed people (meaning when people arrive from outside 300 meters of him while he is in /acceptdeath they will see him standing with no health.)
- Cause of this, there is times where player attempts to restore spawn/health and therefore body disappears from the ground before /acceptdeath time has ran out sometimes.

^ Neither of above is a problem, this is AFTER BW stage and when he's in heaven anyways.

- People ABUSING this is a problem, since they are only frozen in an anim, G/RETURN to enter vehicle works, but precautions taken. First attempt, script will throw them back in death anim and WARN them, second attempt it'll /acceptdeath for them. FD will need to use /putinambu as previous.

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