Cheques, Fines, & Bail

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Cheques, Fines, & Bail

Post by Damian » Tue Apr 12, 2011 10:52 pm

Technical overview
Script name: Checks & Checks_Cmd
Script author(s): Damian
Authors comment: I've said a few words and expressed my opinions many times about checks and bail already if you've been keeping up with my posts but since we're in Feature Doc I will explain it fully once again.

    I chose to go with naming the command /cheque, as cheque is the universal name, and /check was already taken ;(. So far it will be used to handle your paychecks. As time goes on I will make it so people/businesses can write checks to others to cash.

    The system is heavily documented, I can literally keep track of how much who makes on the server through legal jobs rather than guessing figures and amount of workers. It will be a new step into the way most of the money on this server will be handled.
    Like checks it's another self explanatory system. When you get a fine from someone/something you just pay it off whenever and however long it's dictated IG to pay it by.
    Fines will be removed from LSP and replaced with the bail system. People will no longer be forced to pay cash but will most likely have a higher prison sentence. You can't have your cake and eat it people, live with it. If you pay your bail though your time will be lowered to the new hour set by the arresting officer.

General information
How do I get my paycheck?
    Refer to /cheque for a list of things you can do.

    You perform you job services. It's not a one time thing, you have to constantly work at the job to build up your paycheck. Each legal paying job has their own limit as well so just keep going until it informs you that you are at the max you can go.

    Once you are at max or content with the money you made so far just head down to the bank and /cheque paycheck. It will give you your paycheck which you can cash anytime you want. You can either give your cheque to someone else at this point or cash it whenever you want at the bank.

    Once cashed you wait for the next PayDay for the money to be transferred to your bank account.

How do I pay bail?
    First and foremost you need to make sure you have your fines handled. You will NOT be able to receive bail if you already have fines set to you so get that handled. You will either need enough money on you, in your bank account, or all together to pay it off.

    The officer sets the bail up through /pprison. The new layout is:
    /pPrison [ playerid/PartOfName ] [ Time(Hours) ] [ Bail ] [ Bail-New Hour ]
    Bail - How much bail.
    Bail New Hour - The new hour to set them at when paid.

    If you have the money to pay it off you simply do /bail. You pay it off and you go through your new low time.

How do I pay a fine?
    Refer to /fine for a list of things you can do.

    When you want to pay a fine you need to get the FineID. You can find it through /fine display. Once you got the FineID you simply do FineID inside of the HQ of whoever or whatever assigned you the fine.
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Re: Cheques, Fines, & Bail

Post by Collins » Wed Apr 20, 2011 12:59 am


This system seems really hard and complicated but in fact it's really simple. In-game when you do the /cheque command it'll come up with basic information for you for each one so I’m not going to explain each command to you, just the one thing nearly everyone is getting confused on, how to get pay checks from jobs.

What you need to do firstly is actually work for a pay check, the reason you all get $0 pay checks is because you're actually not out working, it's not a bug like so many of you think. Mechanic and Detectives can make their money by going out and actually getting people to pay them for their work. Detectives could get together and start their own little investigation company for example, and mechanics can do what they do now, respond to the 555 calls and help people out as and when needed to build up their money.

To the truckers out there. The cheque system is mainly there for you; basically you get a cheque after completing one of the round trips and dropping off, which it'll tell you of. Right as soon as you finish it, this is where you can collect the pay check or continue working to build your pay checks up. From what's been checked you can go around twice and collect a pay check before having to collect it, so basically you can do two missions before having to collect a pay check as it tells you you've reached all you can hold.
Note: You can only collect a pay check once every hour, so we strongly recommend you do go round twice to collect your pay check to save waiting for an hour to claim your next one.

To collect your pay check you have to head to one of the two banks we have in Los Santos, the Hoover Bank in East Beach or Rodeo Bank. Once inside you have to follow these instructions.

  • Firstly step inside the bank and do this command: /cheque paycheck yes. This'll give you your pay check for the current mission you've just done.
  • Next step and command after this is: /cheque display all. This will display the cheque you've just received for doing the work. You need the Check_ID:_ Number that comes after this to be able to cash the cheque, so make sure you do this command first.
  • Lastly you need to use this command: /cheque cash [Cheque ID]. Remember to get the cheque ID see above. Once you've successfully done this you do not receive the money immediately. You have to wait for the next hourly payday upon which you will then be paid for the work you've done.

That's basically everything you need to know about the cheque system which you all are confused about.


So alot of you know about the speed cameras and alot of you know that you get fined in which you have to pay it or they all add up. Firstly to answer a question alot of you wish to know, what happens if the tickets don't get paid?
Basically the tickets will continue to add up, until the point in which you reach an amount where you can't hold any more. When this happens the money gets automatically deducted from your bank account and a fine ontop of that, which basically means not paying them is a really bad option.

Alot of you are also confused as where to pay then, because of it stating government headquarters. This is basically a posh name for city hall. All you need to do is head down to city hall (which is located right next to the police department, Pershing Square) and once there you get access to the /fine command. To pay a speed ticket you must follow these basically instructions.

  • Upon arriving and entering City Hall you firstly need to do the /fine display all command. Doing this basically brings on screen all the speeding tickets you have which will look like so :
  • Once you have them on screen you can then decide if you have more than one to pay all of them or just one, it's down to you. To do this you have to do the /fine pay [Fine ID]. To get your fine ID remember to look above. Once you have paid you will get this message:

That's the fine system basically fully explained.


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