Car Jacker:

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Car Jacker:

Post by Damian » Mon Feb 28, 2011 12:21 am

Technical overview
Script name: CarJacker
Script author(s): Damian
Authors comment: What I've always wanted for the car jacker system was for it to fit straight into LS:RP's world rather than just going to an i marker and delivering a random car somewhere for money. No, never liked that system. What I aimed for when scripting is first and foremost creating a Chop Shop business for mafias to run.

The person will need connections to people in charge of Chop Shops to get the job. So hopefully it opens the doors to more things for mafias to do and way more interactions between people. It's money on the spot job and I aimed mostly to transform the job into an adventure type of thing.

General information
As stated in the post earlier you need to get in touch with a Chop Shop owner in order to get the job. Once you get the job you go to the Chop Shop and /takejob to see what type of car they're looking for. Once you /takejob you got as long as you want to find the car.

You're going to have to get a private car, static cars will not work. Once you're firmly in one just /delivercar and it will setup a checkpoint for you.

Take the car to the chop shop checkpoint and it will begin the car chopping process. Once the timer is up completely the car will be destroyed(literally). And no it is far from over, you now must go through the task of driving this horribly damaged car to a dropoff checkpoint far away. Try not to get caught by the cops along the way!

Once you make it there you will be paid for your duties.

Destroying the car is frowned upon, please do not do that. Think of the owner.
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