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Post by Damian » Fri Dec 10, 2010 7:55 pm

Technical overview
Script name: Career_Main
Script author(s): Damian
Authors comment: What made me want to update the job/career system is when I noticed there weren't that many jobs in LS:RP and the ones that were available were mostly illegal. So mostly if new players wanted to make any type of money they would have to become some type of entrepreneur, scam, join a faction, or take up an illegal life style.

There's just generally no type of job for a person to take on this server. So in order to add on to the sheer ambiance, comradery, and productivity to LS:RP I decided it would be best to just revamp the current job system in LS:RP. Which is hard enough as exhibited already when done by people not as advanced as others.

What I mean by careers is having a job set in place where a person can advance after so many paydays to a higher level job inside of the career. As they progress they will have the options of more duties, better paychecks, control over certain others, more access to items/features.

General information
What careers can you expect to see starting off:
  • Revamped Detective Career.
  • Revamped Carjacker job.
  • Revamped Mechanic Career.
  • Pizzaboy Career.
  • House Robbery and other illegal jobs revamped so that official mafias/gangs have ultimate control over it.
  • Checking system.
  • Street sweeper mini-job.
  • Trucker career & Revamped garbage man job.
  • Gov & Council member job opportunities.
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