Outdoor Furniture

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Outdoor Furniture

Post by Kane » Sun Dec 06, 2020 11:52 pm

Outdoor Furniture
Authors: Kane
Last Update: 12/05/2020
Languages: Pawn

Introduction | Feature | Media

This feature is an addition to the existing furniture system that will allow players to furnish the outside of their properties. Outdoor furnishing will be available only to houses during initial release. This will also not be immediately accessible. Home owners who would like access must file a request with the property team and pay a fee.
This feature is available to everyone but the object limits are:
Regular: 3
Bronze: 5
Silver: 8
Gold: 12

While furnishing outdoors, you will only have access to one category that was specifically fitted with objects that are appropriate for the outside. In comparison, you have access to 284 items outside and over 1300 inside.

Who can furnish the outside? Only you, the property owner. The outside of your house will be your responsibility. This means that anyone who was granted build or given a property key won't be able to furnish outside for you. The furniture system will function the same way as it does inside when furnishing outside. Nothing will change in that aspect and everything will remain the same.

Whats new:
- While furnishing outside, the only items in your "Current Furniture" list will be the ones you have outside.
- You may not access furniture that is inside
- While furnishing inside, you'll be able to see and access outdoor items. However, the only functions you will be able to use is
re-naming and selling. Outdoor items will also be marked in gray with a *outside* tag.
- New command /togfurniturehelp. This feature provides a green zone on your radar when you use /furniture to show you how
big your area is and where it ends exactly. You can choose to have it on or off. Image

Some pointers:
- Using /sellallfurniture will also remove your outdoor furniture.
- When furniture is despawned due to property inactivity, outdoor furniture will also go with it.

Visit the Image House Changes forum to request it now!
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Known SA-MP Bugs
My cursor disappeared and it keeps destroying my object!
A sa-mp bug may occur where when your object gets destroyed by the server, the next time you purchase one your cursor doesn't appear. Next thing you know you move your mouse and your object goes flying. Here's how to fix this:
- Make sure you're facing in a direction where your object won't spawn away from your house.
- DO NOT move your mouse when it spawns.
- HOLD your RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON and then click your LEFT MOUSE BUTTON and let go to get your cursor back.

My furniture is just sliding away after the editing was cancelled.
This only occurs on the client side. To fix it, simply re-stream. An easy way is to enter exit your house. This may occur because of the aforementioned bug with the mouse.

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