[POLITICS] Republican Underhill sworn in as Lt. Governor at City Hall ceremony

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[POLITICS] Republican Underhill sworn in as Lt. Governor at City Hall ceremony

Post by TeodoraMk » Fri Nov 13, 2020 11:33 pm


BY Patricia Asaro | November 13, 2020


The inauguration

LOS SANTOS, SA - Republican Frank Underhill was sworn in as the new Lieutenant Governor of San Andreas on a public ceremony, on stage in front of Los Santos City Hall, at November 12, 2020.

This ceremony is customary in San Andreas, to ensure continuity at the head of state government. The official transfer of power preceded a full day of inaugural events. Sources known to the SAN team state that it was Underhill's idea to take the oath of office in public. His supporters, as well as the rest of the citizens, had the chance to attend the inauguration. The inauguration was conducted by Supreme Court Justice Eric Cradle and Governor Darrell Bryant.


Sugely Cuevas-Underhill, Frank Underhill and Darrell Bryant arriving to the ceremony

Frank Underhill showed that he was his own man during this year’s campaign, even while embracing some of the proposals coming from his political party. Underhill's election as Lieutenant Governor continued his quick political ascent. He was appointed on the position Secretary of State, at July 28, 2020. He wielded his authority as the Secretary of State to challenge a series of executive actions. Now he will be dealing with many of those same issues as the Liutenant Governor. He vowed as a candidate to exercise his executive authority.

"It's so nice to see so many faces here tonight, this big night of Lieutenant Governor Frank Underhill's inauguration. I am very humbled to get the opportunity to welcome him into my office of the Governor and I can't wait to see what changes and ideas he wants to bring on the table. We strive for a healthy state and that means security, health and jobs. I'm sure Lieutenant Governor Underhill will perform just fine in his new office. And I'm proud to present to you Justice Eric Cradle as well, who will be handling the inauguration." - was Governor Bryant's opening statement.

"I'm glad to see so many of you out here tonight, on this very special day. I would like to thank Governor Bryant for putting both his faith and trust in me and I would like to thank you, the people. These are not simple times, I'm sure that a lot of you go or went through harsh times. Ever since I took office I made the promise of discharging my duties to the best of my abilities and I'll tell you this right now, I'm going to uphold my pledge. I will continue to fight for you, to win for you and hopefully earn your true support and trust in me. I have already began working on multiple reforms within the State Government during my tenure as Secretary of State. I am sure that now, as Lieutenant Governor, I will be able to do them even faster and better. My fellow Americans, there's a long road ahead of us, but I am confident in the talent we have over here. I would like to congratulate all recently elected Senators and wish them the best of luck this term, I'm looking forward to working with them, with full cooperation. It is time to put our differences aside and govern. Thank you." - said Underhill.



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Re: [POLITICS] Republican Underhill sworn in as Lt. Governor at City Hall ceremony

Post by Gangster.. » Sat Nov 14, 2020 5:51 pm

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