[ENTERTAINMENT] Avidity: The Rhythm of the Night in Los Santos

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[ENTERTAINMENT] Avidity: The Rhythm of the Night in Los Santos

Post by Hawksbee » Thu Sep 24, 2020 4:55 am


Avidity: The Rhythm of the Night in Los Santos
By Lucas Tobias | September 24, 2020


Anyone who has spent a night on the town in Los Santos has heard the name Avidity at least once. The record label was the brain-child of Valerio Kensington approximately four months ago, and it has rapidly grown to become a household name in the nightlife of Los Santos; an artist signed on with the label can be seen playing at virtually any club open any night of the week. So far, the label shows no signs of slowing its tempo. SAN had the opportunity to talk to Kensington, also known as DJ Korrupt, Chief Executive Officer of Avidity, regarding the growth of the record label and plans for its future.

The first question that nagged at the mind of the reporter was the origin of the name. When asked, Kensington responded that it was the result of a brainstorming session; an associate threw the name out, and, to quote Kensington, "It sounded different, it had something to it, so we went with it." Given the definition of Avidity, a noun describing extreme eagerness or enthusiasm, the choice could be seen as nothing short of serendipitous.


In one word, Avidity's growth can only be described as exponential. The record label has signed contracts with "every venue that matters, be it a shared contract with ROZE or an independent music contract with us," in Kensington's own words. Perhaps the most notable testament to the label's expansion is their own nightclub, The Hub. When asked about the nature of the club, Kensington responded, "The vibes depend on the night... We aim to be the go-to spot to have fun at, regardless of skin tone, gender, or political stance."

However, The Hub serves a second purpose as well. It is a sort of crucible for aspiring DJs on the label, to gauge how well each will perform in front of a crowd. This is certainly a safe move, but Kensington has added that they have had "no complaints" in regards to testing fresh DJs at live bookings at other clubs before The Hub. Kensington attributed this to being "Strict on who we're hiring. Gotta have potential to tag in on the action."

With all the growth that the record label has seen, one can only wonder what is next in store for Avidity. When asked, Kensington responded that they plan to continue their expansion, "be it more venues that aren't even music-related to some small projects that are already in the works. A hint, people who are into politics are gonna love it." Given the political climate of San Andreas as a whole in the moment, such a statement may leave more questions than answers, but Avidity has a reputation and a track record of letting their music do the talking.

Kensington concluded the interview with "a shoutout to the people supporting us, including the ones behind the scenes. Those people know who they are." With the growth of the label, and its branding on the city's nightlife itself, the list of supporters is certain to grow. And it shows no signs of stopping just yet.


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Re: [ENTERTAINMENT] Avidity: The Rhythm of the Night in Los Santos

Post by BryanH » Thu Sep 24, 2020 6:05 pm

COMMENT: No questions that Avidity is number 1

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Re: [ENTERTAINMENT] Avidity: The Rhythm of the Night in Los Santos

Post by Virus » Thu Sep 24, 2020 9:55 pm

COMMENT: Since when did picking songs off the radio and putting them onto a playlist make you a label??? What artists do they even have? 😂
just an old nobody

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Re: [ENTERTAINMENT] Avidity: The Rhythm of the Night in Los Santos

Post by JayEast » Fri Sep 25, 2020 4:53 am

COMMENT: We’ve got a few recording artists signed to our label and are in the works of signing a few new ones aswell.
Meanwhile our disc jockeys are neck deep into booked shows that maintaining the same quality during the increasing quantity got our team’s main dedication.

Meanwhile you’re here commenting on a SAN article, trying to trash us whilst nobody knows who you are or what you even accomplished.
Simply irrelevant.

Shoutout SAN for the follow-up article.

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Re: [ENTERTAINMENT] Avidity: The Rhythm of the Night in Los Santos

Post by jamsiemcdonald09 » Fri Sep 25, 2020 4:15 pm

USERNAME: LittleXD COMMENT: Exactly what I expected, Korrupt's known to ride D for bookings & now he's apparently doing the same process for a lil bit of clout from san news too. This reporter said "They let their music do the talking" which music is he refering to? The stolen mixes of successful DJ's? I've never seen an advertisement about an avidity artist neither.

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Re: [ENTERTAINMENT] Avidity: The Rhythm of the Night in Los Santos

Post by star$cream » Fri Sep 25, 2020 9:25 pm

USERNAME: [burgerking] COMMENT: [hello, flexnext is da best]

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Post by nobita88 » Mon Sep 28, 2020 7:03 am

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