[POLITICS] Republican Operative Switches Sides

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[POLITICS] Republican Operative Switches Sides

Post by Boss » Fri Jun 05, 2020 3:32 am




Susan Yang leaves the State Senate Inauguration with her new boss, Lieutenant Governor Charles Moreno.

Susan Yang, a prominent businesswoman, has made an inroads into San Andreas politics. Yang ran the North American division of the Yang Corporation and Yang Business Solutions, which is a business consulting and lobbying group based out of their Downtown office. Not long after acquiring her new position in Yang Business Solutions, Yang joined the San Andreas Republican Party as an aide to support Republican State Senators and the Party administration.

“After a productive meeting with Senator Luis Peralta of the San Andreas Republican Party yesterday, it was clear to me that the Senator and I share the same ideals and values, as well as the same vision for this great state. We discussed at great length how we can work together on various projects to better enrich the lives of the state’s population and how we can both serve the Party,” Yang said in a statement at the time.

At that time, Yang became a staunch advocate for the Republican Party leadership, especially concerning the corruption trial of former Secretary of State Sugely Cuevas and Senator Frank Underhill. Yang executed a press strategy on behalf of the Republican Party, demanding media outlets like the San Andreas Network, publicize “unconstitutional” behavior by the San Andreas Department of Justice. That behavior being the Justice Department conducting voluntary interviews with key GOP donors who participated in the fundraiser that landed Cuevas and Underhill behind bars.

Times have changed, however. Four days after Yang began her work in the Republican Party, she was bought out by Newman-Bentley Holdings.

“Susan Yang has accepted the role of Chief Administrative Officer at Newman-Bentley, therefore placing her on the Board of Directors. This role will include managing human resources, assisting with the financial department and other day-to-day tasks. Mrs. Yang will retain her position as head of the Yang Corporation,” the Yang Corporation said in a statement.

It seems that Lt. Governor Moreno will continue the tradition of his predecessor, and pass out government positions to San Andreas’ business elite, because Yang is now serving in his press office. The name Newman-Bentley shouldn’t seem unfamiliar to the average politico, since it’s controlled by the majority shareholder and executive board member, Paris Newman, who currently serves as Press Secretary. Impressively, Newman has been able to successfully transition from being on the Republican ticket facing Lt. Governor candidate Moreno in the election, to becoming now acting Lt. Governor Moreno's Press Secretary, while still pulling the strings for her private company.

Given the track record, it is unsurprising that Yang, who runs a Newman-Bentley subsidiary, joined the Lieutenant Governor’s press office. In an interview with SAN, Yang downplayed her past role in the San Andreas Republican Party.

“I was an aide in the [Republican Party], far from ‘party leadership.’ And now I work for the Office of Press Secretary,” Yang said. “I resigned from the GOP to serve the Office of the Press Secretary.”

Yang declined to discuss the specifics of the Cuevas-Underhill case, which she once advocated on as a Republican.

“I believe in waiting for the results of the court case. Personally, I do not comment on on-going cases,” Yang said.

However, when asked about the circumstances around the case, Yang affirmed that it was unethical for public servants to use their powers for political fundraising purposes, an undisputed fact in the case.

“It is an unfair advantage over the other side,” Yang said, before concluding the brief interview.


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