[ENTERTAINMENT] New Crews Collection Line Hits Headlines

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[ENTERTAINMENT] New Crews Collection Line Hits Headlines

Post by Chanel » Sun May 03, 2020 9:46 am


BY AMY CLIP | MAY 3, 2020

If you keep up-to-date with fashion icon Mike Crews on FaceInvader, you may have noticed the mogul has been keeping to himself over the past year. He may not have explained why, but the reason was revealed this week: Crews discloses to the Los Santos Times he has been carefully designing his new fashion line. His biggest priority, naturally, was to suit the needs of all his well-earned customers.

Mike Crews will be expanding his empire by launching his fashion line in Los Santos this spring. The collection contains an assortment of suits in various fabrics and colors. At the Los Santos Times, we gained exclusive access into the life of the rich and successful Crews. The inspiration for this brand came from hard-working men who have achieved "champion status." It is especially made for "breadwinners who are providing for their families — the real men of America."

Sneak preview of the upcoming fashion line by Crews Collection

The Crews Collection is a highly valued fashion company for the well-established, high-end society. Values of the collection include "integrity, kindness, fairness, strength and wisdom."

"This current line—and my upcoming line—will be dedicated to the men and women who live and breathe these five words." Crews exclaims to the Times.

Matched with perfectly polished dress shoes, Crews' project was designed and prototyped by himself. Only the finest tailors have been employed to replicate these concepts and produce them to his extensive clientele.

The suits have been privately sold with only the most successful men of Los Santos showcasing the new threads. The estimated number of men wearing the well-designed suits are miniscule due to its exclusive nature. The line will be released to the public on May 1.

Those interested in purchasing a suit will have to approach The Crews Collection privately. Mainstream stores like Victim and Didier Sachs won't be receiving the line anytime soon as these will be privately sold and acquired. However, in the future, Crews plans to expand similar versions of the clothing line to be sold in select outlets for distribution.

Other than suits, casual wear will also be available to the public in the future. This will primarily include weekend wear, golfing wear, swimsuits, and attire that will suit Crews' target audience. Keep your eyes peeled in the next upcoming days to see more men rock this American-made apparel.


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