[OP-ED] The Democrats Are Ready for Government

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[OP-ED] The Democrats Are Ready for Government

Post by Mia » Wed Apr 22, 2020 12:22 am



Many have said the peak of the San Andreas Democratic Party (SADP) was during the term of former mayor Frank Vaughn. It is irrefutable Vaughn had achieved many things during his career, and even though his term was cut down so viciously, his legacy has remained an inspiration throughout our communities and the beating heart of the SADP.

When I was appointed Acting Chairman of the SADP, I knew I had a challenge ahead of me, but I was already confident when I knew I would be working alongside Senator Eugene Park, our President Pro Tempore and a dedicated Democrat. Additionally, the SADP had the majority control of the state Senate, which gave us a heavy hand of power over the Republican Party (Grand Old Party, GOP.) I knew as a party we could achieve many great things.
Charles Moreno (D-5)

However, I am proud to say the SADP has not abused that strength, and instead we have worked extremely hard to achieve bipartisanship on every bill we possibly could. This included the San Andreas Healthcare Reform Act, Protection of Children Act and even the Responsible Recycling Act.

Instead of focusing on strength and overpowering the opposition, I have focused on assembling a hard-working party, which consults its members on every level: our government and its partnering agencies, as well as more importantly the general public. Instead of taking advantage, we have demonstrated leadership within the state Senate.

This week, I have made the decision to not enter the election for Party Chairperson of the SADP, and instead I will be endorsing my good friend, colleague and former Senator, Marquis Alexander. A man who is reasonable, honorable, relatable; someone who will take the party in the right direction. I have made this decision because I want to focus on the progress we are making in the state Senate and on my constituents within the fifth district. I have achieved what I wanted to achieve as Chairman, and I have honored my promise of calling this internal election.

During my time as Chairman and so far this term, I have held discussions and made observations regarding the GOP and the Cuevas Administration. It is clear to not only me and the party, but also to the general public that the Secretary of State has slowly lost control of her administration. Her tactic is to react rather than preempt, and she is failing to maintain control or identify root causes, which is why we have seen the resignations of key members of the government.

Additionally, the GOP is not maintaining a healthy presence within the state Senate, and many debates and discussions have become unproductive. Through it all, we continue to focus on improving the lives of citizens, civil servants and law enforcement, and to hold the State Government accountable.

I expect the Governor of San Andreas will announce an election in the near future. We will see the opportunity for citizens to elect a true leader. One who will deliver on their promises and continuously work to improve. It will be up to the electorate to decide if they want to re-elect an administration run by a career politician, or to elect a new government run by a leader.

This article is an opinion piece and does not represent the views of the San Andreas Network or the Los Santos Times.

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