[POLITICS] Former Director of Contracting Lorenzo Responds to Democratic Accusations

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[POLITICS] Former Director of Contracting Lorenzo Responds to Democratic Accusations

Post by .Pluto. » Mon Apr 13, 2020 11:22 pm


By Nicole Parker | April 13th, 2020
On April 10th, we had the honor of welcoming Loay Lorenzo, former Director of Contracting and Procurement, at SAN Tower for an interview. Not long after the Senate confirmation hearing on the Republican candidate for State Treasurer, Gabriella Snowe, Lorenzo reached out to the Los Santos Times to respond to allegations put forward by Senator Eugene Park (D) of District 3 during the hearing. Senator Park accused Lorenzo of being financially involved with Roux Enterprises during his tenure as Director of Contracting. Senator Park stated that he felt Lorenzo's alleged involvement with Roux while also being in charge of contracts related to a Roux subsidiary was inappropriate. State Treasurer nominee Gabriella Snowe seemed to agree with this notion.

What's your opinion about Senator Park's allegations?

"Senator Park has accused me that I was handling contracts for Roux Enterprise which isn't the case," stated Lorenzo. "Roux Enterprise has bidded on one contract only, which was the medical services contract. And I took the file and handed it over to the State Auditor, Isaac Disraeli, as I had a conflict of interest. It's also worth to note that I had around one week since our Director submitted the contract application, and that's enough time to process any contract, if I was planning to do so. I have processed every other contract till my last day within the office, and I didn't make any verdict on the RX Medical Clinic application, so I'm not sure where he came up with those accusations. They had no grounds to accuse me like that at all. The only reason I can think of is to attach the current Republican administration. That was surely a political attack," concluded Lorenzo.

Would it be correct to assume you are a member of the Republican Party?

"I have served for way too long, I've been a public servent since Namir's adminsitration here in San Andreas. I don't consider myself a member of the Grand Old Party, however. I lean more to them then the Democrats generally. I had two Senate terms where I ran as independent. I believe that's better for the people, every party is focused on its own agenda. My agenda was the people in the district I got elected in, and that's it," stated Lorenzo.

Would you consider the allegation to be an attack towards Secretary Cuevas and her future career?

"Yes, I totally believe so. We have been doing a good job with contracting and procurement, and there is no reason to throw accusations out of nowhere. The Democrats have a majority in the State Senate right now, and of course they aim to get the Executive Branch as well. There is no doubt in that," concluded Lorenzo.

Lorenzo told us that he had resigned from the government due to private reasons. According to him, he simply wanted to devote more time to himself and his own private ventures.


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