[POLITICS] Cuevas dodges questions on Aguero's resignation

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[POLITICS] Cuevas dodges questions on Aguero's resignation

Post by .Pluto. » Mon Apr 06, 2020 7:56 pm


By Nicole Parker | April 6th, 2020


In mid-March, Republican State Treasurer Martin Aguero left his position in an unexplained rush. Since that time, his departure has remained a mystery to the public, and the Administration continues to shy away from questions around it. SAN interviewed several individuals in the executive and legislative branches about the circumstances around Aguero's resignation. In addition, a new State Treasurer has been named, Gabriella Snowe, by the Republican Secretary of State Sugely Cuevas.

SAN requested comments from former State Treasurer Mr. Aguero himself. Aguero provided a brief reply, dismissing concerns expressed by the Senate.

"I served my State proudly for several months, alongside Sugely Cuevas we were able to embark on what will be a great change for this state," Aguero said. "I will gladly ignore any comments from any of the Senators, for now, I am retired from state politics. I'm focusing on raising my family and the city of Las Venturas."

Because of the response Mr. Aguero gave, SAN contacted the office of Senator Moreno, and Chairman of the San Andreas Democratic Party, who discussed future prospects for the office.

"The Secretary of State has nominated Republican candidate Gabriella Snowe for State Treasurer. The State Senate will hold a confirmation hearing within the next week, regarding this nomination," Moreno said. "I was not in office during Mister Aguero's tenure and was not involved in his resignation. Therefore, it would be inappropriate for us to speculate on this."

According to Senator Moreno's instructions, SAN also contacted President Pro Tempore Eugene Park, who serves as a Democratic senator representing Chinatown and Little Tokyo. Park, who conceptualized the San Andreas Coronavirus Prevention Program and fought to sign it into law, was very happy to answer all of SAN's questions. Park suggested that Secretary Cuevas is responsible for her staff, and insisted that the "fish rots from the head" in comments on the Senate floor.

Can you share with us your views on Mr. Aguero's abandonment of the State Treasurer position?

"Martin Aguero is a scapegoat for Secretary Cuevas' mismanagement of the Administration. Her administration held up funds authorized and appropriated by the Senate on February 6th. It took thirty seven days for her to implement the San Andreas Coronavirus Prevention Program, which I designed. While Aguero did not distribute the money in a timely manner, the buck stops with the Secretary of State," said Park.

What led to Mr. Aguero leaving his position and moving to Las Venturas automatically?

"The Senate's role is to investigate waste, fraud and abuse. As soon as the funds were finally implemented, nearly a month and a half after their authorization, the Senate served Mr. Aguero with a subpoena to compel testimony. Since that time the Senate has not heard back from Mr. Aguero," Park said. "If we don't hear a response by the end of the month, we are prepared to work with the necessary authorities to charge Aguero with Contempt of the Senate, under Title 4 of the San Andreas Penal Code."

Does this situation have anything to do with the emergence of the new COViD-19 virus?

"It absolutely has everything to do with coronavirus. The San Andreas State Senate passed legislation to address the outbreak before even the United States Congress. San Andreas was a leader, but because of the mismanagement of the Cuevas Administration, we fell behind the rest of the country. Our Administration is not prepared for these kinds of emergencies," said Park.

Did Mr. Aguero break any law and therefore left his position so that he would not be exposed?

"This is a good question that I don't have the answer to, because he didn't comply with the subpoena," Paid said. "If he continues to dodge the Senate, he will be charged with contempt."

Any indication of naming a new State Treasurer, who could it be?

"Secretary Cuevas has nominated Gabriella Snowe as Aguero's replacement. The Senate is in the process of finding a date to hold a confirmation hearing. After the hearing, the Senate will vote on whether to confirm the candidate," said Park.

Why, more than seven days after this, have you not addressed the public on this topic?

"The Senate is weighing our next steps. We haven't had a situation where a witness did not comply with a subpoena. Even mafiosos like Donald Scarpa complied with Senate subpoenas. The longer this goes on, the worse it's going to be for Aguero," said Park.

In an email with the same questions addressed to Secretary of State Cuevas, she simply replied:

"Treasurer Aguero has informed me that, as a family man, spending time away from his wife and daughter in back home in Las Venturas has been a burden on him. I want to thank Mr. Aguero for his service, and wish him and his lovely family all the best in their future endeavors. As for other reasons why he may have left, I will leave it up to him to explain. He has received a subpoena from the Senate, and I don't wish to put any words in his mouth. I am glad to announce that I have nominated Miss Gabriella Snowe to replace him. She is a very qualified lawyer and her outstanding work during her tenure with the Department of Justice speaks to her integrity. We ask the senate to confirm her forthwith, so we may continue our work. Until she is confirmed, State Auditor Isaac Disraeli has been tasked with temporarily fulfilling the tasks of the Treasurer," said Cuevas.

The Secretary of State received the same questions as the Senators, however, for unknown reasons she avoided answering all our questions and gave a short answer only to what she wanted to answer. Also, for almost a month, no Press Conference has been organized on this topic on the occasion of this event.


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Re: [POLITICS] Cuevas dodges questions on Aguero's resignation

Post by Philip_Ianniello » Mon Apr 06, 2020 8:17 pm

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Re: [POLITICS] Cuevas dodges questions on Aguero's resignation

Post by Valencia » Fri Apr 10, 2020 12:56 am

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Re: [POLITICS] Cuevas dodges questions on Aguero's resignation

Post by Blurem » Fri May 08, 2020 3:40 am

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Re: [POLITICS] Cuevas dodges questions on Aguero's resignation

Post by Fumo. » Fri May 08, 2020 12:49 pm

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