[OP-ED] On the Non-existence of Gender.

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[OP-ED] On the Non-existence of Gender.

Post by LionVenom » Thu Aug 19, 2021 3:38 pm


On The Non-existence of Gender
BY Michael Shleckmuth & Nacho Abraham-Gorvell July 31st, 2021

Michael Shleckmuth
It is quite common, in our age or era, to address such complicated issues. More and more do I find people who aren’t qualified to talk about them, digressing from the topic at hand, adding terms and conjunctures that are not needed and are, quite frankly, absurd. Now, do note the following: this article or piece (whatever you’d like to call it) is a reflection of my own opinion. You’re free to disagree, provided you put forward valuable arguments that not only reflect someone’s opinion, but are also, and most importantly, grounded on facts. Throughout this opinion piece, I shall try to demonstrate how “gender” is a socially constructed term and how it doesn’t exist as a thing in and of itself.
I shall try to untangle this particularly complex subject. In order to do so, I ought to present to you the “drawer” argument, which, I think, helps make this matter easier to follow and, above all, comprehend.

The argument

Imagine, if you will, that you’re sitting on a desk, doing some paperwork or whatever it is that you enjoy doing. You’ve got, say, 4 drawers, but only the first one has a big “something” in it. What seems to happen in the modern world is the following: society wants to include something in that first drawer, whose contents can be rearranged. However, instead of rearranging said contents, they just move to the second drawer. And, when that second drawer is near-full, they do not attempt to rearrange its contents in order to fit something else there, effectively linking it with everything that is inside that drawer, but they move onto the third drawer, filling it up. This goes on until the fourth drawer is reached (the number of drawers is completely irrelevant: add as many as you like, this is what happens in every single case). What happens when that fourth drawer is reached and, then, becomes full? That, I do not quite know, but, having only four drawers, we’re expected to begin rearranging contents in the previous drawers, caring little for what is already in there, effectively unlinking what had, previously, been linked. Such is what happens with most socially-constructed issues, and the issue of “gender” is the finest, in my opinion, reflection of what we’ve just said.
It might be time to make a subtle, yet important, distinction between sex and gender, the first resembling physical characteristics (and so on) and, the second, resembling a social matter, a social construct, that does not, in any way, reflect real life. Such is what I’m trying to hold here. We do not need gender, and I do wholeheartedly believe that most people confuse gender with “personality”, and those are two different things. In our world, we have but two sexes, but gender is something that came into the mix and made a mess of our current society. We no longer are able to identify just as a man or a woman, according to the ever-growing (or not) liberal left and their mischievous ways of shaping society to their liking. And, as if luck would (not) have it, we can no longer assume someone’s a man or a woman, as they might just become far too upset to even take such an innocent comment. Let’s just say, as an example, that my personality dictates I like things that women, on the general spectrum, also like. That, according to nowadays’ standards, would be enough for me to identify as something other than a “man”. However, that is just my personality. Understanding that “gender” is nothing more than “personality” is rearranging that “first drawer”. Calling it “gender” is just moving onto a new drawer carelessly.
It is my understanding that people more and more do not wish to identify as just one sex or the other. We could also address those people who are “intersex”, but even that is “sex”, and not “gender”. How people choose to identify means very little in the grand scheme of things. It is honestly appalling how the liberal (extremely liberal, perhaps) left wishes to shape up society or, even, raze it to the ground and build it back up, forcing people to go by their terms or face being shunned by society. People want equality in rights and opportunities, and, yet, they themselves are the source of inequality, further bringing up more “labels” that fully differentiate people and tell the rest of the world that “x is different from y”, when all we’re trying to do and have tried to do over the past centuries is just abolish that very same sentence “x is different from y”, because, in a truly equal society, something that the liberal left does not wish to attain, there would be no “x” or “y”, but maybe a “z”. I’m not just attacking the liberal left, but also the conservative right, which, from my experience, seems to confuse “sex” with “gender”, which isn’t real. It is a binary spectrum, and the peace and balance at the middle is nowhere to be found, as of yet.
The liberal left might call me a bunch of names, or say that I’m “this or that”, without comprehending, themselves, that they’re the intellectual highwaymen (is it even correct to say that, anymore?) that just rob people of their valid and, yet, controversial intellectual ground, just because someone does not follow their rules. It is a dangerous move, but one that most people, because of the fear they’ve placed upon us, is somewhat frightened to fight.


Nacho Abraham-Gorvell
An interesting take by Shleckmuth, so interesting that while editing this article I felt like including my own personal take to it. In my opinion, gender is not a social construct, but should be respected. In facts I was surprised Shleckmuth believes the radical left would be angered by his claims, if anything it's the conservatives who give too much value to gender, but does that mean gender is worthless? The way I see it, no. I certainly do agree that there's a huge difference between gender and sex, but sex alone is not enough to form a person's identity, gender plays a huge role. Where would the line be drawn then? It should be drawn where the trendy neo-pronouns take place, if anything, neo-pronouns serve to devalue the LGBTQ+ cause, I can easily imagine the alt-right choosing to identify with pronouns and genders they invented simply to mock transgender and transexual individuals. Thus in response to this article, I think we should find a balance between sex and gender, transgender folks should be respected as it is a brave step to denounce your birth assigned gender and identify with a different one, but they should also stop and ask themselves whether this new gender they are identifying with is reasonable, or would it leave them and their peers vulnerable to capitalisation by the alt-right or radical conservative movements hence presenting an obstacle to LGBTQ+ progression.

This article is an opinion piece and does not represent the views of the San Andreas Network or the Los Santos Times.

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