[Review] UPUPDOWN Arcade - Local Gamers Heaven

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[Review] UPUPDOWN Arcade - Local Gamers Heaven

Post by BlueWolf » Tue Mar 16, 2021 12:59 am


UPUPDOWN Arcade - Local Gamers Heaven
BY Gabriela Gomez | March 16, 2021

On the 11th of February, 2021, our SAN team went out to check the opening of local arcade UPUPDOWN. The opening was a huge success as it was crowded by young and old gamers. The arcade is a place for everyone, no matter who you are or what you believe in. To quote the owner, Isao Kawata, ‘’Everyone is welcome and enjoy your stay.


This arcade has an interesting story behind it. Kawata tells us that he and his childhood friend loved to hang around the old city arcades, and spent hours playing the classics after school. The time passed and when they grew up, they had to decide their future. Since their loved arcades got closed for different reasons, they decided to fill the emptiness and open their own arcade, which was a huge success.

Future Expectations
In the interview with Kawata, when the owner got the question about his expectations in business, he was right straight to the point saying that his task is to make the arcade 80’s style with a lot of modern feeling, keeping the business on same track without losing its point. What they did is add a game card system, having the same token and coin system for those who wants to play a little and leave. In future plans they also have online high scores page, maybe a flash go-go space monkey game, where people can compete and share their high scores, then give their leader board holders free game time at UPUPDOWN.

The owner says that they have games for all to enjoy; they have dancing games, karaoke set up, full space of arcade machines, it’s huge variety so everyone will find what they like.

Client motivation
I asked the owner about how he keeps customers motivated, to which he responded it felt like he was talking straight out of a textbook. The main attraction for regulars is still the same, building that personal relationship with them, they can always get a free game time if their girlfriends dump them, et cetera.
Competitive sessions are considered free play time as long as you hold high score.

The manager says it’s not always about the money, playing without the card, it’s a dollar per game. If you get a game card, you do earn tickets and can win prizes, those go for a rate. It is five bucks for twenty games, ten for fifty. To quote Kawata, "We usually drop the price a lot, or rather add extra game time on the cards, so it is not really a set standard."

Opinion on LGBT community
The day I visited UPUPDOWN, their advertisements flashed my phone saying ‘’ LGBT friendly ‘’ it really pushed my attention to their arcade, so I asked the owner about his opinion about it. To quote Kawata, "It was made with joke behind it, due the political situation in current times. This is a place where people come to game, every race, personality, sexuality plays games. Everyone has that one thing in common."

Prize system
There is a set system, where machines count a percentage of the high scores, game time, and your personal score. Earn your reward on your percentage of the score, on most machines the rate is about ten percent of your score. You earn quick amount in tickets; you can keep collecting them for how long you want and turn them in whenever you feel like it. UPUPDOWN do have a long-term prizes, like skateboards, surfboards, remote-controlled cars and more.

Website: Coming soon.
Faceinvader ‘’ UPUPDOWN’’ or www.Faceinvader.net/UPUPDOWN
Event: UPUPDOWN is a code itself, if anyone can crack it down, they get a lifetime of free gametime.


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Re: [Review] UPUPDOWN Arcade - Local Gamers Heaven

Post by Ajnur » Tue Apr 06, 2021 5:22 pm

USERNAME: [VergilLex] COMMENT: [Very good read, also interesting place for spending free time. I wish Mr. Kawata all the best for his Arcade business.]
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